Month: January 2014

So I’m Not Dead – But I Wish MMORPG Was

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Haven’t written in a while, haven’t really been inspired.

I just wanted to note however that the morons who use the MMORPG site are total asshats and the biggest set of baby QQers I’ve ever come across.

Since being banned from SotA forum from the InsaneMembrane(I’ve got about six others, go fish boys) account I’ve spent quite a bit of time in MMORPG as this persona also. It would be a full time job calling out some of the winners over there, and I can tell is a lot of upset kids from the SotA forum posting in MMORPG also.

It is hard for me to keep a steady stream of posting going on that forum because every other post I post I get banned. There are some really hardcore moderators over there sporting huge muffs, they like me even less than SotA mods I believe 😛 That is saying something too, I joined SotA chat because after their move to a new IRC network they didn’t carry over my ban, but was kick/banned inside of 60 seconds 😛

Lawl, love you too Mystic. xoxo