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Polygon Warns InsaneMembrane – Deletes Post

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Wow, so these foos over at Polygon have read the post I put against the SotA housing article, deemed it warn-worthy and have provided me with a warning. For more background see my article in response to the Polygon/SotA ‘interview’ here:


They obviously didn’t do their homework and have no idea what they are talking about, but what can you expect from people these days in any case? I don’t have issues with the dev team, lawl. I’ve got issues with nubs who post articles about bullshit which comes from sources whom are either indifferent or just provide an opinion which doesn’t represent the rest of the SotA community. Which wasn’t even consulted or given a chance to participate by the way.

I think what pisses me off the most, I wasn’t even trolling them. Didn’t spew out a bunch of curse words either. Under their own guidelines the only thing they could have removed my post for was trolling, and that would have been a long stretch, but for some moderators as you know just having a disagreement with them equals trolling.

Now that I think about it, maybe I should get them the real information and get that post corrected. As they have stated this:


Polygon makes every effort for stories to be completely accurate upon publication. Inaccurate stories will be corrected but not removed.

Well in any case, I have re-posted and kept it a bit more generic… Lets see how they like this one:

Great article. I support SotA currently at the Citizen level KickStart pledge level and am looking forward to it.

I am wondering though about the sources of your article? I have a Dev+ Forum account, but there was no mention or discussion on this prior to release. I have also not seen Tina Swafford (aka Fireangel) or Lori Treleaven (aka Dame Lori) pop up in any of the developer profiles on the SotA form. They are also not listed as staff.

Who exactly are they, and how do they have accurate information from inside the Shroud of the Avatar team?


SotA Guild MGT470 Verbally Attack Tracy Hickman

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I have covered a little bit of the immature activities carried out by MGT470 here in an earlier post. It seems as if the members of MGT470 just don’t learn well.

Today MGT470 seem to be on the warpath against none other than best selling author Tracy Hickman, whom has agreed to write a story novel for Shroud of the Avatar. Exactly why, is anyone’s guess but apparently it is because Tracy had said some of the content would be delivered to the special backers in July.

Here are some of the quotes from MGT470 in the forum on the subject:

“I’m a bit pissed off at Tracy Hickman would be an honest statement at this point. He needs to make good on his word for SotA, because I’m a “stakeholder” in this project!”

“Remember when he said he would start delivering chapters beginning in July? We haven’t heard a single peep out of him since June…”

This one is also cute, I think someone has been watching way too much fucking Law & Order on the boob tube:

“If Tracy Hickman decides to pooh pooh his part of the bargin then SotA will not be able to deliver the book, and arguably people could demand their Kickstarter donations back since they did not receive one of their Kickstarter rewards. Portalarium could choose to sue Mr. Hickman and would win that case easily based on the video evidence alone, but still we have no book.”

And more:

…”a lawsuit for treble damages against Tracy Hickman might help generate cash for Portalarium.”

“Hopefully Mr. Hickman doesn’t think he can just skate by this book deal because he’s seriously mistaken.”

What what douche bags MGT470 are. We then had another forum user thankfully tell MGT470 what is actually happening, thank you Umbrae:

“I remember RG saying in one of the Dev chats that Tracy has submitted the first few chapters to him and that he was the hold up in getting them reviewed. So you might be blaming the wrong person. :)

LOL, now that is pretty funny folks, so next is an apology from MGT470 right? FUCK THAT:

“I didn’t hear that. However i don’t feel bad about making the statement that I did. I only brought up the facts. Fact: we were told on a live feed that Tracy Hickman would start delivering chapters in July. Fact: Been no word on the progress of the book. Fact: Tracy Hickman is running his own kickstarter (which is fine but what about our game).”

“So don’t blame me for rumors getting started. Don’t blame me for being bold enough to bring it up. This community is ballanced. Asside from a few trolls I think there is a ballance of people who have ideas, people who encourage, and people who are just plain bold to say what nobody else is willing to voice.”

What the fuck are these insane kids talking about? Trolls? Yeah, sometimes I think that kid is trying to troll but he is too stupid and it comes out as verbal diarrhea. This guild is sure to have more content for us later, thanks for all the material guys!!!

Screens are here:




Shroud Of The Avatar Mods Smash Users

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UPDATED – As I thought, a more Senior Moderator on the Forum must have asked Junior Moderator Mystic to roll back his jackass personal attacks on members of the SotA community. Screen shots provided below.


That is correct everyone, mere hours after I was banned we have at least one SotA moderator which has personally attacked a user in the forums.

The forum mod in question yet again, is Junior Moderator Mystic. You can review his previous work HERE(Dick Moderators) and HERE(Chat Woes)


(artist’s rendition of Junior Moderator Mystic)

In some suggestions on this thread about a few things, Mystic had these words of wisdom to say:

“I don’t even know where to start with your example. I mean, it’s so far off the planet that I’m having problems even trying to come up with anything to say …”

lol you twat

“…that has to be the most ridiculous suggestion I’ve ever seen.”

lol you twat

“Your other suggestion; a royal market that sells every item that spawns and has regulated pricing? That’s a royal failure waiting to happen.”

lol you twat

– Mystic

lol you twat

As I have said previously, I believe moderators have a right to their opinion, why not? However, when you are a moderator with a track record of being a giant dick, maybe you should learn to practice what you preach Junior Moderator.

Before I was banned, Junior Mystic had revoked/hidden several of my posts with far less attitude and flame in them than he has there. You’re a douche Junior Mod Mystic.

See for yourself folks, head to the SotA forum thread HERE. If Junior Mystic himself gets moderated, then I’ll post screen shots(click to zoom).


mystic-abuse2 mystic-abuse1

Polygon Article – SotA Housing

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So something has my panties in a bunch, and holy shit it isn’t Air Marshal Owain this time!

It is this article on Polygon. It features “information” on Shroud of the Avatar Housing from two sources, what they have in common is that they are both women and both dev+ backers(even though one of them was given free dev+).

  1. developer+ community member: Fireangel.
  2. developer+ community member: DameLori(or some shit like that)

I have recently touched a little bit on Fireangle in this article about Chick Loot. Not going to waste much time on Damn Lori because all she does is re-blog shit, doesn’t have any thoughts of her own.

Why does this suck? Well, some guy is putting information out there about SotA using only two community members who don’t really care about the housing and haven’t been given any additional information about housing from the Portalarium. Why even write the article?

So, why did two women who were dev+ backers get a chance to do this? Well I suspect FireLotus, Community Manager at SotA, selected her girlfriends Fireangel and Damn Lori to do it for us. This wasn’t a competition which was won by those users, it wasn’t earned, it was simply given.  I do know plenty of people on the forum(both dev and non-dev) who have better ideas, opinions, and experience with housing than the two people selected. Those points could have been presented to the interviewer to enrich that article in any number of ways.

I know I am not the only one whom is also a Dev+ backer who is a little bit jaded by this. We have all been contributing and have been active with some very visible, but they were not given this opportunity, because we were skipped over for a brainless re-blogger and a charity case.

You don’t have to take my word for it. I take screen shots of everything(click to zoom) I do, I knew one day I’d eventually piss enough people off to get banned. Here are some of the things Fireangel and Lori had to say:

“…I’m no more ‘privy’ to facts than anyone else.” – Fireangel

“Starr did not screen anything and didn’t even have any idea what my opinion on housing is…” – Damn Lori







SotA Chick Loot – What Do You Think?

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Hello Gamers,

I’ve played just about every MMO under the sun at one time or another and aside from them becoming progressively worse over time, there is one other constant; Chick Loot.

What the hell is Chick Loot you ask? Well it is quite simple! Chick Loot are things/items that female, or male pretending to be female, gamers are given in-game. There is a large imbalance in the attention that Girl Gamers experience online in this area when compared to men. Come on guys, you know it is true. I will give you a pretty recent example from an upcoming game called Shroud of the Avatar and a woman who got Chick Loot long long before the game was even playable! Say hello to Fireangel:


Fireangel’s SotA forum avatar

If you don’t know, Shroud of the Avatar is a “comeback” title for the series of Ultima from Richard Garriott. It was KickStarted, and people who made donations of $400 or better have been rewarded with slightly more access to dev information and feedback than normal users, although that has not yet started to any signifigant degree. So recently two women were featured in an online interview about housing in the game, one of them being Fireangle. Why? Two reasons specifically for Fireangel:

  1. She is a woman.
  2. She has a special KickStarter backer pledge assosciated with her account.

You probably have a few questions, what do either of those have to do with anything? 1) She is a woman, and so is the Shroud of the Avatar Community Manager: FireLotus. Ok fine, so girls stick together and that is to be expected. Also if she donated to the game, then who cares, she spent over $400 to have a chance to be selected! Well that brings us to 2) Fireangel was actually given a Dev+ backer status for free, she didn’t pay for it. I am not actually clear on this, but I suspect that this was very very good Chick Loot; some guy, gave her at least $400 before the game was even in Alpha stage, before a demo was released! Ultimate Chick Loot lawl.

At least I suspect it was Chick Loot and not FireLotus just giving her a Dev+ account so the girls can stick together… You decide.

My own experience; when I was out at the Britain Crossroads playing Ultima Online, it was actually pretty amazing to behold all of the nubs walking around pretending they were girls or were actually women playing the game but expecting different treatment. I would get comments like “oh hai, you wouldn’t hurt a girl” – wrong, PK’d. “hi hunny, could you help me with–” no, PK’d. They always had awesome shizzle on them also, rares that were given to them by guys, they had gotten use to carrying it around because for the most part being a woman got them out of a lot of sticky situations.

You can pick these women/men out pretty easily. They always make a huge effort to dress overly feminine in game, act very submissively, use obvious names on forums with ridiculous Avatars, and talk with words only women would use from the 1960’s like hun, hunny, or sweets.

In any case, if anyone out there reads this and wants to give me their input I’d like to know why you give girls in games free crap, or why if you are a girl you solicit or encourage that.


The magicpvpsliderbarthingy(TM)

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If anyone on the SotA forum still reads this and wishes to keep this term it would be much appreciated 😛 Use it as much as you can!

For those of you who don’t know, The magicpvpsliderbarthingy(TM) is mainly just a cop-out which is currently being used by the Shroud of the Avatar devs in order to explain away how they will create a world where everyone can choose to play in.

If it is a simple switch with few options, I think it could work. However everyone on the forum seems to have their own vision of the slider bar which is why I call it The magicpvpsliderbarthingy(TM).

Here is some media for it, this is the slider bar with the setting turned all the way up to Man(click to zoom). I had just come up with a new slogan to go with it just before I was banned. “Drag It – To – Brag It” what that simply means is that if you drag it all the way up to Man setting(PvP) then you can be proud and tell everyone you did, implying that the Girl setting at the far left… Is for girls of course, like Air Marshal Owain. Lul.

slider2Now go post this somewhere on the forum, cos mine were taken down lawl.


InsaneMembrane: BANNED

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Well I suppose it couldn’t last forever now could it 🙂 Sometime over the past 6 or 7 hours I was banned. I suspect it has to do with my comments on the Housing BS that transpired with two high level backers, Lori and Tina but they are being a bit generic. I wasn’t even going to cover that, I certainly will now however.

Here is what Portalarium had to say though:


You have received previous warnings and even a temporary ban for personal attacks against forum users and staff and re-posting protected speech without permission on a third party website. We, the SotA Leads, have reviewed your continued behavior and decided that it has warranted a permanent ban from our Forums.

I still have my dev+ forum and I’ll create another nub forum account soon enough, we shall see how this goes.

For fun, here is a copy of my last post: