Month: September 2014 Storm Clouds In The SotA Sky

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And I sure can smell the rain!

I’ve been following this post pretty close since it has Smack created it. Smack has a, nack, for posting in links from other sources talking about Shroud of the Avatar and the ones from MMORPG are oh so fucking toxic. Though everyone on the SotA forum should be aware of what everyone else thinks and is saying about Shroud of the Avatar because there is no wool over most of their eyes.
This post has exploded into 24 pages already and at first it was… Mildly on topic, now it is swinging around like a naked skydiver’s dick. Time till lock, I’d call about 2-6hrs. See the post here:
The reason this has taken a turn for the worse is because there is a user there Adaamhimself who is not holding back any punches. Reminds me of a young, non-banned InsaneMembrane 🙂 He has commented on the disaster of segregation which is being carried seemingly from life into a kickstarter, into a forum, and ultimatly into a game. It really is some kind of bullshit. I myself tried to champion that on several occasions, even once in a semi-logical and nice like way in this SotA post of mine:
Anywhatswhosit the reason why I write this quick post before I have to backup, save, and post this topic into my backup area is because of the following post by what is quite obviously one of the biggest cock holsters there ever was. I’m not quite sure how this guy has escaped my eyes at this point, clearly a full post review will be in order now. Check this out, hope you’ve taken a piss recently because if you haven’t and have a weak bladder, you’re about to piss yourself.


“I would have to disagree – some discussions can not be had in public forum – it has nothing to do with keeping folks out – it has more to do with maintaining a certain level of input

Not everyone can separate themselves from their inner “gamer” and discuss a topic from a “Design” perspective”



Please excuse me while I lllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolll. There are two possibilities here for Margard, both of them equally as fucking stupid as that statement just was. One, Margard is a member of the Dev+ forum and is banking on the fact that everyone else is clueless to the fact that the Dev+ forums are a total fucking sham and wants to put off the smell of importance. I dunno, maybe he is trolling for some sweet gamer girl ass in there? Or Two, Margard is not a Dev+ member and has not a clue how bloody useless the Dev+ forum is and is basing his concept of it off the Portalarium description of it during Kickstarter.


That statement right there, makes me want to dump the entire Dev+ forum into my backup area and let everyone read it. FFS, nothing happens there. In fact, it is even worse than Adaamhimself points out, because as I’ve already covered the Dev+ forum was sold as something nice and has turned out to not be just a total lie, but brings a lot of shame and stigma with it attached to Dev+ users. THEN Portalarium begins to hand pick members of the community to run player based oppression rings like the Scribes/Scholars fucking whatever of Novia, College of Arms, Forum Moderators, and for personal interviews to other sites. Lube right up and bend over, it will be easier that way folks.


Either way, it is pretty depressing! I’ll have more on this later, I am positive, so until then stay frosty girls!

Mod Koldar Creates Another Mess

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shit-hit-the-fanShit Hits The Fan

God damn it. I take a single night off from all this and look what happens. It appears that at least two separate threads have been merged, wrongly, again. They were:
So clearly, they will merge anything even remotely related right? I mean in the case above, SPO offline was about game play modes and Too much compromises was about where the focus of the devs seems to be a this point in time. Wrong. They are so clearly not related, yet merged anyway. Koldar is the one who has done this, and he has done this in the past. I doubt the little douche could have an original thought so I’d have to guess FireLotus instructed him to do so? Don’t know, whole thing makes no sense.
Here is the thing. I’m a PvP player, a PK, so I could really give a fuck about Single Player offline or having the Devs focus on shit like cooking food… BUT I kind of feel for them at this point in time. Why? Well there are a hundred threads about PvP and they aren’t being merged. The fucking sloppy twats always talking about PvP and saying the same thing over and over and over don’t seem to be punished as quickly or as confusingly as the PvE players do. As indicated in this exchange.
Ok, so the two posts above were merged. I have their orig content well documented I believe. What I missed was the little explosion the forum had last night before it was locked and cleaned. From the comments that are left behind I can tell it would have been good, damn! 🙂 If anyone can clue me in as to what happened please reply here or Blow The Whistle.
Smarten up guys. Stop merging shit like this, it is too late when one post has 6 pages and the other post has 15 or 16 pages to merge shit. Lock it and refer on, Moderating For Complete Fucking Idiots.

Captain Jack Sparrow Broadsides SotA Forum – Sinks Ristra

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Jack-BroadsideCaptain Jack Sparrow Sinks Ristra

I try to keep up on things, and from what I know about Captain Jack Sparrow is that he is usually a pretty funny bro. But in reading the locked threads I submitted to my backup area on this blog something clearly got up his cannon pipe!
It appears most of this started in the “too much compromises focus on MMORPG” thread which, I had to backup because it was cleaned out, when Vyrin(previously Vyrinor or something?) commented back to Ristra with the following which starts at Post #263 in the backed up forum thread linked above:

@Ristra: It’s a little hard to follow your line of questioning. Can you state clearly what you’re aiming for?


Captain Jack Sparrow then followed on:

Captain Jack would like to echo that point. Rista seems to enjoy jumping in, but Captain Jack is never quite sure which side you are on. You have to pick a side.

Captain Jack proposes a new feature on the forum. Tabs on each person’s profile where they can easily customise. Have a tab for PvE, for PvP, for SPO, for Companions, for Full Loot, whatever you want. Then fill them out with clar and concise thoughts from your brain into them, that way everyone can go see what everyone wants for themselves and it might save us all these round robin conversations where you talky types just kind of spam out words.


Stupidly Ristra replies with:

I pick side…… neutral.

I look at things from the Dev’s perspective. My side is not important, if it was I would break out my notes and put a much more detail design doc worth of systems.

If anything, I am more interested in seeing why people take a hard stance on positions they have vs positions the Dev’s have.


Ok I’ll pause here to comment, that would trigger my Insane gene also. I mean what the fuck did Ristra just say? I’ll translate:
“I am a fucking genius, I’m too good for you cock suckers, you don’t deserve my vast amounts of detailed  information. Instead, I’m going to jump in the middle of the arguments and use my mothafuckin genius mind to fuck with both sides of it.”
Thats about the jist of it. Anyhooz Captain Jack Sparrow then replied:


Bhahahahahahahaha. Neutral. Captain Jack thinks it is offensive that you push the devs issues for them and have no mind or thoughts of your own. Are you looking for a job in Austin?

This isn’t a Psych study, and Captain Jack thinks that you should be asked to stop moderating between the two sides and let them work it out for themselves.

Captain Jack is only being honest here, how many times has either side thanked you for stepping into their discussions with your neutral stance to confuse and compund the matter? It isn’t really required, but I’m not going to ask you to stop because that shouldn’t come from Captain Jack.



All in all a good reply, but it got the topic locked and the post was deleted. I’ll bet if Jack didn’t put in the laughing at the beginning then the post would have stuck because it seems even headed enough to me from that point forward. The point is valid. If you’ve got nothing to add Ristra, shut the fuck up. Ok, here comes the FUNNY part in Ristra’s reply:


Would you like to check my PMs? Or maybe the Like button covers that?


LOLZORZ! That is kind of why this all caught my attention aside from the topic itself being locked. Ristra did it. Likes. Likes/Upvotes/Downvotes are the plague of civilized conversation, they are for fucking useless attention whores. Ristra is no different. This is funny, lets take a look at the ratio of posts per likes on the forum at the time of this posting between Captain Jack Sparrow and Ristra:
Ristra’s likes per post ratio:
Jacks’s likes per post ratio:
Lul, Ristra you fucking nub bait. That failed if anyone cared to do the math.
Jack 1 – Ristra 0
What is the lesson? Moderators should probably get on top of Ristra’s trolling, because that is really what it is.
There are plenty more comments though around the forum from Jack either just before or after that point, read on by expanding below as he even takes shots at Lord British!

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New Forum Rule – Same Forum Different Day

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insane-newThe InsaneMembrane

Yeah, usually when FireLotus posts that is me. My eyes light up, I give myself a big smile and I start to drool over the work I am gleefully about to take part in. Lawls, and this time… Is no different!
So, there is a new forum rule everyone. They must be taking my advice after repeated examples that further and more stringent rules are required to keep the panties on all the fuckin SotA forum boners. Right? Nawwww fuck that, take a look.


“Two changes were made to the forum rules today, along with some slight reorganization. The following rule was added, and the final sentence was moved to it from the Spam rule:

Badger Not thy Kingdom:
Harassment or bullying of any type is not welcome in this community. We are here to encourage a collaborative spirit, not to shut it down by repeatedly invalidating others opinions or feedback. Consistently strong-arming others into the same discussion, or repeatedly posting the same ideas/opinions in multiple threads/forums also falls under this category and should be avoided.

Also, the number of links one is allowed to have in a Forum Signature was increased to ONE or TWO.

That about sums up the clarity we come to expect from the forum doesn’t it! Links were increased to ONE or TWO lol. Pick a god damn bottom line, make it very clear, and then stick to it! As for the rule itself, Bager Not thy Kingdom, well that can be applied to just about anything you want so good job in creating another reason for you guys to lock threads up. Though I may have to hire help soon to keep up with you bitches!


R.I.P. – PVP & Death Megathread Locked and Violated

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takerRest In Peace

The PvP & Death Megathread now joins a host of others in oblivion as all of it’s 174 pages and 3,477 posts are now in jeopardy. Since my last dump of the SotA forum the post count has dropped so it wont be long until this is totally fucked up by the Moderators. You can find this topic backed up here in full for your reading pleasure!
Let me show you how this works kiddos.
1. Dev posts a fucking wall of text.
2. Users get a massive boner and attempt to respond to a giant wall of text which is too big to respond to.
3. Users get a raging boner and attempt to argue points between themselves based on now 8th hand information.
4. Moderators don’t bother to upkeep or keep people on topic.
5. Thread gets locked/cleaned/deleted because it gets “too big to moderate.”
6. Portalarium can now ignore everything in thread and pretend it and everything within never existed.

Shroud of the Avatar Forum and Moderator Hypocrisy – Part 5

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Small Cock Sillyvan
Small Cock Sillyvan

Buna! If you aren’t yet up to date on what has been happening with Small Cock Sillyvan, you can review some details about his vocal pushing of internet piracy in these two articles. Portalarium Takes No Action Against Internet Piracy and Shroud of the Avatar Forum and Moderator Hypocrisy – Summary. Well the post is still at large in Damn Lori’s Carnival Contest thread, and I know the mods have been around because Lord_Vibrator beat me to the punch on a few threads since Monday.
Simply put the lack of moderation on Small Cock Sillyvan’s comment now and given his history in the past with the same materials goes to prove that moderation there can’t be left in the hands of these non-professional wastes of space which currently staff it. They are either incompetent or complicit and both of those are not acceptable.
I will admit that since I’ve re-doubled my efforts here by backing up posts, bringing to light more bullshit that goes on there, and writing my letter to Lord British things have actually gotten a little bit better! I will accept a small role in that outcome, as well as a few brave others who have spoken out against the injustices there. Yet it still feels as if there is a double standard out there, and if you’re on the Portalarium shitlist then you are fucked. If you aren’t on the shitlist, then you can continue to post about torrents and pirating software without impunity as shown above.
I’ll show you what I mean. In my previous post I made a reference to the fact that Small Cock Sullivan’s posts were not really of great quality and if you had a look at his last 20 posts you’d see that for yourself. Well I’m guessing you’re a bunch of lazy mother fuckers, so here it is for you!

small cock sillyvan-last20graph

A picture is worth 1,000 words? His posts were divided into three categories as you can see. Fucking Useless Comment means he added nothing to the conversation or it was a toss-up on troll or not. Pure Troll Comment, obvious troll is obvious. On Topic Comment, self explanatory.
Small Cock Sullivan didn’t score that well at all, 65 percent of his posts were not on topic. Small Cock Sillyvan would fail this test and should be sent back to a place of learning where they teach people how not to be useless fuck wads.
Peace bitches.

Portalarium Takes No Action Against Internet Piracy

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This isn’t the first(or second) time in which this particular person we will be speaking of  has been involved in openly and actively advocating internet piracy. This person is High Baron O’Sullivan and straight away just going by his name you can peer into this trash bag’s soul and see that he is an empty  shell of nothing. No I’m not talking about the lazy drunk Irish part of it, I’m talking about the High Baron part of it. From hence forth, ye shall be known as Small Cock Sillyvan! Enjoy bro *kiss*
You can review some of Small Cock Sillyvan’s work like posting links to the pirate bay which was very well documented by ex-SotA forum user Atlaua, and when reported what happened? Junior Moderator Mystic shows up and punishes Atlaua and does nothing to the links to pirate bay. This information can be found here:
Straight into it shall shall we, I ain’t got all flippin night now. We have here some harmless discussion on what programs people used for the contest:


So some harmless discussion of applications and price points.  Then we get this…




“Do you guys even torrent bro”

-High Baron O’Sullivan


So there you have it. Portalarium persists in doing absolutely nothing about blatant illegal activity on their forum even when it would be at least a third strike on this single user himself. How do you let this happen, how do you give someone this many passes to the point where he thinks he should be able to advocate this type of shit openly in the forum? What the fuck are you guys waiting for, a sign from the fucking Wisps or something?
Actually, not just that. Take a look at lets say 20 of his last posts, how many of them are one sentence off-topic trolls and or quips? Yeah with a snarky little bitch like Small Cock Sillyvan, I’d say he is either Junior Moderator Mystic’s twin brother, or J.R. himself.
You wonder why I’m still around? See above fuckers.