More #SotA Chat Woes

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So here is one that I logged via lurking a while back and just remembered as I typed up that Dick Moderators post. So, there was this one time, at SotA Camp… The_Hairy_Man was showing a great performance of his racism. Log paste here:

<+gingerale> I hope the interactive instruments will be done properly

<+The_Hairy_Man> how u think they should be done?

<+gingerale> Imagine having bollywoood style musicals in-game. :B

<+The_Hairy_Man> i would quit

<+The_Hairy_Man> i cant stand indians

<+gingerale> In a way that allows more than one kind of music

+gingerale> Aw come on. It’d be amazing. Just going down the street in a group.

<%cs2501x> The_Hairy_Man: That comment is wildly inappropriate. Perhaps I have misunderstood you?

<+The_Hairy_Man> if they put bollywood inthe game i will only ever play single player

<%cs2501x> The_Hairy_Man: That’s fine, but it’s completely unaccepted to make comments in that fashion in this chat about entire cultures.

<+Saraken> The_Hairy_Man: if we get user created content, then there’s every chance that could happen.

<%cs2501x> unacceptable*

<+gingerale> The_Hairy_Man, I said that players able to play Bollywood style music and dance down the streets of a city

<+gingerale> In the fanciest and sparkliest costumes

<+The_Hairy_Man> would u be having a big cry if i said it would be sick if there was pop music in teh game

<%cs2501x> The_Hairy_Man: Who exactly are you addressing with that question, and why all the hostility?

<+The_Hairy_Man> im not hostile im always happy

I will note here however that the Moderator cs2501x is typically pretty fair and I don’t have an issue with him. Although he did give The_Hairy_Man a lot of movement for such a strong racist view in the main chat channel. Especially since Mystic kicked me for postulating a question about posting R rated video to chat about!

Here is some additional comments from The_Hairy_Man:

<+The_Hairy_Man> look at people like the mongolians, they never even grew their own food
<+The_Hairy_Man> they would just milk their horses and mix it with horse blood
<+The_Hairy_Man> hunt wild rodents and other game
<+The_Hairy_Man> eat wild plants
<+Ryo2810> just one of those things that really isnt sustainable in high populations
<+The_Hairy_Man> and all their clothing was made from the skins of the animals they would catch
<+Ryo2810> hunter gatherer is one of those things that only sustains a very small population
<+The_Hairy_Man> yeah
<+The_Hairy_Man> nuke china and india i say :)))
<+The_Hairy_Man> half the world gone in one go
<+The_Hairy_Man> maybe a virus would be better so people can still use the land there

Dear The_Hairy_Man, you are a fucking tosser.




2 thoughts on “More #SotA Chat Woes

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    Shroud Of The Avatar Mods Smash Users | insanemembrane said:
    September 17, 2013 at 8:21 am

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