SotA Forum Thread About Over Moderation Gets…MODERATED.

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First, a little back story. An upstanding member of the Shroud of the Avatar community has asked about function in the forum which is no longer doing what it did in THIS post. Yeah, it is a valid point as well as natural for someone to ask about a feature in which they once had. But I know from personal experience, you had better watch out what you ask for int he SotA forum, because if it isn’t for an autographed copy of my banned posts by the moderators, it is likely you are about to be moderated yourself.


Topic: Forum Activity Tracker

“would it be possible to have this reinstated?

I’m sure there was a reason for having it removed, but that feature was a wonderful way to get insight into what
the Developers were interested in and following. Otherwise, we have no idea what they are interested in unless
they post.

Transparency FTW!”


SotA Dev, and orig Ultima Online troll, Lum responded:

“It’s on my task list for R9. It’s of lower priority than other game features but it is still on the list!”


Lum went back and edited his post later and injected more information in it. Sometime after that, the thread started to get cleaned up by a moderator(or the user who made a smart remark towards Bubonic cleaned it up himself). I can see that I missed at least one post in there somehow.


Lum’s edit:

“It was removed because it showed WAY too much, such as when a forum admin was researching a specific user’s account info. We’ll try to restore the thread-tracking while still preserving a modicum of privacy.”


Bubonic later then replied:

“that part of his post was added in Edit after joviex responded.”


So, some how in some way in someone’s world that post there by Bubonic was not only enough to have that post deleted, the entire thread cleaned up, and locked down, but also caused a moderator(I am told FireLotus this time) so butt hurt that all of Bubonic’s recent posts were reviewed and in an act of retrospective aggression against Bubonic. Further posts of his were Moderated after the fact! The post has been copied into my SotA Forum Backup area.

As a result of the post above being deleted, Bubonic was understandingly a bit taken back, he then posted in the forum topic Why all the Moderating. For some reason this post is actually still not locked and deleted lol. Anyway, Bubonic’s post in that thread was deleted. Congratulations Bubonic, you are now on the Shroud of the Avatar Moderator SHITLIST.

Here was his post:

“the moderating seems to be getting broader and less forgiving, rather than the other way around, unfortunately.”

Wow, harsh words and so much more trolling than every other post in that threat by like a billion baby jesus’!!! You can see the backup here in the SotA Forum Backup area.

Good luck Bubonic, you’ll need it.



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