Month: October 2014

Amberraine Serendipitously Awards Avatar’s Radio Manager

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RoyalSexy Photo From Paparazzi


In an obvious outcome that surprises absolutely  no one on the Forums these days, Avatar’s Radio conceptualizer and First Scribe Amberraine has awarded the first place prize in the Scholars of Novia’s very first contest to… RoyalSexy, the Avatar’s Radio Manager…
Again on this I don’t really have to say much do I, it writes itself all the way back to FireLotus. We are already aware of her clear bias for friends of a female gender(Polygon Housing Article & Polygon Warns InsaneMembrane – Deletes Post), and the track record and patterned history being created by most of the groups she has been interacting with.
Given the history with this group, its disastrous false start, and no effort what so ever to develop its own image to that of something remotely fair I have this to say to the Scribes: Why don’t you go outside and play hide and go fuck yourselves.






Shroud of the Avatar – Bitcoin Friendly

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“Bitcoin Accepted Here

We’ve received many community requests to support Bitcoins for pledge and add-on purchases, so we’re happy to announce that we now accept Bitcoins as a full-payment option for pledges, Add-Ons, and Player Owned Towns!”

– Update of the Avatar #93″
So it appears that Shroud of the Avatar will now accept bitcoin. But they actually wont. They will obviously be using some sort of exchange because there would be no federal regulations in the United States against any issues that pop up with using bitcoin directly. Treasury has a handle on the exchanges themselves. Either way though, the use of bitcoin as a whole will be problematic for most end users and assure that you will lose in one form or another just like every other form of currency ever created.
I also think it is really fucking cute that the twats can now be quoted saying they have received many community requests and can sell this as a service they are doing for us. To make them money. Ha-ha-ha. I see what you did there Dallas. Also, go see my backup page for the “many requests” they received, and then proceeded to delete and remove from the community due to the amount of endless bickering and trolling that comes with fake money . As you would have expected really.
EDIT: Appears they will indeed be using exchanges or “service that converts” as indicated by Chaox.

“We do indeed use a service that converts Bitcoins.”

– Chaox



It will be interesting to see how this plays out, hackable anonymous cash is always a great fucking idea.