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Killing Us Softly, With Their Moderation

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If I ever had to summarise what I believe Portalarium really thinks about our suggestions, I would guess the above graphic is accurate enough to do just that. The Shroud of the Avatar Devs are fond of telling us how they read everything, and really I don’t doubt that they do. Especially when they want a great laugh or to play a drinking game.
Not long ago a suggestion made by a forum user was locked up, you can be the judge of if it was a good suggestion or not. Which is my point. These things need to be discussed on the forum out in the open by the community and if Portalarium staff wish to comment as well, other than to lock and ban, then that would be great. But instead time and time again we are seeing our threads get locked up, deleted, or users being banned for their suggestions and comments. Good or bad.
If they are good, discuss the good and if they are bad, then discuss the bad. Don’t do this:

“Thank you all for your feedback and comments on this, we’re always listening to your suggestions!”

– Chaox

Yeah don’t thank someone falsely for their feedback, joke about listening to them, and then lock their fucking thread!  Lawl, if you were fucking “listening to your suggestions” as you put it then you wouldn’t just lock a thread would you, you’d let it go and fucking listen some more. Total bullshit to the degree of InSanITy!
Granted Chaox used a degree of false kindness here before shutting this thread down unlike Junior Moderator Mystic or Koldar The Shitstorm, but I’d drink these lies with the same mother fucking antidote I’d use for them and that is a fact.
The thread can be found here, and if deleted will then be found in my Backup Area:






Portalarium & Shroud of the Avatar – Community Done Wrong

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Last week saw a fair number of posts being tampered with, so it appears that the Shroud of the Avatar Devs are still a bit gun shy about something? Do you know what would be more effective than locking threads, deleting posts or deleting entire threads, and banning people? Anything else. Try getting someone in there to repudiate the accusations made against the Game, the Devs, whatever. Fight facts with facts, if you can.
No, instead, Portalarium continues their campaign of silencing and hiding dissenting opinions on the Shroud of the Avatar forum as well as other places like Steam, Polygon, & MMORPG.
Lets take a quick look at three alone from last week.
Current SotA Forum Link:
This thread has been locked under a “pending review” comment by Koldar. I guess it is still pending review? It has been locked for quite some time. I would bet that the phrase used by the poster “marketing ploy” is what finally got this thing locked, as Koldar posted a piece of the most vague forum rules to date. Man these guys are way too fucking sensitive.

“…posting accusations of malfeasance by Portalarium in our forums, including accusations of a “bait and switch” regarding the single player features, is against our Forum Rules, and could result
in a permanent ban…”

– Darkstarr

In case this thread is violated or deleted you can find a copy in the Backup Area or by downloading directly by clicking HERE.
Current SotA Forum Link:
The thread above was started by AvatarGG. I like this guy, he has a pretty good knack for starting threads which can be critical in a way which doesn’t get him banned(I don’t think) or the thread fully deleted. This one however, did see at least one post get sent into the Portalarium Black Hole.
AvatarGG was suggesting that Portalarium send an update in regards to the status/delay of the game as a whole. He is right, only a fraction of the people are in the forums from day to day and most of the awareness of the news comes from the mail outs they do trying to grab more cash.

 “I think Portalarium should send an email to every backer explaining the reasoning behind the delay. Not everyone reads the forums or the weekly updates, especially the more than 4000 Kickstarter backers that have not yet linked its account.”

– AvatarGG


 In the first user post in the thread, grimgryphon seemed apply willing to draw his sword, cut Portalarium, and fall on top of the sword himself in doing so!

“They can always make another video and insult players that gave them negative feedback, like they did before. Seems to work.”

– grimgryphon


The funniest part about this thread was Moderator Koldar’s reply to it, the fucking guy has no clue! Firstly he somehow got Snail Mail out of it, and then agree’s with grimgryphon totally not getting the sarcasm at all.

“I think sending snail mail is a moot point. Portalarium would need to send an email asking for everyone’s address first.

And I agree – another roast video would be great.”

– Koldar


What came next from grimgryphon got his comment deleted and a smack in the face with Fire Lotus’ Banhammer: Molenix. He was banned for a week for this reply to Mod Koldar:

“Except for the Chris Spears part. Seriously? Calling someone a troll and making fun of their spelling?

It just screams the emotional maturity of a 12-year old. /facepalm.”

– grimgryphon

In case this thread is violated or deleted you can find a copy in the Backup Area or by downloading directly by clicking HERE.
The next thread in our series was titled SotA Kickstart Revisited. Posted by fellow Lich It has been removed from the forum and hidden from your eyes. Which is just totally fucking crazy, it is by far the least offensive of the three threads! Please have a read and see for yourself, I thought it was turning into a good discussion!
In case this thread is violated or deleted you can find a copy in the Backup Area or by downloading directly by clicking HERE.

Fake Ladies(aka Lollie) and Gentlemen I give you the Embodiment of the Shroud of the Avatar Devs:


Portalarium War On Joviex Continues – Portalarium Permabans Joviex Steam Account

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flhammerMolenix Strikes Again!

Portalarium have done this at least one time in the past with myself, so this does not surprise me in the least. But to some of you, it might be surprising, shocking even, if I can put words into your mouth. God knows I want to put something in your mouth.
So Joviex was permabanned a short while ago, this we should know by now. Now, Joviex has been permabanned from Steam’s Shroud of the Avatar community to boot, by a developer? Actually that is news to me, I had no idea that the Devs and Community Management team ran the Steam stuff. I thought this stuff was run by Steam! I don’t really have much to do with Steam because it is kind of shit and more useless than anything else out there.
Joviex was called into question by a user:

“nobody gets permabanned for speaking the truth. i am suspect as to the real reason you got banned.”

 put the hammer down ports!

– gdabling

 put the hammer down ports!

LAWL! This guy has clearly never logged into the SotA forum has he. And, such fucking poetic synergy occurs as when Joviex responded to this user about his comment, with the truth, he gets permabanned from Steam! I can’t make this shit up guys!

“Be suspect all ya want. I’ve been a member since KS day 3 and all my posts are available to see. If you have DEV+ you can read them there as well. 

 put the hammer down ports!

I’ve contributed lots of money, lots of discussion time and even fulfilled a pledge reward item (radio), built an entire conversion system for the crowd sourcing, contributed code for unity tools, etc…

 put the hammer down ports!

None of that matters, nor should it, IF you are a total *** and go out of the way to bash and troll. I didnt. I called BS on a lot of things Starr Long was presenting, to a group of professionals, my peers, here in LA, pointed out which things were BS and got banned.

 put the hammer down ports!

Plain and simple.

 put the hammer down ports!

If you want to see what got me banned, you can read the post that was deleted from the main forums on insanemembranes website.

 put the hammer down ports!


 put the hammer down ports!

– Joviex

 put the hammer down ports!

After that post Joviex was permabanned from Steam. What makes this even better, there was totally no reason given for the ban. The field was left blank lulz, oh Portalarium, you so silly! Here is the image:

steam-ban-joviex (1)

I think Joviex should take this to Steam management, it would be a good use case for everyone because if Portalarium are indeed in full control over that community hub for SotA, we’re all going to need a good use case. Banned, no attacking, just banned with no reason. BS.

Disgruntled SotA Players Take Fight Into Underworld Ascendant

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 single player anyone? bueller? bueller? bueller?

Just a quick one for you this late morning, and boy is it a special one. It seems that Shroud of the Avatar player Lord_Darkmoon has seen it necessary to bring up Shroud of the Avatar’s Single Player issues in none other than… drum-roll… The Underwold Ascendant forum. Then, additional SotA users jump in to tag and dispute both, it is a little bit embarrassing. No, it is a lot embarrassing!
Even I wouldn’t take my issues with Shroud of the Avatar into a different publisher’s forum like that, and that is saying something folks. Go check this out, if the UWA guys have any sense then the thread may be deleted in which case I’ll then print it out. Go read for yourself, it is a real blast 😛

“Many of those who pledged because of the single player mode fear that in the end SotA will play like a MMORPG in single player mode which is not what a single player game should play like.
The devs don’t seem to be aware of those concerns and have not yet answered questions regarding this.”

– Lord_Darkmoon

fawkin nubs shhhhhhh!

“Edit: You don’t “save” a game by spreading disparaging lies that in turn scare off backers and hurt their funding.”

– enderandrew

Was MGT470 Guild Trolled Hard?

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wasn’t me

Do bad things happen to good people? Most of the time, no, they don’t. Bad things happen usually to those of us who put ourselves in a situation or environment where the path to Virtue is clouded at best and disregarded at worst.
Not long ago the guild of MGT470 felt it necessary to issue a public apology, it seems that one of their members was engaged in relentlessly trolling and attacking other players via “racist language” – The apology came from enderandrew who felt it necessary to alleviate the guild’s responsibility somewhat by indicating it was a new player that did this and not reflective of the Guild’s overall beliefs.
You can find the apology here:
I do know for a fact, this stuff has been taking place for a bit now and it isn’t the first time it happened. As do others, as shown here by the first comment in the thread by Golem Dragon:

“not the first time someone in MGT has done this…. at least this time there is a public apology aimed at whoever was affected…”

– Golem Dragon


Unfortunatly it seems that MGT470 are unable to prevent this activity from occuring, they either seem to have their members grief others or get grief from others directly. This isn’t a terrible surprise, because management of the Guild isn’t exactly stellar. This can be reflected in a post going back to Jan 26th by their GM DavenRock about banning people and controls for housing of all things.
You can clearly see that DavenRock thinks that I am behind this, and just generally very paranoid:

“I will not name names, you may or may not know who i’m talking about. He has a whole website devoted to smashing big names in the community and praises himself on it. ANYWAY, this person will most definitely be harrassing us and trolling our members in-game, and I often wonder if he’s got a dummy account that he’s parading around with. For all we know he could be in our guild this very moment, parading around with the MGT logo, trolling good natured folks and pissing everyone off, while maintaining his harassing approach.”

– DavenRock

This is pretty funny. MGT470 seem to still be gun shy from an incident where I infiltrated their guild and meetings from so long ago, see that here. This is very funny, because I had help from an internal MGT470 member to gain that access and information and that leads right back to where we started with the question of do bad things happen to good people? Why would someone inside MGT470 give me information, why would they be so frustrated with their own guild, why would unsavoury people be joining their guild? Maybe because they are a bunch of ass clowns and invite it? Nawwww can’t be them, so it must be me. Oh, even if it isn’t me, it is, see this quote:
Let us address some of their members as Daven was so kind to print out a list for us.
Kvow – Rift’s End Leader
Recently equated PvP players to members of ISIS.
mgt makez me lulz
Isaiah – PvP Leader
General all around twat, thinks he is in law school or economics as every other comment is about bringing legal action to someone or some thing.
mgt makez me lulz
EnderAndrew – PvE Leader
Massive fan boy, but has it’s advantages because he is one of the few who just shut the fuck up put his head down and did something to benefit everyone.
mgt makez me lulz
Bt Tor – RP Leader
mgt makez me lulz
Lollie – Crafting Leader
I haven’t yet taken a good look into this one. Fake gamer girl for sure, so fake she even has no shirt in her forum avatar lulz.
mgt makez me lulz
DavenRock – GM
mgt makez me lulz
DavenRock, cut jizz stains like Izzy the Legal loose. You’ll have a lot fewer issues. Just review his posts man for the past two weeks alone, constant arguing between him and your former member Asguard, dickhead comments, legal speak, many other things. I’d suggest the same for Kvow but I know he bought our- er…I mean… your Player Owned Town, so you really can’t at this point.
In a place which is devoid of mostly good Virtue, you will find only the opposite of Spirituality and Humility. To answer the question do bad things happen to good people I started with, I would say that the right things happen to exactly the right people. I am available for a guest sermon, Priestess.




Shroud Unlimited Forum Now Online!

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So I tried a lot of free forum stuff, free wordpress hosting, free discussion stuff like Muut or whatever and just decided to go with a simple easy to use forum over at


A suggestion I got was to create something where we can post and keep track of stuff a bit better and I think that might work. It shouldn’t be limited to just attacking SotA stuff and SotA people, that is what this blog is for, and the name is Shroud Unlimited so let us make it so.

Come join me foos, anything goes and no banhammerz.


Chris “Spears” Community Members’ Websites

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Spearsartists rendition of Chris Spearing the community

Lawl, you all know I had to do this.
Chris Spears, Shroud of the Avatar “”Technical” “Director”” has been caught on video outlandishly destroying the efforts of a few community members to support Shroud of the Avatar.
Now granted some of these community sites are not always, positive… Or always, rated PG-13… But they do have a point, and they do raise awareness to certain things which may need a light shined on them. There was a hole that needed filling, hardy har har, and someone needed to do it.
Anyway have a look at the most recent Dev chat video as they signed off, pretty interesting, watch Chris’ eyebrows as Star says “brutally honest” just before Chris hulks up and just smashes the community driven efforts of a few! – good show 😛 😛

1:29:00 if you wan’t to skip Starr and go straight to Spearsy.

“…there is of course a few websites out there where we get stories posted to occasionally and some of those are known to be crawling with trolls who really don’t care about what they are posting about they just want the negative stuff to get the rise out of people. So we’ve had a few of those, I love going to those websites and seeing that occasionally someone will post something pointlessly negative usually meaningless and then seeing how many people jump on them…”

– Chris Spears


Anyway I will say one thing, Chris is lookin damn good these days, much healthier. Can’t wait to see him down at the docks in that dress on our fishing trip. Call me before you head down Spearsy and we’ll coordinate our colors bro.