Month: April 2015

Looks Like I’m Staying

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You voted, well some of you did, and the results are clear. I will just say that the community had a chance to dump me, and you didn’t, so what comes next as always is not the fault of the InsaneMembrane.

I’m still out of the country though, so until I get back…





What Happens To InsaneMembrane?

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So I have a question for all of you, if you wish to answer or vote. By now most of you can understand the issues with and between Portalarium and we Shroud of the Avatar consumers and crowdfunders. Do I need, should I keep going? It was pretty clear where things were going to go, and where they have gone, and where they will go.
At every turn, it seems, Portalarium has and will apparently continue to skirt around our issues. Isn’t it redundant and a little badger if I keep piling on the shit and smacking them in the face constantly? Yeah I suppose I’m a bit of a troll and maybe slightly entertaining, but I am happy that I’ve been able to pull the wool back from over our eyes and toss it aside.
I don’t know, you guys let me know! Should I fade back into the troll scum pool from where I came? Or?