SotA Community Manager Addresses Moderation Problem – Calls Everyone Trolls

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So, the SotA community manager has posted an address on forum Moderation in the SotA forum. It was meant to address the community’s concerns over Moderation. I can say overall that this was simply a dismissal of everyone who had issues with the Moderation there. Basically, she called everyone a troll who has been Moderated, good or bad.

Here is a link to what was said:

I’ll back it up also in case someone with some business and customer experience at Portalarium finds it and kills the thread for obvious reasons.

Here are some of the good bits:


On the Feeding of Trolls, and other ponderings.

If you feed them, then you are also a troll I guess.


DO NOT feed the Trolls

Oh, have to say it again? Caps this time? We missed it the first time.


“just because someone says they don’t like something, it does not make them a Troll. But that’s another discussion.”

Uhm, what? What other discussion could that enter into? Sense, you not make.



“True trolls are clever”

Trolls are not cleaver, if you are smarter than them, have a good system of rules in place with professionals dealing with the situation. None of which you guys have.



“If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?”

Really? We’re really going there? Apparently we’re trolls, we pwn bridges, why you talkin bout bridges! This argument doesn’t work with kids, and it sure as shit doesn’t work with trolls or people trying to feed them.


“we are not going to violate their privacy by discussing their situation with you.”

Well that is bullshit. I may have to take this one a bit further a bit later, I think I’ve still got some evidence to the contrary.


“there may be times when a post is deleted without breaking any rules, and it is unfortunate.”

Yeah that is unfortunate because why use a scalpel when you can just use a fucking baseball bat or sledgehammer to delete the entire thread and/or someone’s post with no warning what so ever? Yeah, you guys are REAL CLEVER. More clever than us trolls for sure.


“This is the internet. There are going to be trolls and haters.”




“some of them have even gotten perma-banned. But they also know how to create alt accounts.”

Hey look, I got a reference! Lol any god damn 9yr old behind a keyboard can create an alt account. I mean shit, just go grab another free internet e-mail account and keep repeating the process. Easy as shit, and does not pay to call them smart for doing this, makes you look worse for not being able to deal with it.


“They know how to post just shy of breaking an actual rule. But they are being monitored and dealt with. “

So, you are now monitoring and dealing with people who are not breaking rules. Do you see where your problems are coming from? Change the fucking rules! lul.


“This is the internet, there are going to be trolls.”

Oh this line again.


“the most common ways they are violated, both by trolls (remember, trolls are clever)”

We iz smarts! We runz the internets! Look out cute kittens, come at us bro!


“Again, true trolls are clever.”

No. We are really not. In fact, us trolls are some of the stupidest fucking assholes out there. Don’t try to make yourself and everyone else over there feel better because you’ve let the Moderators run rampant and cant deal with them or us.



Again you have to say this? The funny thing is, the general community doesn’t really have to feed us that much. We’ve got plenty just with your Moderators alone. This is now starting to show, but this placebo post of yours isn’t fooling anyone.


All in all, a good general run around circle jerk. Guys, we know you are full of shit, but don’t make it this obvious k pls thx? If you do my job for me, I can’t be a clever troll!



6 thoughts on “SotA Community Manager Addresses Moderation Problem – Calls Everyone Trolls

    […] As we discussed yesterday, the Community Manager has posted a nifty little topic about the recent baseball bat approach SotA forum Moderators have been taking against the forum users and their legitimate concerns. A link to that can be found in yesterday’s post HERE. […]

    Vaylen said:
    February 19, 2015 at 3:41 pm

    Whatever happened to vaylen anyway.

      insanemembrain responded:
      February 19, 2015 at 3:52 pm

      I’m not entirely sure.

        Exsotafan said:
        February 19, 2015 at 4:06 pm

        They destroyed and harassed him into a psych ward due to him finding out it is a giant ponzi scheme designed around enriching a very few and using free labor to make their game. They were reading his private mails and constantly moving the goalposts on what is required to not get moderated. Fact based posts go missing for “trolling”. Anyone with shroud installed is being monitored in and out of game

          insanemembrain responded:
          February 19, 2015 at 4:18 pm

          Well I hope that the psych ward part of this is not a literal thing!

          Reading his PMs, I believe. Moderating the shit out of him, I believe. Facts being counted as trolling, I believe.

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