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Portalarium Inc: We Dont Send Your Information

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You may remember that a friend of mine involved in the “Baron+” community indicated that one of the “Barons” had posted some text indicating that they had contacted Portalarium and that Portalarium had agreed to send them information on their user’s accounts. You can review that and Portalarium’s official comments here:

I spent a bit of time working on my friend since, and he has released the non-censored picture of the user information in the “Baron+” community who said that.


So either looks like one of three things is taking place here. First, Jatvardur there is full of shit which I hope. Second, an agreement did take place between that user and Portalarium which has now been walked back. Or lastly, they are still indeed able to both deny that they are and then still be able give out the information the “Baron” community seeks as it isn’t against the laws of the United States or explicitly denied in their terms. I’m no lawyer, so you decide…


Dogs Best Friend: The_Hairy_Man

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It appears that our resident novice 3d dabbler and racist The_Hairy_Man would like to have a dog.


You have a ton of great ideas, I really hope you continue to share them with the Shroud of the Avatar community in open chat where it is nice and private…

*calls PETA*

Shroud of the Avatar Community Manager Removes My Siggy

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Had a one way conversation, which it always seems to be, from the SotA community manager to myself. I have upset enough people now with this blog, they will no longer allow me to include a link to it in my signature. 🙂

I think enough word is out on this place, it may be able to stay open for business without the traffic from SotA forums but probably not. Most of the people who visit here just enjoy my comedy and not the shadows I’m trying to shed light on!

Made some good friends from this, and some good enemies lawl, we’ll see where we go from here.

CONFIRMED: Portalarium Inc Dispatches Information About Your Accounts!

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I have been able to confirm that Portalarium Inc is indeed sending other users information about your accounts, as referenced here:

Jatvardur said “Not 100% sure how we will verify users are at the B+ level but something to enquire about (thinking of mailing the devs with a couple questions if they don’t get here first).”

Since there are actually people out there who think like I do and appreciate what I do. I now have someone in the “Baron+” community, we became friends after the guild MGT470 made giant ass hats out of themselves. That seems to be the gift that keeps on giving, thank you MGT470 😛

He has edited the screen shot I assume to perhaps protect himself, so I am unaware as to who made this post or where exactly it was posted. But the post text is very clear, and here it is:



This saddens me greatly, especially since I have sent them an E-Mail asking for additional information with no reply. Here is a copy of my query which was automatically logged as a support ticket.

Case #4868

Subject:  EULA required

Message body:

Dear Portalarium,

I am writing you to express my concerns that a specific group of people could be requesting information about your member’s accounts. This concern stems from the following comment:
Jatvardur said “Not 100% sure how we will verify users are at the B+ level but something to enquire about (thinking of mailing the devs with a couple questions if they don’t get here first).”

In the following forum post:

I have written an opinion piece on this information:

I do not remember seeing a EULA when signing up to the forum, can you please dispatch to me any EULA you have for the forums and provide me with some sort of assurance that information on your users will not be provided to any other users outside the employment of Portalarium, Inc.

Thank you.

48 hours have ticked by without an answer on that, and due to it’s nature I would have expected a more prompt reply. Since I logged it however, and I told them who I was… Probably should have expected to be talking to a wall.

I will just say in closing, I am very surprised that the Portalarium is willing to give out information on it’s users. It starts here, where does it end for you?

Shroud of the Avatar Devs Give Shoutout to Racist Member

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So, I was wondering about this… The_Hairy_Man has proven to be quite the little racist in the SotA chat channel. If you forget, you can review his racist remarks here:

I was pretty surprised when in this week’s Pen of the Avatar was presented by Stephen and FireLotus and they gave a shout out to The_Hairy_Man. Stephen is a very talented artist and we should all be so lucky to have his imprint on Shroud of the Avatar. From his personality I can tell that there doesn’t seem to be a mean bone in his body, I almost think him a buddhist monk!

I can assume Stephen has no idea about Hairy Man’s past transgressions, so all is forgiven… But FireLotus! Are you sleeping on the job? I know you’ve read Hairy Man’s racist remarks in chat, and I’m quite surprised because not only has he kept continuing his racist remarks seemingly without intervention, you guys then feature his work in a Dev chat…

A quick search in the SotA chat channel log over the past three days for his handle reveals that easily, and big fucking surprise darkblade has to shove his fist into it as well:

<+The_Hairy_Man> yeah like say there is a coder or something and some guy in china gets his english just as good  and can talk on skype and works for $40 a day

<+The_Hairy_Man> from what i understand right now alot of companys dont use them coz their lack of skill and comunication but that will get better ovre time

<+The_Hairy_Man> will be no IT work in developed countrys 

<+ipkeez> again we go with the internet assumptions….

<+ipkeez> what in the hells make this guy think that IT in developed countries will cease to exist?

<+The_Hairy_Man> coz how low people in china and india will work for

<%Darkblade> depends on the company really

<+ipkeez> nah

<%Darkblade> most of them are not doing themselves any favors

<+ipkeez> this is so not true, depends on the business and what is the level of work

Seems that Hairy man is just as racist as ever and obviously darkblade doesn’t know when to shut his bloody mouth. Not a great showing for SotA as a whole guys, very piss poor!

Oh and Hairy Man, you may wish to change some things up a bit rather than just use assets off



Shroud of the Avatar Moderator: “that particular player is a known troll”

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Do you guys remember that putz darkblade? if you dont, then visit here:  – well darkblade brings down his iron fist yet again and strikes back in this latest edition! There wasn’t a lot of context for his comment, it seemed to crop right up in the middle of a late conversation on the microtransaction subject.

So, right into it with the first of the quotes:

<+rune_74> yeah…not because it wasn’t true but because it got troll like in the thread.

<+rune_74> Astron: I can’t find where they said it originally…but it was said.

<%Darkblade> that particular player is a known troll

<%Darkblade> pretty sure anything they touch is going to end up locked

<+Astron> Which player?

<+Umbrae> yeah but they are harder to search for. 🙂 They do a good job though

<+Matheryn> is that IM??

<+rune_74> Darkblade: who?

<+Astron> InsaneMembrane?

<+Matheryn> insanemembrane

<%Darkblade> yes @ Matheryn

Ok, so you can come away with two things from this quick glimpse into darkblade’s bias. One, when someone mentions the term troll, they immediately think of me lawl. Two, as a moderator darkblade’s bias is too obvious, it shouldn’t and probably won’t serve him well.

It seems that some think I am, and some think I am not a troll as shown by the following transcripts taken just after that. Not only that, but user rune_74 calls out the fact that people shouldn’t be labelling others as trolls, but darkblade isn’t alone and his minion Astron both calls me a toll and rune_74 a half troll lawl.

<+rune_74> I don;t think insane is a troll.

<+Astron> He kind of is. 😛

<+Umbrae> lol.. Insane isn’t a troll. He just plays one on TV

<%Darkblade> he had other posts that were deleted from the dev area before the permissions wer fixed

<+Astron> At the very least he is silly to the point of being counter productive.

<+rune_74> Not sure anyone should be labeled a troll by you guys.

<+tekkaS_> well he does like inciting arguments which is certainly counterproductive

<+Astron> He’s not the only one.

<+Matheryn> considering darkblade is a moderator im sure they can lablel trolls

<+rune_74> tekkaS_: does inciting arguements include not agreeing with group mind.

<+Astron> It depends on how you go about it Rune.

<%Darkblade> I would love to not have to, unfortunately sometimes my hand is forced.

<+tekkaS_> depends on how disagreeable you are

<+rune_74> Darkblade: I have been called a troll on the forums here many times, never by a mod mind you…

<+rune_74> Insane calls owain out all the time….

<+Matheryn> it was darkblade that said he was a troll not the rest of us

* %Darkblade raises hand

<+Matheryn> i just called him a pesamist

<+Astron> Well you are kind of argumentive rune… I wouldn’t say your are a troll as such but the term is largely missued to refer to anyone who ups the ante so to speak. Which most passionate people do.

<+tekkaS_> owain isn’t a troll, he just doesn’t contribute

<+rune_74> There are a lot worse…that get ignored.

In the next few moments the totally unbiased moderator darkblade feels the need to whip his wang out and disclose his highly qualified background to justify his opinion of me. User rune_74 obviously felt a bit uneasy with darkblade tossing out these labels on other players as you can see. User rune_74 and I are diametrically opposed to one another when it comes to play style, but that isn’t going to keep me from saying “very good point” or call him a Troll because he might be supporting ideas or gameplay other than my own of course. After all, I’m not darkblade’s iron fist!

<%Darkblade> I have experience dealing with poisonous people in projects, (be it a programmer or a community member) and can recognize trolls

<%Darkblade> actively provoking conflict is a different matter

<+rune_74> so….people who agree aren’t trolls?

<%Darkblade> no no, rune. there are agreeable people who are “poisonous”

<%Darkblade> those are even worse than trolls

<+rune_74> Darkblade: you don’t think I’m a troll do you?

<%Darkblade> I have not seen you provoke non-constructive arguments myself

<%Darkblade> even if you did, people do have bad days

<%Darkblade> thats part of being a mod, (or support in general). people have bad days. Nothing can be done to negate that, but we can be flexible when supporting our players

<+rune_74> Astron: I speak my mind…doesn’t make me the bad guy;)

<%Darkblade> and up till now, I have only seen troll posts by the player in question. Keep in mind, they have every possibility to change their wording to still be “upset” but offer constructive criticism

<%Darkblade> they are not banned from the forums or anything

Whoops, I forgot to turn my troll off. It seems that fist giver darkblade couldn’t find a single post on the forum where I wasn’t trying to bait some nubs. He apparently would like to see me get banned for it!

Last but not least, user rune_74 states the obvious, which darkblade also agrees with but then actually states he is flexible!  LAWL!

<+rune_74> You get labeled pretty fast here…like I’m an anti pvp guys I guess….when I have only ever fought non consenual pvp.

<%Darkblade> true @ rune, people to label very fast. Im flexible though

Hey darkblade! Bend over bro, and flex this!


MGT470 & Spam Upvotes on Shroud of the Avatar Forum

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So there is this guild, called MGT470. It certainly has a few winners in it’s ranks, and by winners what I mean are immature forum kiddies.

It only took the MGT470 forum kiddies about two weeks to learn that they can now spam out the upvotes, as if nobody would actually notice lawl.

Their users in the SotA forum have gone from very very few likes, because those particular users are usless wastes of space(I’m looking at you Izzy!) to hundreds in just a few hours. Yeah, that isn’t suspicious at all guys.

Don’t believe me? Well, I do know a member of MGT470 who is fairly high up in their Guild. This member was alienated when one of the members of MGT470 started posting abuse against one of the actual SotA dev team, after which was not only supported but continued by other MGT470 members. It was pretty crazy. Those members even posted about me and the microtransactions subject in their own forum to vent, this is where I have to give some of their leadership kudos, because they were sensible enough to disagree with them and tell them to back the fuck off the Dev and calling me names 😛

Now, MGT470 have launched a pretty impressive campaign to clean up their image in the SotA forums in the past week or so. All of the content has been pretty well edited and cleaned up to reflect a more down to earth MGT470.

My contact couldn’t disclose any information about why they cleaned up, but I assume it was just so they didn’t continue to look like giant ass hats! But what he did give me are a few interesting screen shots, and one on the topic of Upvote Spam.

Firstly, it was pushed in their weekly meeting according to the contact and attendee:


Then after that additional information was posted on how to make it even easier, lead by DavenRock, Isaiah, and Gunga Din(I had a better opinion of you Gunga wtf!).


Now this is pretty funny, simply because when the new forums went live I made three suggestions.

  1. Do not allow Animated Gifs for Avatars of Signatures & have a Signature Approval Process
  2. Remove the Like feature.
  3. Remove the Points feature.

Even funnier, they were all denied as you can see here:


So of course, the first thing that happens, idiot users start to spam out fucking ridiculous animated GIF signatures. I responded with one that would be sure to make my point, after that they no longer accepted users submitting animated GIFs… This nearly got me banned, but it had to be done.

Now in response to points 2 and 3, I have posted this article. I’m not a genius, but any idiot can see these things coming when forum kiddies get involved.