Hi I’m Qball – NOT IN THE FACE!!!

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qballartists rendition of Qball speaking as the community pushes the vortex button behind him

I had a hearty giggle when I read Qball’s post on the Shroud of the Avatar forum. Seems that Qball was prompted to answer some questions but clearly he didn’t want to write that post. We’ll get to that in a moment. Qball, let me tell you what you did wrong at the very start. You apologized. I suggest you go get No Apology, a useless book by a hollow shell of a man, yes, but the topic just matches what you shouldn’t have done here. Perhaps one could pick something up from that.
It appears that friend of the Blog, Myrcello, drove a push for questions. In addition to that, Qball explained a bit more about him and his team which is always good to see:
The character team is responsible for creating;(I love lists)
  • All the monsters (including versions elf archer, elf magician, elf fighter, etc),
  • all the human npcs,
  • Concepting if needed when not available
  • All the animals and their variations,
  • All the armor,
  • All cloth dynamic work,
  • All the hair and face options
  • All the weapons,
  • Usually skinning the characters,
  • Building all the outfits in the game, including monster ones you can loot
  • Skinning all the outfits to the avatars
  • Skinning tweaking the hair dynamics we’ve recently added in
  • Setting up the textures so they will work correctly with the shaders in Unity (Even the custom shaders we’ve made)
  • I’m sure I could go on but I think you get the idea, and this doesn’t even speak to the complexity each task has.
    • (on a side note I am also working with another person on the Character FX design and implementation)
Being the Character Lead in the SotA project Qball here was selected by his overlords to answer to the community. Though it was all too clear he didn’t want to be doing so!

“Honestly, I avoid the forums, and tell my “team” to do the same. Don’t get me wrong, its not because we don’t think your posts are valuable but more so because allot of them can be less than helpful, if not downright mean. As an artist and as the lead over an art team, the last thing we need is a comment to rip down the work we do before its done. Having an artist down or angry is bad thing for production and overall morale.”

-Qball – Shroud of the Avatar Character Lead


Qball, my InsaneMembrane does not blame you for tucking your cock between your legs and hiding your face in regards to the forum. It has been allowed to run rampant nearly since its conception and the fact that you and your team, of all people Devs, are not reading the forum due to the amount of grief you get there is kind of fucked up. If the forum moderators can’t organize and protect Portalarium staff from personal attacks, there are some serious bloody issues! Issues which extend far beyond this subject and into everything that is being worked on by Devs or community both. Why is it all fucked you ask, well even if you didn’t I’m going to tell you. Because Shroud of the Avatar was kind of sold on crowd source, and if Devs aren’t reading the forum the fucking system is broken and it doesn’t even matter why. What is the bonus? We know why! How about fixing that shit yo.


Let me kind of back this up with another quote from Qball here:

The Devs at Portalarium are here because of the love and passion for what we are trying to achieve. This is a revolutionary game development cycle and if we can pull it off you all get to be part of it.

-Qball – Shroud of the Avatar Character Lead


Is that true and are you really here for that though Qball? I might believe that you are! But… I hope you understand that there is absolutely and unequivocally nothing revolutionary about Shroud of the Avatar without coming to the table with a deep commitment for honoring the community and it’s input put into the game which has been promised and left undelivered. Where are the votes put to the community for those things above? How about requests for designs, input, logos, all that shit? I don’t see it. Don’t get me wrong ya’ll, this is not Qball’s fault, and my questions to him are more rhetorical, as I know who’s fault this all seems to lead back to.
Now, I can live without much more than what we’ve already got. I’d like to see a much wider variety of all things, maybe a slight polish, but I dont expect anyone here to top Skyrim with the amount of money and resources you have. That would just be unreasonable. What I do expect is for the community to be involved more, hold contests for design, poll us, and if the twats over at MGT470 start saying they should be compensated for their silly cape design logos… Well just smack those pantie wads in their little fuckin moufs and send them on their way.
Don’t let the Den of Terror persist in the Shroud of the Avatar forum, don’t give in to their terrorism. You and your team should push internally for a solution to that, and in doing so help everyone out immeasurably.
Good luck Qball, you’ll need it.



One thought on “Hi I’m Qball – NOT IN THE FACE!!!

    Holt Ironfell said:
    November 6, 2014 at 7:06 pm

    I really agree with the final thought of this essay. Pay the moderators who are doing a good job, dismiss the volunteers who are not. Invest more money in a customer service strategy. Public relations is happening on the forums, and it is sad that Portalarium’s own Devs are scared to linger there for fear of ambush.

    I feel the same way a lot of the time, and I don’t even work for Port. 😛 Trolls abound!

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