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I have posted a new topic over in Gen Discussion on the SotA forum. I’m going to post this early and take a screen shot now because everything I have posted so far on Dev+ users leaking information has been removed and this will probably not be any different!

EDIT: the comment was removed and I was permanently banned for it!


Here is the text:

This should be no forum for leaky men. But it is. Over the past few days to a week there have been several members with mouths that have been a bit verbose on the general forum.

I thought that there was an agreement of sorts not to allow this to take place? If there is, then what are the formal penalties around punishing that behavior? I still see those same people posting, so there has been no “account may be limited as a result” action taken at least. I mean, you don’t want everyone blogging stuff straight out of Dev+ do you? You wouldnt find any on mine for example.

Say what you wish about me mods, as you remove and block my posts protesting against the people who have been conducting this behaviour but I have never leaked information from Dev+ out to the internets. It isn’t fair for Dev+ members like me who are keeping their mouth shut. Not fair for non-Dev_ members who have to deal with the “oh look at what I know” attitudes of the people in question.

So if the kids can’t be quiet, what can be done about these leaks?


And then the pic:



5 thoughts on “No Forum For Leaky Men – SotA Forum Post

    […] in the SotA forum about people leaking information out of the Dev+ area, you can find this post HERE as it was removed from SotA forum, I got the ban hammer very […]

    Jason Ahgren said:
    June 8, 2014 at 9:20 pm

    “Inciting and slandering”? If SotA’s disciplinary actions were made publically available, such unfounded censorship would not be tolerated by the community. By trimming their forums of awareness of Dev+ leaking, our community is deafened to the consequences of it. Unfortunately, Portalarium is brushing these issues under the rug, at the expense of all Dev+ backers, just to save face with a few high-tier leaking backers.

      insanemembrain responded:
      June 9, 2014 at 11:29 am

      You have a way with words Jason, maybe if you were writing for me the word on this site would be more respected 🙂

      I do share your line of thought, and hope what little I can to here can inform people like yourself a bit more on what might be happening. Even though it appears as if most people already know what is going on, just happy to sit back and watch!

    […] I never leaked any Dev+ information, but I was BANNED the second time around because I had created THIS, a post asking Portalarium what they intended to do about the Dev+ leaks!!! I nearly posted the FAQ […]

    […] RG has issued a Warrant award to the moderators. Apparently they are all professional cool headed even handed and none of them have knee jerk reactions…. BHAHAHAHAHAHA. Good work […]

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