SotA Civil Rights and Lone Wolves Act of 2013

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I posted this a while ago in the Shroud of the Avatar forum. Didn’t get a lot of attention at first, but over time some additional posts have been attached to my thread including a decently positive note from Lum(SotA Dev). I think some tend to read my name and mistake what I am actually getting at. This was not a slam, it was actually a kudos to the Devs post with two fears of mine.

Firstly, the fact that people who have kickstarted, appear to be starting to get into the habit of thinking their ideas are better than everyone else’s and that they are entitled to be heard on all matters over and above all users. There are even a subset of kickstarters who are attempting to go one step further and form a group with the highest pledge members and seperate themselves from the lower kickstarter pledgers. You can find douche bag thread here:

Secondly, guilds. Never liked them. Never in them. It is just a chance for a couple of idiots with ego’s to be in charge of their own little nazi fiefdom and I can’t stand that. In any case, I wish to ensure that all parts of the story, all parts of the game world, and anything I can’t think of yet which is part of SotA from here forward are accessible by all players and that I do not need to be a member of a guild to attain/travel/do something non-guilded players can never be a part of. This can become quite an issue when you start to take into consideration player run villages/towns/cities/markets/events and so on.

That is it, as simple as that.

The post is here:

Here is the text from the OP:

So, firstly I would like to state that I applaud everything that the Portalarium team has done here with SotA thus far. I?m quite surprised that I find myself this interested in a game which seems to wane my ability to achieve bloodlust in-game a little bit by bit month by month? As I said though, I am still very interested.

Why is that? At this point it seems like it is going to be very unique and a little bit of a nod to old-skool gamers such as myself. Backpack organisation alone for example, great stuff!

Is all of this enough to keep myself interested in this game going forward and through a long haul? I don?t know, and much of what I will say here is already a new experience to me. Typically because I am a lone wolf in 99.9% of everything I play. So is it already a sign that you, Portalarium, have started to make me, InsaneMembrane, think about actually utilizing other play styles in a game?

There is one catch to that however, and that is the simple fact that I will never join a Guild with other players. So along those lines, I would like to say that a few things really concern me about playing SotA, and these are actually things which I usually just laugh at and then move on to PK a crafter trying to make a chair.

– Civil Rights –

I am not going to name names or link posts, but there have been a few forum posts of late which have been really not very cool at all. Some of the topics include Housing, charges for new game content, differences between KickStarters/post-KS backers/non-backers, and so on and on.

Personally I do think that the classification of any person or persons into any category at all for any reason is shameful. Let alone based on the contribution in which they could afford during a KS campaign, or whatever other idiotic thing is going to pop-up in the future.

If I met a new gamer 3 years from now in SotA Part II, I am pretty sure I am not going to treat that player like trash because he hadn?t heard of the game until then. I might PK him when he is crafting a chair?.but that is a different story!

It sounds like we are going to have a bit of a segregation issue. Kickstarters, non-KS backers, and non-bakers it has started already to boil down into. This is quite a bit of a shame, and the reason is that just as I am being excited for the first time about a game like this, the community(people in this forum) are making the continued excitement difficult. I can imagine that if I feel this strife, others can also and that is only going to spread if not checked.

The following is not a threat in any way and besides I?ve already donated lol, however I couldn?t play a game where Kickstarters are worshiped as gods, and the rest of the players can eat dirt. Another example are the Dev Forums. There are some members in here which are being very quiet and the reason is they are waiting for their ?privledged? access into the dev forums. They believe, and I am not sure how they have come to this conclusion, that once the Dev Forums open up they can then bypass everything that is ever said and done in the ?normal? forum and have everything they want in Dev Forum.

Richard is very generous with including higher KS backers one on one access, and that is very cool. However this issue probably gets under my skin the most. Constantly listening to people pretty much say “oh it doesn’t matter what we say now, I am waiting till I get dev forum access cos we’re kickstarters and they will only listen to who donated the most and that is me durrrrrrrrrrr” I really hope that when you open those Dev Forums that you remember, not every good idea comes from a kickstarter and in fact some pretty terrible ones come from us kickstarters too lol.

It is a difficult subject, but I feel that everyone should feel like they should be included. Not only now but for the duration of SotA in the future. The direction we are currently headed however, looks like it is off the edge of a cliff!

– Lone Wolves –

As stated, I cannot play in a Guild and it doesn?t matter why, just accept that as the variable. This could possibly exclude me from a number of activities in the game in which I might otherwise still wish to participate in.

Example: There is a competition at the X Hall for music. Guild 1 enters 50 players, Guild 2 enters 20 players, Guilds 3, 4, 5, and 6 have another 70 players divided among them. I enter myself? What are my chances? You can apply this loosely to any number of things and activities.

Another, and this is more difficult as I still don?t quite understand how this is going to work out in-game: Guild A has 10 people online, all 10 people are in a map hex with rare resources. I happen to be diverted into their hosted game for whatever reason and I would like to go to the hex. The hex is PvP enabled. One of those guild members will be harvesting, the other nine will be spawn camping my entry point into the hex. Btw I have yet to hear anyone mention spawn camping the entry points into map hexes, I would be keen on hearing how that will be addressed if it could become an issue.

Last: Guild Halls/houses and the privileges included therein. What if I was a casual gamer? What if I was totally unable to join a guild for whatever reason, and why should that preclude me from certain things? I suppose I can?t really flag this one all that much yet, as we don?t have much of an idea what is actually going to come with a Guild establishment, however I would love to see some sort of equalizing factor. If Guilds get X, then single players not in a guild should get Y so that there is balance. I certainly don?t think that a day old character should be able to be pushed via guild trading, economic status, special fixed crafting mechanics or whatever else you can think of.

In conclusion to the above, sharing experiences with other players in a guild setting is perfectly fine. However, I think that every player should be treated as an equal individual in the game weather in a guild or not, or having donated via KS / donated at all.

Basically I think what I am trying to say is this: I seem to now be willing to try and play a different play style with SotA. What have you done to me Richard Garriott!!! However, I wouldn?t go anywhere near SotA with THAT play style if it turns into a combination of an Oligarchical Lord of the Flies. Not at all. If it turns out that SotA is Lord of the Flies with Houses, then what needs to happen is the ability or me to PK everyone and create my own balance!

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