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It Isn’t Just Me – I’m Not Alone

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You know, it isn’t just me out here slinging some critical thoughts at some of the moves Portalarium and some members of that community all alone. There are others, and there are issues which a lot of people are concerned about.

I am not %100 sure who this is yet, but I’ve got some good ideas. The person writes very well, and doesn’t generally attack some of the community twats as personally as I do, so if you want straight up information without my dramatic flare by all means head over here and read some of this!

“But wait, not only has Portalarium failured to deliver on its promises, but they stealthily reworded the description of the reward over 1 year after their Kickstarter concluded! Starr also had the following to excuse to make about their behavior:”


“Now I probably don’t have to explain this, as you the reader are most likely intelligent enough to realize this yourself, but some if not all of these row plots may in fact turn out to be even more valuable than the village plots included at the Citizen level ($500) by virtue of the fact that they exist within the city, a prime location with plenty of traffic, perfect for a shop or other establishment.”

Great site, lots of SotA content including a personal interview with Lord British himself. Great writer, awesome personality, if he was a blonde chic, we’d be married already! Follow him on twitter also @ihatemmorpgs

“There seems to be a recent trend among content creators on the internet of removing public feedback opportunities. Their variable explanations as to why they remove comments and ratings…”


“We’ve got a big fucking problem. has created the next generation of cam-girls, and they’re undermining feminism at an alarming rate. I’m talking, of course, about the e-prostitutes…”


So it is good to be reading content from what are seemingly like minded individuals. Lets have some more of this!


Father Lum Quotes A Comment Of Mine – Video Link

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My Fatha from anotha Trolla has quoted me in the video above, I’ve had better quotes, but most of them aren’t really PG-13 now are they :P


“The Shroud of the Avatar forum is a den of terror and the most poorly moderated community I have ever been in. See my blog.”


Pretty funny video, surprised that I had the first mention there, thanks for that Daddy Lum :P  Also glad to see you guys have a sense of humor! I mean you must have a pretty good sense of humor right, because you keep letting those ass clown mods of yours delete every post in sight!

My opinion, I think the one Stephen read about a “child’s first drawing” was hilarious lol.

SotA Forum Thread About Over Moderation Gets…MODERATED.

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First, a little back story. An upstanding member of the Shroud of the Avatar community has asked about function in the forum which is no longer doing what it did in THIS post. Yeah, it is a valid point as well as natural for someone to ask about a feature in which they once had. But I know from personal experience, you had better watch out what you ask for int he SotA forum, because if it isn’t for an autographed copy of my banned posts by the moderators, it is likely you are about to be moderated yourself.


Topic: Forum Activity Tracker

“would it be possible to have this reinstated?

I’m sure there was a reason for having it removed, but that feature was a wonderful way to get insight into what
the Developers were interested in and following. Otherwise, we have no idea what they are interested in unless
they post.

Transparency FTW!”


SotA Dev, and orig Ultima Online troll, Lum responded:

“It’s on my task list for R9. It’s of lower priority than other game features but it is still on the list!”


Lum went back and edited his post later and injected more information in it. Sometime after that, the thread started to get cleaned up by a moderator(or the user who made a smart remark towards Bubonic cleaned it up himself). I can see that I missed at least one post in there somehow.


Lum’s edit:

“It was removed because it showed WAY too much, such as when a forum admin was researching a specific user’s account info. We’ll try to restore the thread-tracking while still preserving a modicum of privacy.”


Bubonic later then replied:

“that part of his post was added in Edit after joviex responded.”


So, some how in some way in someone’s world that post there by Bubonic was not only enough to have that post deleted, the entire thread cleaned up, and locked down, but also caused a moderator(I am told FireLotus this time) so butt hurt that all of Bubonic’s recent posts were reviewed and in an act of retrospective aggression against Bubonic. Further posts of his were Moderated after the fact! The post has been copied into my SotA Forum Backup area.

As a result of the post above being deleted, Bubonic was understandingly a bit taken back, he then posted in the forum topic Why all the Moderating. For some reason this post is actually still not locked and deleted lol. Anyway, Bubonic’s post in that thread was deleted. Congratulations Bubonic, you are now on the Shroud of the Avatar Moderator SHITLIST.

Here was his post:

“the moderating seems to be getting broader and less forgiving, rather than the other way around, unfortunately.”

Wow, harsh words and so much more trolling than every other post in that threat by like a billion baby jesus’!!! You can see the backup here in the SotA Forum Backup area.

Good luck Bubonic, you’ll need it.


Portalarium Admits To Going Back On A Kickstarter Promise

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Some very interesting things starting to take place now. I will let you read all about it here on the SotA Sucks blog first as it was broken there, while I get caught up on this matter, this starts down a pretty bad road for Shroud of the Avatar backers…

Portalarium Freely Admits to Going Back on a Kickstarter Promise




enderandrew Leaves SotA Forum – Community Members Punished For Supporting Him

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enderandrew, whom some of you may have known for upkeep of the very helpful unofficial FAQ, is leaving. I referenced this FAQ several times for both my own personal questions and questions fielded to me from friends, so that was quite well done!

No more though. enderandrew has now been chased out of the SotA forum by heavy handed Moderators and has posted his farewell in a post titled Goodbye. Something tells me I need to back that posting up right quick, as voiced in that thread is his statement of unfair oppression from the Moderation staff which itself is echoed by quite a few others there also.


“The moderation staff have made it clear to me that I’m not welcome here so I’m taking my leave.”


It is no surprise folks. You’ve heard of the Tall Poppy Syndrome? I’m guessing that Junior Moderator Mystic suffers from this affliction very heavily, we’ve covered this several times already. SotA what are you going to do when you chase all of your valuable members out of your community? What bunch of waste are you going to be left with once you do? What the actual fuck?


So, just a little detour here for a comment in that thread. Fake female and penis tuck artist Gracekain had some trolling to do:


Caliya, will you take my green troll hand in marriage?  lulz, I’m falling for you girl!


After this thread popped up, I guess a friend of enderandrew wanted to show him that not everyone in the community was out to get him? He created a thread with a poll in it encouraging him not to leave. This thread was posted by CaptainJackSparrow, and has since been locked out! Jack actually came across Shroud of the Avatar by running a google search over MMO and PvP which I thought was funny.

Here was Jack’s post I managed to grab before it is totally removed.

EDIT: Jack’s post has been removed lulz.



Jack has indicated to me that there was no explanation for his post of positive support from both himself and the community as a whole to enderandrew being locked out, it just locked. Now Jack has had the balls to do something which not many people have, Jack has reported his own post and sent me the text in which he has submitted! Jack has a few valid questions, and apparently is very paranoid about being banned for posting this thread which is a damn shame. I hope you don’t get banned either Jack, but it is their track record. Here was his report text:


I am reporting my own post because it has been locked. I do not know why it has been locked, I have had no communication from you as to why it was locked?

I am scared that I will be banned if I raise this openly.

I felt it was a positive thing to do to voice support for a member of our community who might be feeling down!

But Captain Jack is still very puzzled as to why his positive show of support for someone has been locked up with no warning or explanation.


Better get use to it Jack if you are going to post on the SotA forum! Also Kudos for reporting your own post lawl! I haven’t heard of anyone doing that yet.


By the way folks, the tally of the vote to keep enderandrew in the forum: 33 vote yes  and  6 vote no


SotA Community Manager – Take Your Freedom Of Speech And Shove It

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As we discussed yesterday, the Community Manager has posted a nifty little topic about the recent baseball bat approach SotA forum Moderators have been taking against the forum users and their legitimate concerns. A link to that can be found in yesterday’s post HERE.

Today, the Community Manager added to the post by commenting to it. The jist of it is, don’t worry if you can’t see your posts, because we can, also, you have no freedom of speech here! I suppose they must think that is fine? That the reason we are a little pissed is because we thought they got deleted? Well breaking news! They basically are if we and nobody else can see them with the exception of certain twat Moderators we all know and have issues over there with.

The Community Manager mentioned freedom of speech quite a bit…

“But my freedom of speech has been violated! …on a community forum, you are only afforded the rights that are promised to you when you become a member of that community”


“In addition, the sheer act of participating in these forums…has nothing to do with “freedom of speech…”


Fine, we get it, break the rules and we’re going to have our posts hidden so much so hard and so fast they may as well be deleted. Problem with that? The rules are a joke. This is exactly how you can deal with people questioning you on your bullshit, because the broader the scope of the rules and less specific they are, the more room you have to smack users down with them.

It is too obvious, I was banned the first time for my opinion on your Moderators and showing everyone exactly what they do and are all about. Not for posting pictures of what they say on my blog, where in your fucking rules does it tell anyone they can’t take pictures of your forum and post them elsewhere? The second time I was banned for posting my questions about Dev+ information being leaked, Dev+ which I have actually paid for and are upset about because you have let people break the terms on keeping their god damn pie holes shut, not for “inciting on the forums”. Lulz. Oh Portalarium, you jest!

Free speech or not, InsaneMembrane banned or not, it speaks volumes about yourselves simply based on which posts you choose to, not delete, but remove from the entire community. You continue to upset people and create confusion, it will only get worse.





Polygon BANs InsaneMembrane – Deletes All Posts

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What can you expect? It seems that Shroud of the Avatar only release information to sources which are very very cosy with them!



Here are my comments, in which I was banned for. I even said it was a great article and didn’t blame the author! :)


Fair enough I did get one thing wrong according to Andy Cortez a SotA Dev who has corrected me on Art sourced from Unity. I made a correction post on that which was also deleted here is what Andy had to say:


we actually do not buy assets and give them to people

I made a few more comments on the article which were also removed I didn’t back any of them up I didn’t figure it would be required. I should have learned my lessons on that by now!

To be continued, Polygon…