R.I.P. Companions Of The Avatar — Sep. 1980 – Oct. 2014

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Shamino, poisoned by polonium. Iolo, garotted with is lute strings. Dupre, removed from the history books.
There was a day back when Shroud of the Avatar was a Single Player RPG with just a few thoughts to multi-player elements, remember that? If you are new, you don’t. Companions are a shoe-in when it comes to a more Single Player type of game.  It is assumed, and taken for granted that a decent Companion system would have been integrated into Shroud of the Avatar. It wasn’t a stretch goal, it wasn’t really even on the list, but when Lord British talks about a new Ultima which will reboot the computer gaming industry and its a Single Player heavily Story driven game… You just fucking expect it.
Thanks to the persistence of certain SotA forum users about the lack thus far in a Companion system in the newly formed Shroud of the Avatar Open Player Online, I mean failed MMO, game mode we can uncover now exactly how Portalarium feels about them. This is either really bad for you, or you are indifferent, aren’t those are a funny pair? Usually you expect good and bad, black and white. If you think it is really bad then you bought into the initial expectations of the game to be a story driven rich world which would naturally include Companions of depth. If you are indifferent, you are probably a more of a MMO player driven by figuring out how to game online economy via Excel or just engaging in a little PvP madness.
Let us move on to some recent reference material. A short time ago the current thread for discussing companions, probably one of the only ones still not locked(see this disaster HERE), was a hot topic. So of course, it was locked and cleaned. Got as much of the thread as I could save in my Backup Area or by direct download of the file HERE.
If you jackasses have been listening, we all know what happens when Portalarium change their minds about something. They make a clear and concise announcement about it and then inform the community. LAWLLLLL, not. No, they just cover that shit up all quiet like and hope we don’t notice. Remember the NPC Design coverup? That was pretty bad. Now we have this one, and this is awesome. If it wasn’t for Joviex then this whole thing would have been swept under the rug, check it out.


“Some of you need to cool your jets…. :cool: There was never a “Companion” Sub-Forum to be removed.”



“NPC’s and Companions was in fact a sub-forum, under Quests and Lore under Game Features.

I assume it is now “merged” into the Avatars and NPCs.

Those items, Avatars and NPCs, are not the same as explicit “Companions” however one can argue semantics all day long.

Short story, yes there was a subforum:”


– Joviex


“To clarify…

The sub-forum in question was never deleted. I renamed it on October 21st to Avatars & NPC’s, as that was more descriptive to the conversations within it (Companions are NPC’s after all… and there was no mention of Avatars, which needed a place for discussion) and to match up with the related Bug forum. Honestly, it was such a minor change, I didn’t even remember doing it till I checked the change log.

No content was removed or deleted, the title was simply updated. Feel free to head over there and confirm that the old posts are still there.”



“Let me say, I have searched the entire sub-forum and every single thread that discusses companions is locked. Those threads date back to February of last year. If no information has been forthcoming for the past 20 months, I can certainly see why people would be raising a concern about this topic.

Had I ever read those forums, I would’ve also chimed in that companions would be an awesome idea. In fact, if they actually develop them, it’s the one thing that would make me interested in the game again.

But, I do not see it listed in the Kickstarter sales pitch. It may have been discussed elsewhere, but I don’t see it in writing by the development team. Again, if anyone has it somewhere, I’m interested in seeing it (a link please?).”

– Caliya

Isn’t that just the dogs bollocks! They were clearly caught again, it isn’t the first time they have done this and it isn’t the last time they will try it. Unless we stop taking their crap guys, isn’t this enough?  Do you enjoy backing a dream in kickstarter and having it turned into a nightmare all the while being lied to? For some strange reason, I feel compelled to say that this isn’t the fault of the entire Dev team. Even if these are baseless accusations on our part and they aren’t trying to bury shit, their marketing and management of this community is a total fucking joke because it looks like that is exactly what they are trying to do. Either way you look at this, they are at fault.
Where the shit is my Xanex!?



5 thoughts on “R.I.P. Companions Of The Avatar — Sep. 1980 – Oct. 2014

    Lynda Day said:
    November 8, 2014 at 8:10 am

    I’m an older backer of the game and I remember the talk of companions well. The first time I played a build, however, I realised they barely had a competent game, circa 1998, on their hands, so I instantly assumed they just didn’t have the skill to pull off companions and now, even as some time has ticked by and some improvements have been made in the game code overall, they’re still light years from being able to do that. No wonder they’re burying the fact they ever mentioned it.

      insanemembrain responded:
      November 8, 2014 at 10:47 pm

      Well I couldn’t sign the death warrant of SotA with it’s first couple of releases, HOWEVER, we are now a long time into the process with many releases and zero talk about many of the elements which made Ultima, well, ULTIMA.

      We’ve started to see Unity 5 pop up now in regards to game experience improvement on several issues and is being sold to us as a solution to a few of them. I think the number of people who will buy the game according to how cool the capes look as opposed to how in-depth the game itself is, especially by adding Companions you can identify with as you play, is a very small amount.

      It is less of a story to tell the community or to pull back on something than it is just to try and sweep it under the rug.

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