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Portalarium Can’t Protect Their Forum – Punishes & Threatens Community

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So for over a week now the Shroud of the Avatar forum has been under spam attack, and over a week now the Portalarium team hasn’t had much luck defeating the attacks. The odd thing here is, instead of addressing the security issues of their forums they seem to be content with punishing their users to work around those issues.

wtf get some IT skillz yo


Greetings Avatars,

wtf get some IT skillz yo

As some of you noticed our forums have been repeatedly attacked by a series of spam bot attacks. To combat this (and other behavior issues) we are adding captcha to forum posting for some community members. Starting hopefully later this week anyone who does not have a paid account must answer a captcha before making any posts.

wtf get some IT skillz yo


For now it only applies to thread creation and for users that meet any of the following criteria:

wtf get some IT skillz yo


1. Less than 50 likes or 50 posts
2. Signed up less than a month ago

wtf get some IT skillz yo


We considered a more draconian policy of not allowing unpaid members to post at all but we felt that would be too restrictive. We hope to maintain the ability for non-paid members to contribute but we reserve the right to rescind this privilege if the attacks do not abate.

wtf get some IT skillz yo


So basically, Portalarium will cut off forum access to non-paid persons if Portalarium are unable to stop the spam attacks on their forum. No wait, that isn’t right. Let me try that a different way…

So basically, Portalarium will cut access to all non-paid community members if they keep getting attacked. Wait, that sounds pretty wrong too.

Everyone, I hope you understand how totally and utterly fucking crazy this is. I don’t know if Starr is just pissed off and can’t be fucked to properly form sentences right now and is just taking it out with the keyboard or if there is some other explanation, but at the moment his elevator isn’t going all the way to the top.

I simply cannot believe that due to their inability to meet the security needs of their community, they would even consider something like that. But not only consider it,  officially announce they would use that threat if the attacks persist and at the same time “feed the trolls”. I mean shit, if anyone who is behind those attacks is actually paying attention to what is being said, they have boners the size of the Washington monument right now! I now truly understand this RWE quote.

Society is always taken by surprise at any new example of common sense.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Come on Portalarium, you can surprise me now any bloody day. I’m waiting.


Portalarium’s Shroud of the Avatar – HACKED

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Shroud of the Avatar services have been under constant disruption now for about a week. This has had a great deal of impact to all of their services including the “pre-alpha releases” themselves, with players unable to contact Support, play the game, or use the forums. They are keeping it quiet for the most part, but they have indicated they suspect a DDOS attack. Again this just goes to show how old school these guys thing, host the stuff and don’t use CloudFlare.


On top of that, either through the same mob or just a coincidence their forum is currently hacked and under attack as well.


I was hoping that while this was happening I could sneak in a few shots at Junior Moderator Mystic(more to come later) but no such luck. Grand Wizard Darkblade was actually on the job.

Shroud of the Avatar Forum No Longer Serves Purpose As Forum!

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If I ask you what a forum is, you will probably come back and tell me that it is a place where you can go, create an account, and have a disucssion about the subject at hand. You would for the most part be correct for the most part:



Why and how then after all this time, numerous complaints and outcries from the community, do Portalarium still not understand this simple concept? It isn’t a new word added to the English language in the past five years or anything but that clearly doesn’t have much of an impact on the novice moderation staff over there on the Shroud of the Avatar Forum Place of Positive Feedback.

Have a look at this here thread which was just locked by Koldar the Shitstorm:


This was another topic started about the overland map. It is to be expected players don’t exactly expect to see this, ahem feature, in games today. As one might expect, conversations usually branch out from the central topic. They have to, fucking context and background is everything. Unless you’re a fucking idiot moderator on the SotA “forum” because they see the branching of a topic and multiple discussion points as great opportunities to lock the thread down.


“Seeing as how there are many other threads that provide feedback on the overland map, I am closing this one. If you want to leave feedback on the current state of the overland map, I would recommend R17 Overland Map Feedback [Merged Thread].”

– Koldar

Of course they are untrained morons for it, and it is clear they have alternate reasons for locking this shit down. I could almost, ALMOST, understand it if they had either A) Sticky a main discussion post on the overland map so that users could easily see it or even B) have an overland map sub-forum – but no, what does he do instead? Link in ten, TEN, other mothafuckin threads about the overland map instead! Lulz, wtf!

You guys are so blooming unprofessional over there, it is really a bad thing to have the interface to your community so poorly and unprofessionally managed. What more can I say on the subject really? Go suck my John Thomas ye twats.

PaxLair Falls From Glory

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Lord Blake Blackstone has been rumoured to have withdrawn his castle from PaxLair. This doesn’t shock me, from what I’ve observed in the past, Blackstone is not just another yes ma’am follower of everything being pushed upon the community. By the way when I say community, I mean everyone other than the Dev cuckolds like Winfield and so forth.

The Devs are a lot more careful with how they do things and interact with the community now, but it is clearly still an issue. Blackstone leaving PaxLair is a pretty clear signal there, if I am to align the event with past markers. Now, Blackstone has a pretty big wad of cash tied up in this game to the degree it is pretty insane when you take your average pleb in today’s world and say, what would you think about that amount? To each his own I guess, maybe we will see what kind of man Blackstone is now. Is this a cordial, I agree to disagree with how things are getting done? Or is it, fuck you all I don’t like what you are doing and how you are doing it! Or, is this just a good rumour lulz. Either way I would love some more information on this so if you care to comment Blake, you know the drill!



Shroud of the Avatar PvP Player Kickstarts A Player Owned Town

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This one slipped under my radar also, and it is a shame because if I had known about this before hand I would have been pretty interested in at least backing the project even if not interested in joining the POT. The basic premise here is a POT of PvPers. But this is fought with danger for quite a few reasons.

The KS page for the project is here:


The SotA forum post for it is here:


I think the biggest dangers are around how POTs are going to be handled. There is very little authoritative information about POTs, and in fact Portalarium seems quite intent on rolling back a lot of the initial expectations because they went from a theoretical numbers of 60 – 80 POTs or some shit right up into the hundreds of POTs now. They obviously felt it necessary to keep collecting the dollars and to start managing, or culling, expectations that they were not going to be quite as robust as they said they were to begin with.

Open PvP of the “full loot” variety which the POT owner & Kickstarter Abydos is largely an advocate of I would consider in question also. It will be very good for the game, as well as PvP players, that this idea succeed. The game is already filled to the top with carebear players who want to get experience points for typing emotes, something needs to bring the community to the centre and find a decent balance of players before this becomes Second life of the Avatar. If Abydos can manage to centralise some of that on the side of PvP and bring one strong collective of voices to the fold, we may see some progress in PvP.

He will need a lot of luck.




Portalarium Devs Considering Severe Housing Restrictions

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Greetings travellers. In a move that surprises nobody, ever, Baron Drocis Fondlehimself posted again yet another selfish thread on the Shroud of the Avatar forum where he can read his own font and agree with himself. In the thread he claims that other people’s house designs aren’t as “immersive” and devalue his own prestigious awesome shizzle.

Though which sort of does come with a surprise is the fact that the Portalarium SotA Dev team, already seems to agree and is ready to put a system into effect which might not only allow people to not see stuff they don’t want to. Wait for it. But your house will be pooled into a ranking system which if your house ends up too low on, won’t fucking show up for anyone!

shove your raknking systems up yer arse

We did talk about degradation of placed objects to help the crafting economy but we were worried it would result in every house going undecorated. I think think there is a better solution though. In R19 we’re likely going to add a rating system for lots so we can use that on a leader board. We’re obviously going to have PVE, PVP, and crafting leader boards and adding a rating system for lot decoration would give them a leader board. You would vote by using the sign or stone in front of someone’s house.

shove your raknking systems up yer arse

Once we have some form of rating, then we could add an option for what house decorations you see, all, positively rated, or none. This wouldn’t completely hide them, it would just not show them until you got onto their lot.

shove your raknking systems up yer arse

The tiered hiding option isn’t on a schedule yet but the leader boards are. What do people think? Too harsh?

shove your raknking systems up yer arse

Also, as others have said, that is part of the advantage of a POT. If they are wanting to keep things pretty, they can always evict the guys putting pink flamingos in their front yard.

shove your raknking systems up yer arse

I’m not sure harsh is the word for it? Maybe, fucking ridiculous is the right word? This is a game system that is pretty simple, Ultima Online conquered this shit a fucking decade ago so I’m not quite sure what the hell is going through their minds? Christ, 5 seconds after this system goes live the first house is going to be griefed right out of existence, lulz!

What is with all this voting shit anyway, are we in a reality TV show or are we suppose to be playing a god damn RPG? Leader boards for housing? What’s next? Leader boards for best dressed pet? Points for most douche bags in hats in hot tubs? Awards for the person who emotes most?

Seriously guys, just fix the broken Skill & Combat systems, expand PvP, and watch players flock to you.

Bisous moi, mothabitches!


Portalarium Bans PvP Player for PvPing in an Open PvP Zone

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The title says it all. Thanks to a user on the Shround Unlimited forum for catching and pointing this out for me. I didn’t catch the topic before it was deleted from view, but here is some of the information and I think the basic outline is as follows:
1 Some fuckers held a pvp event in an open pvp zone.
2 A user wanted to take part in the event.
3 Some maze building cock holster said the user could not participate, in the event, in the open pvp zone.
4 The user, in an open pvp zone, started to pvp.
5 The user got banned.
Here is a supporting image from the user who was banned which shows the information from Portalarium, click for full size.
I don’t know what the actual fuck is happening here, it isn’t getting any better though is it. Richard Garriott’s brand new sandbox mmo looks more like a litter box that hasn’t been cleaned out for a year.
If you have more info then feel free to comment, otherwise go a head and vote on this because it is a mother fucking trash bag move any way you look at this.