SotA Forum Bans Insane Membrane – 1 Week

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Got an Inbox from FireLotus this morning, thought to myself, this can’t be good… Correct, I’ve been banned for a week. I think it was for something I posted a week maybe two weeks ago? If not then it was something I don’t even really remember!

I have been trying to back off to some degree, while at the same time using enough style and poise to call out some of these complete and utter arse bandits. I even personally reported to Dallas and FireLotus in a private IM that one of the forum users was breaching the terms of the SotA Player Marketplace by spamming other sites with his details! Didn’t post about it, troll him on SotA about it… Just reported both to SotA and MMORPG.

Looks like good behaviour doesn’t catch the same light that bad does! 😛 So, here is the user who has been breaking the Player Marketplace rules on SotA over on MMORPG:


(same username on SotA forum)

As for my ban. Fair enough. I wish I knew exactly what my comments were though, so I could attempt to round those rough edges off a little so I don’t get banned again. I guess they don’t have the time to actually copy / paste a comment into a PM they send someone right as they ban them.

The entire fucking thread should have been locked down already with all of the jizz stains in it. Go have a look, it started off well intended but of course all of the little 14yr olds have to get involved. Tell me if this is not the most misogynistic piece of trash you’ve ever seen. Though, I’ve scanned through it after my ban and I believe they have cleaned a lot of it up. In an effort to comply with SotA and FireLotus, I haven’t been taking screenshots of the SotA forum… May need to change this.



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