Ignorant Forum Users: Air Marshal Owain – Part 1

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(artist’s interpretation of Air Marshal Owain)

Today we’ll be taking a look at one of the biggest forum prick’s I’ve ever come to know. Air Marshal Owain.

So this guy is pretty special. For one I suspect that he is currently or has previously been part of an Armed Forces branch. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for what those boys do for us! The issue is when guys with personality issues like Owain leave the Armed Forces, they begin to have problems communicating with people. That personality type where one already thinks everything he says is true and when re-inforced with the confidence and combative mentality of an military involvement can be very painful to others and resentful at external input. So it is very much Owain’s issue and through no fault of the Armed Forces of course.

Also, there is much content produced by Air Marshal Owain, so that is why this post is titled Part 1. Onward!

Now, I’m a PK at heart and there is no reason to hide that fact. Show me a crafter outside chopping wood next to a tree and I’ll show you a bloody tree with a crafter’s head next to it on the ground. Air Marshal Owain professes to be a PvPer, and 9 out of 10 posts or topics he creates is certainly about PvP and I read a lot of the same posts as well being a PK.

This first one comes to us some time ago, and was the first time that Air Marshal Owain had proven to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to being an ignorant dick. In a nutshell a moderator by the name of ultimacodex, who runs a very decent Ultima Fan site http://www.ultimacodex.com, was voicing his opinions in the thread about various aspects of PvP and it’s place in Shroud of the Avatar.

Any PvP thread is going to be slightly heated, that is just the nature of the subject. Problem is that Owain cannot take any input what so ever unless it is someone blowing him for his idea. When Owain started to lose his side of the discussion, he posted the following in the topic:



So there you have it. All talk before, but when someone intelligent comes along and points out obvious flaws in everything he has said, he just can’t take it. Claimed not to notice ultimacodex was a moderator, and then refuses to engage further after claiming moderators shouldn’t have an opinion when it comes to the game.

If that wasn’t enough, he then created his very own post in the forum feedback area just to make it “official” that he was an asshole.


Well, an official member of the Shroud of the Avatar team did respond.

Our Moderators are volunteering their time to help oversee the forums. Period. They do not speak for the Dev team nor do they have any more influence over development decisions then any other member of these forums. They are simply offering their time and energy to help build a strong, unified community. And I think they are doing a fine job of it.

The mods are allowed to express any opinions they care to share, just as every other member of this community is afforded that same right. Consider this ~my~ official cease and desist on trying to impose restrictions on them that are not warranted.

This is a place to share ideas and, yes, even a place where different ideas can be debated. Petty bickering, personal attacks or “flaming” simply to create or prolong an argument however, is inappropriate for ANY forum members (even Mods) and will not be tolerated.


So thank Christ someone over at Shroud of the Avatar knows what they are doing! The problem is though, the damage was done. Owain threw his feces at ultimacodex and the moderator team, and since then ultimacodex hasn’t really taken much interest in the forum. Who can blame him? I most certainly can not.

If I had to say anything about this specific transgression, it would be that after checking out http://www.ultimacodex.com and ultimacodex’s work there, I would listen to what he has to say and give it 100 times the amount of weight as anything Air Marshal Owain has to say.

So thanks very much for being an ignorant fuck to one of the more valuable members of the community Owain. Please come back ultimacodex!


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