Ignorant Forum Users: Air Marshal Owain – Part 3

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(artist’s interpretation of Air Marshal Owain)

Bienvenida de nuevo campers! Today, more on Sir Master Fuhrer Air Marshal Owain. Don’t forget to read into account the previous articles of pure gold Owain has been able to provide for us if you are now just catching up. PART 1 and PART 2.

I haven’t written in a while, not because there haven’t been worthy mentions, but because it does take effort on my part to be a total douche bag. I don’t always enjoy it funnily enough, but I also can’t always let it pass which brings us to Owain Part 3.

Lets get right to the point here, Air Marshal Owain was posting into yet another PvP troll thread in the Shroud of the Avatar forums. Naturally the complete lack of moderation on the SotA forum results in this kind of shit being posted constantly. In response to another user’s comment about an incentive perhaps to get people into PvP. Well for some reason Air Marshal Owain seemed to hit the eject mechanism and run off the reservation, comparing incentives to PvP to the Army Draft. What The Actual Fuck?

Owain seems to think that everyone in the Army now wants to be there, as if it was their first choice in life. Never mind all of the people forced into service due to poverty and lack of options and social mobility. This just goes to show you that my initial thoughts on him being in the Armed Services are pretty much confirmed, only a white man of privilege speaks about others in this manner.

Further, and this is another WTF moment, Owain insults non-PvP players by comparing their objections to PvP to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. So you’ve got a white guy of privilege, very dismissive of other people’s objections and making light out of serious issues like PTSD which other Armed Services(amongst many many others) people face every day… here is the screen of this(click to zoom):


Actually I guess it isn’t a WTF moment after all, it makes sense being that he is just white privilege. Owain is just simply a fucking tosser.

So I decide instead of reporting it straight away, I would just ask him to change it up as seen here:


I suppose given our history, he wasn’t likely to change it just because I asked. As shown by his reply of “No” here followed by my poke response of course:


So when in doubt, I do have to report the thread to the moderators. Which never works out too well because I’ve insulted most of them here too lol. I do admit, it is kind of funny, when I reported this thread what happened? Owain’s post deleted, no, Owain’s post changed, nope! All of my posts got removed lol. Kinda had a feeling it was going this way, that is why I took the screen shots in the first place.

I guess eventually, someone on the moderator staff asked Owain to change his post because he did, and he most certainly would never had done it otherwise. In the end, Owain claimed he changed it because a different forum user asked him to, lul, possibly the funniest lump of BS I’ve seen him try to push on me yet. For your laughs:



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