Splitting Hairs And Breaking Promises – Don’t Laywer Them Bro

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Well, I believe it is time for me to address an elephant in the room. Are you lubed up Starr? Don’t worry bro, I jest! Sort of.
In the past two months a startling number of revelations have slowly and quietly been released about Shroud of the Avatar. Kind of like a test fart, just let it out slowly, quietly, then take a big wiff and see if it will melt the paint off the walls and if anyone else smells it. Well, this smells like fucking shit guys. I’m talking to you Devs.
Up until this point, I’ve pretty much given them a pass on a lot of things and focused on the community members and dick moderators which really turn the community sour for a lot of people. I think the reason was that I believed that at least in the end they wanted to produce a decent product with the limited resources they have. When that is the case they can easily be forgiven for minor annoyances and complaints like graphics quality, keyboard commands, chat systems, overland map bullshit, you know the shit real fucking gamers don’t actually care about because they are too busy playing a decent game.
So, some of the more interesting things have recently been nerfed. Nerfed from original Kickstarter goals at that, and I’m unhappy with them for this. What things, you ask of Insane, and Membrane answers:
  • Unable to meet promise of Unity asset packs.
  • Redefined the Developer level KS goal of Creating an NPC, due to resourcing issues on the project.
  • Introduction of the Row Houses.
These significantly de-value the investment many have made into the game, and even if that wasn’t the case the removal of the Unity packs and customized NPC is a pretty obvious slap in the face on top of that for those of us who wished to contribute in the project in some way.
So basically, they have made a promise to you that if you give them money you can help build their game for them. Seems like a win-win, they get cash and you help with the tedious crowd shit right? I guess not, they can’t even seem to manage a simple thing like data collection and entry for the NPC stuff. Christ guys, give me a fucking notepad program, a web server and some JSON and I can solve that problem for you inside of 30 mins.
On top of this, the first time that they directly changed something from the Kickstarter campaign, they were caught changing the original text around the goal. That, was a fucking dick head move guys, all us out there and you think that would go unnoticed? Now, they are just splitting hairs and re-defining what is already there. I will give you an example.
The Developer Pledge description from Kickstarter:



Want to be a part of the Development process? This is the level for you! Gain access to the private Developer Chat/Forums and help participate in guiding the game (estimated Developer Chat/Forums access in April 2013). You also get to help create a character in the game as well as name them. When everything’s said and done, we’ll put together a PDF document of various concepts and design documents.



Notice, it was said we could help create AND name a character. Here is the definition of create:

To cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.

What has Portalarium said on the topic? We won’t get to create a NPC in Shroud of the Avatar, we will only get prompted when a new area becomes “available” and submit names for NPCs en masse AND first come first serve basis! LUL!! We might as well bend right over and let them go to town on us guys. Can’t design the look of the NPC, what it wears, what it says, how to interact with it. Nope, just mail them some names and hope you get lucky.
What did they have to say about all this? Sorry? Not a fucking chance you nub, lulz. They claimed that the text in the Developer description didn’t include “NPC dialogue” and that it isn’t “feasible” as a backer reward. Now, I can’t and locate where it expands on this NPC stuff, but I know for a fact they were going to send us forums to fill out and hand back to them, they did originally plan to do this for us. Just like they did plan on working on the Unity asset packs.
I wonder how many more hairs will be split in the Kickstarter pledge descriptions by the end of this project?



4 thoughts on “Splitting Hairs And Breaking Promises – Don’t Laywer Them Bro

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