Shroud of the Avatar Devs Troll Us – Award Incompetent Unprofessional Moderators

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Who’s the More Troll, the Troll, or the Troll Who Follows Him?

Just finished, reviewing – I don’t know if that is the right word, the Shroud of the Avatar R19 post mortem dev chat video. Aside from Chris calling the Forum just a bunch of “angry posters…” Which by the way it isn’t any longer – Portalarium have been able to remove 9 out of 10 contrary opinions from their forum at this point by charging for access and banning players. We had a special segment just for us.

SotA Forum Moderators have gotten a Royal Warrant! LULZ, to do what, fail more?? Yes in what I can only assume is a troll aimed at us from total boredom, RG has issued a Warrant award to the moderators. Apparently they are all professional cool headed even handed and none of them have knee jerk reactions…. BHAHAHAHAHAHA. Good work guys.

RG can’t even claim ignorance to this, thanks to the letter which I have written him about Junior Moderator Mystic’s failures as community member let along a motherfuckin moderator. So yeah, they be trollin.


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