SotA Guild MGT470 Verbally Attack Tracy Hickman

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I have covered a little bit of the immature activities carried out by MGT470 here in an earlier post. It seems as if the members of MGT470 just don’t learn well.

Today MGT470 seem to be on the warpath against none other than best selling author Tracy Hickman, whom has agreed to write a story novel for Shroud of the Avatar. Exactly why, is anyone’s guess but apparently it is because Tracy had said some of the content would be delivered to the special backers in July.

Here are some of the quotes from MGT470 in the forum on the subject:

“I’m a bit pissed off at Tracy Hickman would be an honest statement at this point. He needs to make good on his word for SotA, because I’m a “stakeholder” in this project!”

“Remember when he said he would start delivering chapters beginning in July? We haven’t heard a single peep out of him since June…”

This one is also cute, I think someone has been watching way too much fucking Law & Order on the boob tube:

“If Tracy Hickman decides to pooh pooh his part of the bargin then SotA will not be able to deliver the book, and arguably people could demand their Kickstarter donations back since they did not receive one of their Kickstarter rewards. Portalarium could choose to sue Mr. Hickman and would win that case easily based on the video evidence alone, but still we have no book.”

And more:

…”a lawsuit for treble damages against Tracy Hickman might help generate cash for Portalarium.”

“Hopefully Mr. Hickman doesn’t think he can just skate by this book deal because he’s seriously mistaken.”

What what douche bags MGT470 are. We then had another forum user thankfully tell MGT470 what is actually happening, thank you Umbrae:

“I remember RG saying in one of the Dev chats that Tracy has submitted the first few chapters to him and that he was the hold up in getting them reviewed. So you might be blaming the wrong person. :)

LOL, now that is pretty funny folks, so next is an apology from MGT470 right? FUCK THAT:

“I didn’t hear that. However i don’t feel bad about making the statement that I did. I only brought up the facts. Fact: we were told on a live feed that Tracy Hickman would start delivering chapters in July. Fact: Been no word on the progress of the book. Fact: Tracy Hickman is running his own kickstarter (which is fine but what about our game).”

“So don’t blame me for rumors getting started. Don’t blame me for being bold enough to bring it up. This community is ballanced. Asside from a few trolls I think there is a ballance of people who have ideas, people who encourage, and people who are just plain bold to say what nobody else is willing to voice.”

What the fuck are these insane kids talking about? Trolls? Yeah, sometimes I think that kid is trying to troll but he is too stupid and it comes out as verbal diarrhea. This guild is sure to have more content for us later, thanks for all the material guys!!!

Screens are here:





3 thoughts on “SotA Guild MGT470 Verbally Attack Tracy Hickman

    BillRoy said:
    October 13, 2013 at 7:57 pm

    I thought this hole thing was almost funny, the funny part was how anyone their panties in a bunch over something this trivial.

    There is a lot of entitlement issues going on with a lot of the SoTA active forum users, but what do you expect with the cash that some of the ‘high dollar’ investors are putting into this video game.

    *Shroud of The Realtor~Forsaken Virtue.

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    Was MGT470 Guild Trolled Hard? « insanemembrane said:
    February 15, 2015 at 1:29 pm

    […] General all around twat, thinks he is in law school or economics as every other comment is about bringing legal action to someone or some thing. […]

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