Shroud Of The Avatar Mods Smash Users

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UPDATED – As I thought, a more Senior Moderator on the Forum must have asked Junior Moderator Mystic to roll back his jackass personal attacks on members of the SotA community. Screen shots provided below.


That is correct everyone, mere hours after I was banned we have at least one SotA moderator which has personally attacked a user in the forums.

The forum mod in question yet again, is Junior Moderator Mystic. You can review his previous work HERE(Dick Moderators) and HERE(Chat Woes)


(artist’s rendition of Junior Moderator Mystic)

In some suggestions on this thread about a few things, Mystic had these words of wisdom to say:

“I don’t even know where to start with your example. I mean, it’s so far off the planet that I’m having problems even trying to come up with anything to say …”

lol you twat

“…that has to be the most ridiculous suggestion I’ve ever seen.”

lol you twat

“Your other suggestion; a royal market that sells every item that spawns and has regulated pricing? That’s a royal failure waiting to happen.”

lol you twat

– Mystic

lol you twat

As I have said previously, I believe moderators have a right to their opinion, why not? However, when you are a moderator with a track record of being a giant dick, maybe you should learn to practice what you preach Junior Moderator.

Before I was banned, Junior Mystic had revoked/hidden several of my posts with far less attitude and flame in them than he has there. You’re a douche Junior Mod Mystic.

See for yourself folks, head to the SotA forum thread HERE. If Junior Mystic himself gets moderated, then I’ll post screen shots(click to zoom).


mystic-abuse2 mystic-abuse1


9 thoughts on “Shroud Of The Avatar Mods Smash Users

    FireLotus said:
    September 17, 2013 at 5:28 pm

    Moderators are not exempt from forum policies. Mystic has received an official warning for his behavior in this thread.

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