Shroud of the Avatar Moderator: “…general forums could be ignored…”

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More information on what the Shroud of the Avatar Moderator team thinks about members of the community who have not pledged to the SotA campaign has surfaced. Concern already exists about the sentiment that both the SotA mod team and community feel on the subject of segregation of information between pledging and non-pledging members…  Now it is all in plain English.

If you are not familiar with the sentiment and concerns, you may review the following two blogs:  SotA Civil Rights and Lone Wolves Act of 2013Shroud of the Avatar Subscribers Attempt to Monopolize Development.

You may remember our SotA moderator buddy darkblade from the blog Dick Moderators In Chat & Abuse of Power. darkblade continues to re-enforce his narrow views in this most recent rant on the SotA general forum. To those of you who do not quite know, the Shroud of the Avatar project was successfully kickstarted and has entered into development phase. During this phase a special forum has been created for the people who donated money at a certain level and above. This is called the Dev+ forum, while the old forum is still open it is oft referred to as the “general” forum or “slums.”

So onward with the show; during a casual chat about this and that we have some gold that gets laid down. I will now post the chat transcript here. Disclaimer, I have edited out non-relevant white noise chatter to keep it on topic.

<%Darkblade> technically i think some of the threads in the general forums “could be ignored” to some extent.

<%Darkblade> seems like a few are trying to provoke a discussion from the development, but the players posting there are not part of the development forums
<%Darkblade> I can understand how that might be seen as harsh
<%Darkblade> what makes it more complex at the moment is a lot of what we as the community post is speculation
<+Matheryn> i think dark its a matter of people feel proud to be a backer\kickstarter\community member and they feel obligated to defend sota if anyone tries to tarnish it hence why they dont get ignored
<+rune_74> some of the people I see that are posting in the Dev area or the last people I want giving ideas.
<+rune_74> spending money does not make you smart.
<+rune_74> some of the dev+ people seem a bit unaware of what has already been anounced;)
<%Darkblade> I agree with that @ rune
<%Darkblade> I was really frustrated at that last MarkeeDragon hangout
<%Darkblade> I had just gotten home and it was late, but they were discussing things that had already been explained
<%Darkblade> I typed a bit to them in chat, but I had to go to bed

<+rune_74> I have made it clear I don’t like the split forums and community idea.

<+rune_74> I keep being pushed away then I come back for a bit myself.

So there you have it, it is quite clear where the direction and attitude of the entire community is headed. This is supported and re-enforced by moderator darkblade directly in this chat. At least user rune_74 seems to have the right idea, some of the people in the dev+ area are certainly not putting forth the best ideas! Also he makes a great point and I have also witnessed this, many in Dev+ have no idea about what is going on and are way out of date when it comes to information! Which is something that apparently EVERYONE(including darkblade as above) agrees on, so come of it foos, don’t act like us Dev+ guys are the be all and end all to everything SotA.


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