Progress? On MMORPG Forums?

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Well blow my skirt right up. It kind of looks like there has been some movement over on MMORPG SotA General Disc. Forum in terms of sanity.

I’ve been in there quite a bit as some of you know, probably had about twenty 24hr bans slapped on my ass also. Anyway, check out this comment:

OK Membrane….ok

I will share some new interest in the game since my last few posts. Obviously alot has happened. First I will admit the game looks like it will indeed launch at some point in the future. It will launch in a more polished fashion than “Mortal Online” did. I also couldn’t help but take notice of the armors and weapons that were available in last beta. The striking resemblance they had with UO weapons and armors was impressive to say the least. Now I am wondering a few things. What is the area at the very bottom of the UI that looks like level bars all the way across the bottom of the screen? Have they switched to a level system or are they still set on old UO where you have X amount of points to put into whatever you want till you run out of points and simply switch whenever you wish and the points will de-level to allow another skill to go up?

What is the max gear that can be stored in bank? That will also make or break the need for a house. If I can store enough crafting and extra gear in case I get PKed and full looted I will not be as bent about the housing system as it stands. Also will there be the ability to steal from people within city walls? Like in UO if you were maxed on being a thief you could look into a person’s bag and take something at the bank and deposit it in your bank before they even could call “guard” or there was the traditional one thief and 3 vulture tactic and one intended target.

Please feel free to elaborate on any of these topics of the full online part of the game.

This was by MMORPG user Karble who posted the Orig Topic – Seriously??? I was a devoted fan of all ultima until this… –  there right after that silly ass Polygon(HERE) article about SotA housing. I gave Polygon some shit about that too so I kind of know where he came from. My post was removed and I was banned haha but I got one back there in any case.

In any case, if Shroud of the Avatar with a few of my comments possibly… can start swaying more people over like this, they could have a chance. It is good to actually see it happen.



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