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So something has my panties in a bunch, and holy shit it isn’t Air Marshal Owain this time!

It is this article on Polygon. It features “information” on Shroud of the Avatar Housing from two sources, what they have in common is that they are both women and both dev+ backers(even though one of them was given free dev+).

  1. developer+ community member: Fireangel.
  2. developer+ community member: DameLori(or some shit like that)

I have recently touched a little bit on Fireangle in this article about Chick Loot. Not going to waste much time on Damn Lori because all she does is re-blog shit, doesn’t have any thoughts of her own.

Why does this suck? Well, some guy is putting information out there about SotA using only two community members who don’t really care about the housing and haven’t been given any additional information about housing from the Portalarium. Why even write the article?

So, why did two women who were dev+ backers get a chance to do this? Well I suspect FireLotus, Community Manager at SotA, selected her girlfriends Fireangel and Damn Lori to do it for us. This wasn’t a competition which was won by those users, it wasn’t earned, it was simply given.  I do know plenty of people on the forum(both dev and non-dev) who have better ideas, opinions, and experience with housing than the two people selected. Those points could have been presented to the interviewer to enrich that article in any number of ways.

I know I am not the only one whom is also a Dev+ backer who is a little bit jaded by this. We have all been contributing and have been active with some very visible, but they were not given this opportunity, because we were skipped over for a brainless re-blogger and a charity case.

You don’t have to take my word for it. I take screen shots of everything(click to zoom) I do, I knew one day I’d eventually piss enough people off to get banned. Here are some of the things Fireangel and Lori had to say:

“…I’m no more ‘privy’ to facts than anyone else.” – Fireangel

“Starr did not screen anything and didn’t even have any idea what my opinion on housing is…” – Damn Lori








3 thoughts on “Polygon Article – SotA Housing

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