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Ignorant Forum Users: Air Marshal Owain – Part 5

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(artist’s interpretation of Sir Master General Fuhrer Air Marshal Owain)

Xin chào đồng chí! Sir Master General Fuhrer Air Marshal Owain brings us more goodies from the Shroud of the Avatar Forum. Buckle your seatbelts kids, there are a lot of cocks(and a few really big ones) to dodge! Who the hell is Air Marshal Owain? Haven’t you been paying attention!? Well, catch up on the latest events HERE.
This entry comes from a thread which was just recently cleaned up by FireLotus which you can find on my backup page:  –  In beginning this one, I do need to go back quite a long time in history to set the scene. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but it seems relevant since the user involved in the forum PKing with Owain has mentioned me, more than once and I do remember him well.

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Silence of the Avatars – MGT470 Collapses Council of Scribes

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Not breaking news, and not the end of the story. In their latest ill conceived wet dream, Portalarium endeavored to create “The Council of Scribes.” This is the second group of non-staff and non-professionals, third if you count the useless Moderators on the Forum, to rule over the rest of the player base. The first being College of Arms, which I haven’t addressed in much detail yet, but I haven’t forgotten about those neighborhood watch colour coding fuckheads.
The old Ultima Series games had a lot of books in game with content which did enrich the game world quite a bit. The aim here was to have Shroud of the Avatar to have a similar feel to it by having player submitted text added into the game. In theory, not bad at all Portalarium. But you’ve gone and done it again, you keep proping up these fucking player run atrocities, seemingly not give them nor the submitters enough information on what to do or how to do it. If the Membrane didn’t know no better, he might think you were doing this on purpose, letting the community hang itself so it puts you in a position where you can just shut it all down and then say: Its your fault Community… But that would just be Insane wouldn’t it.
The Scribes of Novia post went out on August 1st, which seems to me that it was planned due to the date alone. So they hashed this out right? With who, where? They didn’t post anything about this shit in the Dev+ forum before it got dumped into Gen-pop. Oh wait, the Dev+ forum is just a place where people go for stretch goals which have already been abandoned long ago. No – it seems that from quite early on Portalarium has been cherry picking users of the community to do things with them. Starting from the Housing Article on Polygon, through the College of Arms, and now the Scribes of Novia. Portalarim do have a knack for leading you to believe some of these things are organically grown from community efforts. But not all of them are, the Scribes sure as shit wasn’t.
In any case, it didn’t take long before someone had the same thought I did about this:

So we cant write our own stuff for ingame consumption without having someone check mark it? 



Great question, first thing I would have posted if I still had access to the forum, right? 😛 Well, it quickly went down hill for everyone. It did take 19 days however for the final nail to be driven into the Scribes coffin. Driven by none other than…. *drumroll* Yup, former friend of the Blog, MGT470s very own Isaiah! Yes, MGT470 Guild have a long and tired history of fucking shit up for Portalarium and other users there on the forum. Well done Isaiah, as well as others who persisted in being greedy little selfish pricks. Here is what Izzy had to say:

It seems only fair that we get compensated for any books we write that end up in the game. Writing a short story is adding content to the game just like creating a piece of digital art is adding to the game.

We should be compensated. I’m fine with it coming in the form of addon store credit that we can use toward our pledge or addon store items. I’m not asking for hard cold cash here. Just addon store/pledge rewards.

-Isaiah [MGT]


Wow. Fuck you Izzy, you’re a little taint and then some. I never would have written anything because I can’t really write for shit, haven’t you seen that for yourself by now, but within days of opening I saw some decent stuff posted into the sub-forum.
*shakes head* It was doomed from the start. Prop up some vocal insider, Winfield, unduly subject writers to parse their works through the unprofessional group of grammar gestapo and potentially bias members of the community, don’t give anyone enough information on what they can and can’t write about which makes that part of the Scribes job even more fucked up. I could go on for hours, but fuck it, too depressing.
In the end, a Dev locked the posts and announced that the honeymoon was over:

I have locked this thread. There should be no speculation as to what yesterday’s policy decision means, the intent of Portalarium, or other community members intent.

To clarify yesterday’s decision further: “Tales from the Vale”, with production run by FireLotus, will no longer be used to pre-populate the books of the world with fan fiction. With the planned self-publishing system coming online in Release 13 (current expectation) we will wait just a bit longer to see that content in the game.



To MGT470: Could you guys stop calling for lawyers, stop demanding stuff from the devs, stop being dicks, stop leaking Dev+ forum stuff, disband your guild, sell your SotA accounts, and just go to a dark corner of the internet and look for another way into another game? Seriously, fuck you guys.




Spike In Views Here – From SotA Forum?

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So I just noticed a spike in views yesterday and today looking through some stats, mostly incoming from Google search… Had a hunt around myself and noticed it was thanks to users on the SotA forum of all places lol. Total of about 65 unique visitors and over 250 page views! I suppose the only thing that surprises me is that they took the initiative to run a google search. Not everyone is as lazy as I thought!




That was a pretty damn funny comment too Devoid 😛

Portalarium: The First Triple-I Studio

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Another very well written article from SotA Sucks!

SotA Sucks

Everyone is familiar with the concept of triple-A studios. Now let me introduce to you a new kind of studio, the triple-I studio.

Triple-I stands for:

  • Incompetent
  • Ineffective
  • Inefficient

Now let’s go over why Portalarium fits this description perfectly.


Do you really think old-school game developers that suddenly resurface after years and years of obscurity have the skills to survive in the current games industry? Change is rapid in this industry, and skills not only atrophy, but also become outdated. I don’t care how many years someone has been in the industry or how many games they’ve shipped. If they’ve been away for 10+ years, either because of the pursuit of other interests or a waning career, their skills are largely irrelevant.

Richard Garriot is the prime example. He has not had a successful game since the mid 1990’s. After his second high-profile failure in a…

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Lord British – Renewed Interest In His Community?

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Lord British has posted in a few good topics over the past 24hrs with a few decent replies. Example HERE on the status and concern about the game’s single player experience.
I hope his renewed interest is not short lived, fear not the trolls my King, they cannot touch you… 😉

Ignorant Forum Users: Air Marshal Owain – Part 4

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(artist’s interpretation of Sir Master General Fuhrer Air Marshal Owain)
Dia duit and good day fellow readers! Sir Master General Fuhrer Air Marshal Owain continues his passive aggressive forum demeanor. If you are new, read into account the previous articles of pure gold Owain has been able to provide for us if you are now just catching up. PART 1 and PART 2 don’t forget PART 3 either.
I have noticed now that PvP is back and in high demand on the Shroud of the Avatar forum, this little pretend Anti-PK douche bag has flopped out his tiny wang and with a redoubling of effort has been slapping everyone in the face with it. Seemingly unrestricted by the mods, who should now be under best behavior since they themselves have been making mistake after mistake publicly.
The community manager FireLotus did say HERE, that they were not going to tolerate “clever trolls” in her words. Not that I am saying Owain is clever, because his distaste for any fucking opinion that is not his own is very clear. So FireLotus, where is his ban? According to you, the only thing different between Owain and I, is that I had this blog and was banned. Love it, hypocrisy at its best!
I suppose I don’t mind that much though, after all Sir Master General Fuhrer Air Marshal Owain is the reason for Insane Membrane coming into being in the first place, and he does keep the content coming!
Let us begin with the most obvious false pretext ever posted on the Shroud of the Avatar forum…

“If that is the case, maybe we should all try to be on our best behavior.”

Lulz, thank you Sir Master General Fuhrer Air Marshal Owain, that was fucking priceless!
So after I read that, all I had to do was click into Owain’s profile and read comments from the past day or so. I got too many to list here, so here is just a few examples of this guy waving his dick around in everyone’s face without check from moderators.
x29-07-2014 10-32-18 AM
Here the prickmaster can be seen pretty much advising a new user asking questions about SotA to fuck off.

“Don’t Like it? Want the game to be more challenging?
Don’t use it.”



x29-07-2014 10-35-57 AM
New? Fuck off. Haven’t had the time to try something in the game yet? Blow me, Owain ain’t got time for yo shit bitch, and he will break the fake swear words in place of real one rule while he tells you all about how useless you are!

“I can’t be bothered with people who have never tried the system, and thus have no frackin’ clue what they are talking about.”



Having a conversation with Owain, and totally knowing what he is thinking about you the entire time, because he is a bloody GENIS!

“Gotta develop the muscle memory that resides between your ears.”



Are you starting to prove your point in the thread? Starting to make Owain look bad? As if you dumb son of a bitch, Owain can switch to Gramar Polise quicker than you can re-read and edit your post to be more clear even when you haven’t violated the grammarz he has accused you of violating.

“Your use of a double negative made it sound like you wanted target acquisition to be difficult.”



Even when you aren’t really talking to Owain, you are, and fuck that if someone else is talking because they are just lying. Especially if it differs from Owain’s Master Plan.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not like Rufus was trying to present an honest example anyway.”



Again, if you don’t like it, Owain points to the door and says get the fuck out! Oh, hello there Rune!

“Even though it will annoy rune_74, it has to be said. If you don’t feel Open PvP/Full Loot will be engaging, don’t participate in Open PvP/Full Loot. Really. Allow those who find it engaging to be engaged.”



Percentages? Numbers? You fool, The Owain don’t look at your stupid numbers! Everything you say is wrong, there is no reason to look at your fucking BS numbers. Owain needs not correct your mistake either, just call it and you a useless prick.

“Then don’t draw conclusions based upon percentages for which you have no clue.”



Pure Troll. Now with Caps.

“Ya THINK???”



Saved the best for last. After flopping his little dick around in this thread for a while  Sir Master General Fuhrer Air Marshal Owain deems it necessary to justify his position as such:

“Well, as I’ve already mentioned once today, I am pathologically literal.
One of my more endearing qualaties, actually, or so I’m told.”

Wow dude, you’re such a raw little taint. Well I guess at least one other person wanted to call him on that BS also, Captain Jack Sparrow. Aside from using 3rd person all of the time, Captain Jack is alright. Especially after he makes a comment like this:

“Captain Jack believes that is a clear supposition my friend. There is no proof but what you could reference in
these forums. Captain Jack uses illeism here, but that is just here, and would also be a supposition and since
there is no proof…SLUG!

Captain Jack could perhaps convince you to entertain the value of a white lie. The intent, not lack of
notification, was however admirable since…

path·o·log·i·cal adjective \ˌpa-thə-ˈlä-ji-kəl\
extreme in a way that is not normal or that shows an illness or mental problem”

Jack 1 – Owain 0 — FYI this thread has since been deleted, and you can find a backup copy of the un-violated thread HERE.
Well that is it for now kids, I can’t stand to talk about this privileged little bigot any longer.