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Shroud of the Avatar Goes Steam Early Access

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There has been qutie a bit of resistance, for some reason, in the Shroud of the Avatar forum for taking SotA into Steam. Small minds. If anything is going to grab the cash from gamers at this point, it would be Steam so it is a great decision. Good luck SotA.




SotA Executive Producer Authorises Gold To High Level Backers – Pleb Chaos Ensues

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19940qlkikiekjpgStarr Long’s (aka Darkstarr) Vault

R12 Dev+ testing opened earlier this week and it was having some issues. You would expect that serious bugs in gameplay took prevented players from playing properly right? No fuckwit, haven’t you been paying attention to what I say here? Could it have been greedy fucking asshole players like Duke Violation? Yes, of course so! It turns out that the Dev+ players got so upset about not having their pledge rewards, they figured out that if you log in, give cash to a friend, log out re-create a character and log back in, you have a fresh $500 gold pile to play with. This in turn created such an unexpected load on the Shroud of the Avatar login servers, it prompted the Devs to take the game offline.
This is kind of comical what follows next. To try and stem the influx of login attempts from players smashing the exploit new characters for gold, some of the Devs logged in and started handing out massive wads of cash, lawl! That too went down about as good as a balloon filled with shit as you can imagine. Oh Insane, you’re over reacting, you are being a spoilt little bitch because you didn’t get any money too! Well, no not really. Duke Volation received 500,000 in gold coins. Yes boys and girls, I got the number of zeros right on that figure. But it is ok! It is fair because it is pre-alpha according to Duke Violation, and since none of this is permanent it doesn’t even really matter.
That is wrong Violation, you handing out fucking cash like welfare was popular, you are pulling people into your guild with that cash. Winning¬†friends and influencing nubs. Don’t be a pathetic little bitch Violation, you know what you are getting out of this. Again, Duke Violation’s main reason for requesting the money is simply that in this pre-alpha, he is warrioring for people who are fucking pissed off because in the pre-alpha they don’t have access to their pledge rewards, mainly lot deeds and shit. Seriously, we have some Lord Marshals hating on Lords of the Manners and everyone who didn’t get cash hating on Darkstarr right now!


You can all hate on me as much as you want due to how I go about some things, but you know what, I was on the bandwagon against this long before it ever came to this. I was riding shotgun up there trying different methods of exposing these types of attitudes and individuals in different ways, hoping that it would matter and things would get changed. Instead I got perma-banned, twice ūüėõ
Let us go all the way back to May, 2013! Read this forum post on the SotA forum HERE:
Also I would like you all to know, that someone in the SotA staff keep a pretty close eye on this blog. There seems to be a trend of them locking threads I reference from here, LOLZ! They locked the above thread I think sometime after I posted around 28th of August 2014 ūüėõ ¬†Glad to have influential readers!
In any case, here are some quotes from my thread!

“Personally I do think that the classification of any person or persons into any category at all for any reason is shameful. Let alone based on the contribution in which they could afford during a KS campaign, or whatever other idiotic thing is going to pop-up in the future.”

– InsaneMembrane – March, 2013

fuck you violation

“It sounds like we are going to have a bit of a segregation issue. Kickstarters, non-KS backers, and non-bakers it has started already to boil down into. This is quite a bit of a shame, and the reason is that just as I am being excited for the first time about a game like this, the community(people in this forum) are making the continued excitement difficult. I can imagine that if I feel this strife, others can also and that is only going to spread if not checked.”

– InsaneMembrane – March, 2013

fuck you violation

“It is a difficult subject, but I feel that everyone should feel like they should be included. Not only now but for the duration of SotA in the future. The direction we are currently headed however, looks like it is off the edge of a cliff!”

– InsaneMembrane – March, 2013

fuck you violation

“In conclusion to the above, sharing experiences with other players in a guild setting is perfectly fine. However, I think that every player should be treated as an equal individual in the game weather in a guild or not, or having donated via KS / donated at all.”

– InsaneMembrane – March, 2013

fuck you violation

“Basically I think what I am trying to say is this: I seem to now be willing to try and play a different play style with SotA. What have you done to me Richard Garriott!!! However, I wouldn?t go anywhere near SotA with THAT play style if it turns into a combination of an Oligarchical Lord of the Flies. Not at all. If it turns out that SotA is Lord of the Flies with Houses, then what needs to happen is the ability or me to PK everyone and create my own balance!”

– InsaneMembrane – March, 2013

fuck you violation

Guys, this was well over a year ago I posted these comments. Not only has the attitude continued unchecked by the people responsible for the community and development of the game, it has gotten way worse. In this case, I actually do feel a bit sorry for the Devs again. They should be trying to manage the game issues and project timelines, instead now they have to worry about all the raging greedy fat choads out there like Duke Violation who might just turn into large community areas of dissent if they don’t get what they feel they should be getting when they feel they should have it. What can they do when it has come so far down this road really?
That being said, I feel a bit worried¬†and uneasy about how close some of these inbreed groups are to the Devs. Friendships are fine, but when friendships start turning into in-game advantage that is very not fine mofos. Taking and taking and taking at the same time you are benefiting from it, denying it has any effect at all, is just plain Privilege. Something you shouldn’t have ever had a taste of Violation, but something tells me that you are use to it.
The thread was locked up later on when some very high level backers started to voice their discomfort about what was going on. I respect them so much for this, and thank them for their voice. At this point that voice has not been deleted from the Dev+ forum and Dev+ members are still able to read it. But I will warn Portalarium, if you delete those posts, I’ll be their faithful proxy as always.
There is more to the story, especially since the discussion was picked up in non-dev forum by Bubonic. It too was locked up. Shame, seems as if Suppression of the Avatar continues at full pace.
Where is my fucking joint.



Poll Results – Portalarium Staff Insult SotA Community

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Last week I posted an article asking a question, the results are above and are clear.
I’ve struggled with the idea to be honest, I still find myself not wanting to post the comment especially since anyone who comes here to read and may have voted most certainly identifies with the sort of things I already say I might guess!
In any case, I asked the question, you all voted and here it is:

“GD – tutorials and monkey juggling”




The above was posted in a thread where Devs copy and paste what they were working on during the previous week into what they are working on for this week. The comment isn’t evil or anything, but it really is kind of insulting. ¬†Especially if you take into consideration that it was posted in Dev+ and that is “public” enough, so wonder what our “friendly” community manager FireLotus is saying behind closed doors?
This goes to a much deeper and darker place. This is what Portalarium staff think of you guys, and even most of us in Dev+ too. Do you honestly think they can take any of your ideas or posts seriously if that is their default position and stereotype?
I mean, go a head guys, start calling groups of people “monkeys” and see where that gets you on the forum. Moderated and banned at best, especially since it can easily be considered a racist word.¬†I don’t think that Portalarium staff should call the community “monkeys” or anything else insulting is the short of it, and feel that the person who did¬†owes the non-Dev+ community members a nice apology.



InsaneMembrane’s First Poll – Should I Post Something From Dev+

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muteWechat-624x351Y U NO POST DEV+ INSANE?

I have never taken information or pictures out of the Dev+ area and released that information to anyone. Not on the SotA forum, not here, not personally. I have a role to play and it is transparency, not to move outside my role and make a hypocrite out of myself. #VIRTUE
I have, in the past, taken screen shots of mostly the MGT 470 members when they break the rules and post the Dev+ stuff (Examples ONE and TWO)in the Shroud of the Avatar forum or their personal forum. That I believe is not breaking the rule as the little MGT 470 door knob fuckers had already done that openly.
This is beginning to become a pretty sore spot for my big green ass. Not only have I never leaked any Dev+ information, but I was BANNED the second time around because I had created THIS,¬†a post asking Portalarium what they intended to do about the Dev+ leaks!!! I nearly posted the FAQ the other day off Dev+ after they got upset users¬†and shut the FAQ down which is just plain immature. But I didn’t. I kept my mouth shut as I felt I should have in the spirit of having access to Dev+ even¬†¬†clearly when I have no written agreement or¬†obligation to keep doing!
Something now has come up again though, thanks again Whistle Blowers! To continue the immature behavior and attitude spoken of above, a Portalarium staff member has posted in Dev+ a rather interesting comment about the Community outside Dev+ and THAT, is not on. I think it goes a mile just to show you how valuable Portalarium thinks the SotA Community’s input is and how unprofessional the lot of them really are.
I haven’t made my decision on posting it yet. Maybe you can help me, vote here and let me know what you think. Also, if the staff member in question makes a public apology to the public forum about this before I make my decision, then I will not post it.

No Community! Bad Community! – Portalarium Revokes Develouper FAQ

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In a recent thread on the topic of the lack of discussion centred around Companions in the Shroud of the Avatar forum, it was uncovered by vigilant community members that Portalarium have again been up to their tricksy bullshit.
The progression of the discussion took a sharp turn when as mentioned above a forum user there pointed out that Portalarium have recently changed the name of one a sub-forum, leading away from the word and accepted idea of “Companions.” What the frack am I even talking about, why does it matter? Because it went from “NPCs & Companions” to “Avatars & NPCs.” That signals that Portalarium have made the design change to Shroud of the Avatar which will¬†remove the idea and mechanic of an in-depth Companion of the Avatar. Moving SotA one step further away from Lord British’s Ultimate RPG and closer to an empty MMO clone.
If you wanted the Spirit and successor of the Ultima Series, you might as well just wake up from your wet dream right now kids. In that same Companion thread above it was also brought to attention that forum members have been asking companion questions for quite some time and not getting any answers on them. It is compounded by the fact that the FAQ in which the answers go into is only accessible by Dev+ forum members. Talk about donation bait with no return LOLZZ.
Oh I almost forgot, how did Portalarium handle the issue about the FAQ after issues, concerns, and complaints were raised with it?

“Hi guys,

Unfortunately due to an increased focus on game content the weekly Q&A thread has been cancelled until further notice. I completely understand the reasoning for this, the devs are hella busy with the release schedule.

And yes to clarify, the reason the answers were posted in a FOUNDER area was to encourage people to pledge (even at the most basic level) to see those answers. Hopefully the publicly available FAQs page answers the essential questions for those on the ~$45 fence so to speak, whereas the Q&A thread’s purpose was to get into the nitty gritty stuff.

Hope this helps.”

– Mitch [MGT]


That is right. If you fucking little twats can’t play by their rules, they’ll take away your toys. Now why don’t you go outside and play hide and go fuck yourselves!

R.I.P. Companions Of The Avatar — Sep. 1980 – Oct. 2014

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Shamino, poisoned by polonium. Iolo, garotted with is lute strings. Dupre, removed from the history books.
There was a day back when Shroud of the Avatar was a Single Player RPG with just a few thoughts to multi-player elements, remember that? If you are new, you don’t. Companions are a shoe-in when it comes to a more Single Player type of game. ¬†It is assumed, and taken for granted that a decent Companion system would have been integrated into Shroud of the Avatar. It wasn’t a stretch goal, it wasn’t really even on the list, but when Lord British talks about a new Ultima which will reboot the computer gaming industry and its a Single Player heavily Story driven game… You just fucking expect it.
Thanks to the persistence of certain¬†SotA¬†forum users about the lack thus far in a Companion system in the newly formed Shroud of the Avatar Open Player Online, I mean failed MMO, game mode we can uncover now exactly how Portalarium feels about them. This is either really bad for you, or you are indifferent, aren’t¬†those are a funny pair? Usually you expect good and bad, black and white. If you think it is really bad then you bought into the initial expectations of the game to be a story driven rich world which would naturally include Companions of depth. If you are indifferent, you are probably a more of a MMO player driven by figuring out how to game online economy via Excel¬†or just engaging in a little PvP madness.
Let us move on to some recent reference material. A short time ago the current thread for discussing companions, probably one of the only ones still not locked(see this disaster HERE), was a hot topic. So of course, it was locked and cleaned. Got as much of the thread as I could save in my Backup Area or by direct download of the file HERE.
If you jackasses have been listening, we all know what happens when Portalarium change their minds about something. They make a clear and concise announcement about it and then inform the community. LAWLLLLL, not. No, they just cover that shit up all quiet like and hope we don’t notice. Remember the NPC Design coverup? That was pretty bad. Now we have this one, and this is awesome. If it wasn’t for Joviex then this whole thing would have been swept under the rug, check it out.


“Some of you need to cool your jets…. :cool: There was never a “Companion” Sub-Forum to be removed.”



“NPC’s and Companions was in fact a sub-forum, under Quests and Lore under Game Features.

I assume it is now “merged” into the Avatars and NPCs.

Those items, Avatars and NPCs, are not the same as explicit “Companions” however one can argue semantics all day long.

Short story, yes there was a subforum:”


– Joviex


“To clarify…

The sub-forum in question was never deleted. I renamed it on October 21st to Avatars & NPC’s, as that was more descriptive to the conversations within it (Companions are NPC’s after all… and there was no mention of Avatars, which needed a place for discussion) and to match up with the related Bug forum. Honestly, it was such a minor change, I didn’t even remember doing it till I checked the change log.

No content was removed or deleted, the title was simply updated. Feel free to head over there and confirm that the old posts are still there.”



“Let me say, I have searched the entire sub-forum and every single thread that discusses companions is locked. Those threads date back to February of last year. If no information has been forthcoming for the past 20 months, I can certainly see why people would be raising a concern about this topic.

Had I ever read those forums, I would’ve also chimed in that companions would be an awesome idea. In fact, if they actually develop them, it’s the one thing that would make me interested in the game again.

But, I do not see it listed in the Kickstarter sales pitch. It may have been discussed elsewhere, but I don’t see it in writing by the development team. Again, if anyone has it somewhere, I’m interested in seeing it (a link please?).”

– Caliya

Isn’t that just the dogs bollocks! They were clearly caught again, it isn’t the first time they have done this and it isn’t the last time they will try it. Unless we stop taking their crap guys, isn’t this enough? ¬†Do you enjoy backing a dream in kickstarter and having it turned into a nightmare all the while being lied to? For some strange reason, I feel compelled to say that this isn’t the fault of the entire Dev team. Even if these are baseless accusations on our part and they aren’t trying to bury shit, their marketing and management of this community is a total fucking joke because it looks like that is exactly what they are trying to do. Either way you look at this, they are at fault.
Where the shit is my Xanex!?


Poets Circle – To Destroy Scholars of Novia?

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That’s no Moon… That’s a Guild.

The Poets’ Circle. Put together by Holt Ironfell is seemingly an aggregate of creative talent of all kinds. Despite having some rather large and looming names behind them like the Space Bards, Ember Isolte, and Sharm with guest stars like Lord Baldrith and Amber Raine… I know very little about them! Memory takes me back to a time in a thread in a Shroud of the Avatar forum not so far away though, to when SotA Forum Junior Moderator and general all around ass clown Mystic was taking a shit on Lord Baldrith’s thread and some of Holt’s advice/statements about voice acting. Well, Lord Baldrith turned that around and smashed out Echos of the Caverns and Holt turned around and with the people in the Circle smashed out a very large number of songs for the SotA soundtrack. Like %99 of it? What did Mystic do? Well of course he persisted to bully people on the forum until finally he was forum PKd and shut up. I will take some credit for that, please applause.
I digress. Let us begin with some recent news about Poets then! As I had to do some research and I had a Blown Whistle in my inbox this morning containing some of the deleted data from the Poets’ new Competition thread. You can get the non-sanitized content which was removed by the Moderators by going to my Backup Page or by a direct download HERE.
Let us begin with some selections from Holt’s post itself on the Competition.

You will tell a tale of adventure, or of mayhem, filled with conflict and suspense. But you will do so in the voice of a Bard, telling the tale in your choice of location, and audience.


So the stories will be judged on two primary merits:


1) Is it a story of conflict and suspense we can’t put down?


2) Is your narrative voice, the Bard character who is telling this story, spellbinding?


– Holt

It is hard to get me Membranes excited about ANYTHING other than PKing. I mean it is going to be pretty epic when I take my axes and slash Bowen’s in-game Avatar into a few thousand pieces. I wouldn’t say I was overly excited about any kind of writing though, yeah no shit and despite this here blog it ain’t really a thing this clown does, but the topic and criteria have been done well enough to even make me take notice.
Now here is the really interesting bit.


The stories shall be divided randomly and given anonymously to our Council of Masters. They will not know the authors names, only the story on its own merits. The involved Masters will then send their favourite to the Grandmaster Bard, who will make the final selections and decide on first, second and third place.



There we have it. Finally, a measure of impartiality in the Shroud of the Avatar community!¬†But, I seem to remember Holt doing something similar with anonymity in the Poets’ Valentine day competition, but it was Valentine day… Fuck that, I didn’t pay attention lulz. Look, this isn’t %100 perfect as it isn’t %100 anonymous, but it is a step in the right direction and an example to follow and improve on for everyone. I assume there are two reasons why Holt has the final say. Look at the line at the top of the post “Mass Murdering Psychotic Jesters” – As I have mentioned before in the comments, Holt is an easily locatable published author and with references to psychotic jesters, he’s got to have the ability to judge this shit properly and well.
As for impartiality, how could this be better? Easily a 3rd party could get involved, a single person, which can be the submission point for stories. That person can anonymize the submissions. This does a few things. Nobody would be able to recuse¬†Holt for one, everything he gets would be from a number which matches back to a name which is held by the 3rd party. The other great thing it would do is open the competition up to the rest of the Poets’ Circle guild and everyone affiliated with it! Maybe they wish to write too, I doubt the Council of Masters would be submitting their own stories to Holt with the current rules… That would be very bad. This suggestion is the way to get these competitions done where you wont have mothafuckas like me all over in your shit. Here are the prizes.


1st place – Narration by the Grandmaster Bard and custom music score that goes with the pace of the story. Find our music at

2nd place – Narration by one of our Founders and Master Bards: Ember Isolte!

3rd place – Narration by another recent Master Bard who climbed the ranks from apprentice: Grand Duke Kailef!


All three stories will be presented on the Poets’ Circle showcase alongside many other great works, for all eternity, so long as the lore of bards touch the hearts of mortal men.


– Holt

Those don’t really appeal to me, but then I mean they seem to be a¬†measure better than the awards everyone else gives out. Why are they and why do I think that? Because it takes them a bit of personal time to spend reading your shitty stories by utilizing their own in-house talent with voice/music skills. So I’ll say this, the Circle does seem to know how to leverage the people within it. That leads me to my next line of thought.
fuck this paragraph shit, fuck it in the asshole with a big rubber dick!
The Scholars of Novia Vs Poets’ Circle, coming to a community near you?¬†I fucking hope so it would give me material for weeks and I’d love to see a little Bard on Bard action, BOWWW WOWW CHICKA WOWW WOWW. Oh yeah. Also what about the other Round Table group which has popped up out of Stile’s Y2K website farm? I can easily see this competition being a pilot program for the Poets’ to test the waters in terms of the writing community, checking to see if it would be the right fit for them.
fuck this paragraph shit, fuck it in the asshole with a big rubber dick!
With the failed Scribes and Scholars effort, the blood is in the water and the sharks have some massive bloody hard-ons. I can predict the outcome of this with certainty at this point. How you ask? Check out this quote from Lord british:
fuck this paragraph shit, fuck it in the asshole with a big rubber dick!



If the Poets’ Circle guild wants take writing, it will, and it will have the backing of some pretty powerful motherfuckers. Just look at LB’s woody for them.¬†If they don’t take up the reigns of the writing with the community, it will be because they think it is more trouble than it is worth. Right now to me, more trouble than it is worth really looks to be the case! To be perfectly honest, I hope the Poets pass on the writing so I can keep pounding on the Scholars ūüėõ
fuck this paragraph shit, fuck it in the asshole with a big rubber dick!
Membrane – Savin the fuckin day, yeah!