Shroud of the Avatar Has Money Problems – May Get Even Worse!

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There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears, and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call … The Shroud Zone.
Yeah, you might recognize the text above, and you would be right to think at times that The Shroud Zone and The Twilight Zone are the same thing at times. Only one problem, The Twilight Zone was a fictional TV show, and The Shroud Zone is reality.
You may remember an article I wrote some time ago now about how Portalarium was Depreciating Player Owned Towns. Basically they sold you one thing and couldn’t deliver on it through constant reminders about being short on time & money. On top of that, it looks like they tried to prop up an old Ultima Online has-been and most probably high $$$ backer to the game Winfield. Kind of looks like that failed, as it should have because you all shouldn’t have had to deal with a go-between community member to get what you were promised; a Dev session to design your POT.
Something is coming in the air of night. Hold on. There are rumours on the Shroud Unlimited forum of a foul darkness gaining power… A shade so great it could swallow the world. It kind of sounds like a high, nay an extreamly high $$$$$$$$$ backer, of Shroud of the Avatar has managed to donate enough money in order to actually get that Dev session we were ALL promised.
What is the big fucking deal you twat? I can hear you yelling that at your screens right now. Well, the big fucking deal is where in seven fucks are the resources for that sort of thing going to come from? OUR game ya bloody nubs! So picture me this Batman. SotA is already in deep money shit, they can’t afford to produce this game and that is pretty obvious from everything they’ve done up until now. Scan my blog I don’t need to lead all you Unicorns to water. One word: Companions.
So they can’t produce the game with the money they’ve got? Great! Here is my idea of a Portalarium Scrum:
Dallas: “Guys we need money for Ultimate Coll- er Shroud of the Avatar.”
Starr: “Think outside the box guys… How about we SELL POT sessions with players? For CASH!
Dallas: “I love it!”
Devs: “Wait, who is going to do all that work?”
Starr: “Looks like you just put your hands up Devs!”
Close enough? I think maybe. What you are going to see in the next little while, the writing is on the wall it seems: You are going to see people for some reason throw obscene amounts of money at being able to customise their player owned towns. After they do that, Starr will have to take resources away from the core game in order to satisfy these SotA Real Estate Tycoons. My guess would be that not a lot, if any, profit will be made on the transaction because this is simply going to break even with the biggest SotA backers. Keep them happy because they’ve dumped a wad of cash in by making their towns for even more cash.
So in short, it looks like Portalarium will have no choice but to remove Dev resources from the core game to do this work in customising the %1’s player owned towns. Making an already small set of features probably even smaller with Shroud of the Avatar. If this is done before the game hits the virtual shelves, it could even delay it further!
Meanwhile back with the rest of the game’s population, I’ve spoken with many POT owners over the months and from day one they have been waiting and have been dreaming about their POTs and customisations within. Lots of ideas, lots of promise, lots of hope, and what happens to all of those players now? Crushed. That is what. There is a link inside the Shroud Unlimited forum post linked above over to the Shroud of the Avatar forum where a player is now selling the majority of their account assets, including their player owned town.
I can’t even decide who is winning here, except people that have cash to burn? One thing I am sure of, if you bought a Player Owned Town in Shroud of the Avatar: I’m sorry.

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