Portalarium Takes No Action Against Internet Piracy

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This isn’t the first(or second) time in which this particular person we will be speaking of  has been involved in openly and actively advocating internet piracy. This person is High Baron O’Sullivan and straight away just going by his name you can peer into this trash bag’s soul and see that he is an empty  shell of nothing. No I’m not talking about the lazy drunk Irish part of it, I’m talking about the High Baron part of it. From hence forth, ye shall be known as Small Cock Sillyvan! Enjoy bro *kiss*
You can review some of Small Cock Sillyvan’s work like posting links to the pirate bay which was very well documented by ex-SotA forum user Atlaua, and when reported what happened? Junior Moderator Mystic shows up and punishes Atlaua and does nothing to the links to pirate bay. This information can be found here: https://insanemembrain.wordpress.com/2014/06/08/shroud-of-the-avatar-forum-and-moderator-hypocrisy-summary/
Straight into it shall shall we, I ain’t got all flippin night now. We have here some harmless discussion on what programs people used for the contest:


So some harmless discussion of applications and price points.  Then we get this…




“Do you guys even torrent bro”

-High Baron O’Sullivan


So there you have it. Portalarium persists in doing absolutely nothing about blatant illegal activity on their forum even when it would be at least a third strike on this single user himself. How do you let this happen, how do you give someone this many passes to the point where he thinks he should be able to advocate this type of shit openly in the forum? What the fuck are you guys waiting for, a sign from the fucking Wisps or something?
Actually, not just that. Take a look at lets say 20 of his last posts, how many of them are one sentence off-topic trolls and or quips? Yeah with a snarky little bitch like Small Cock Sillyvan, I’d say he is either Junior Moderator Mystic’s twin brother, or J.R. himself.
You wonder why I’m still around? See above fuckers.




One thought on “Portalarium Takes No Action Against Internet Piracy

    […] you can review some details about his vocal pushing of internet piracy in these two articles. Portalarium Takes No Action Against Internet Piracy and Shroud of the Avatar Forum and Moderator Hypocrisy – Summary. Well the post is still at […]

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