Et Tu? Community?

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nemo-jawsArtist’s rendition of Nemo Herringwary deep in thought before posting on the Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Most of us have been there.  *foghorn*  Most of us have experienced it.  *foghorn* But this one will take, your, breath, away. Ok, dramma much? It isn’t really anything to be unexpected from the SotA forum or community to be honest. Moral of the story as always is that if you have a difference of opinion which does not fit into the current forum-norm you might as well just go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself.

Nemo posted the following topic in the SotA forum:

It is not so much the content of Nemo’s post which is the topic of the conversation here, but the subsequent community bashing he received is. Nemo wanted to express his thoughts on something that came out in Update #133, express he did, shat on he was. Here are just a few gems from the thread, you can go read the rest for yourself.

“Then don’t. I’ll not bother commenting on the rest of your post.”

– Bowen Bloodgood, Slasher of Axes

smarten up before sota crashes and burns fuckers

“Nemo, if you want to leave, do so. Without looking for excuses.”

– Katrina Beckers, Portalarium Schil

smarten up before sota crashes and burns fuckers

“Furthermore, Portalarium’s business model is hard to justify as either unless you give more sophisticated reasons as to why.”

– Vyrin, Word User

smarten up before sota crashes and burns fuckers

“…no need to bring us all down too.”

-Barnabas Root, Who?

smarten up before sota crashes and burns fuckers

“Instead of complaining all the time about the game, we all should make abig thx to the devs and tell them what we realy like.”

Edward Newgate, Clearly New

smarten up before sota crashes and burns fuckers

“…can we just present your ideas and then discuss those without all this other unfair and highly toxic stuff clogging it up? “

– Vyrin, Word User

smarten up before sota crashes and burns fuckers

Alight that is enough of that shit. I haven’t checked my cache of deleted posts yet either so those aren’t to be included at this point in time. You get the picture though. Two things to take away from this.

1) Vyrin is smarter than that. He is using his thesaurus to bullshit around what Nemo was saying and in the same stride troll him into being more specific about the problems about funding and such. Vyrin knows if Nemo does this, Nemo will be banned immediately because you can’t talk about Portalariums business model in any specific way or with any scrutiny. They aren’t shy about telling people they won’t be questioned and people will be banned for discussing it. Hopefully Nemo doesn’t take the… bait.

2) Starr has won a short term and major victory preventing non-backers from posting in the forum. I can tell you there are a lot more people out there who agree with what Nemo was getting at, but they just simply do not have the balls to post about it or to support him in it. Funnily enough, one of the people who seems to have the balls to back him up in that thread is actually a chic. What’s that say about the majority of the male SotA fans?

A dark page has turned in the Shroud of the Avatar forum. Without any voices who oppose the forum-norm(100 percent Starr’s goal) the place is just going to be a forum where people have spent money and go to stroke each other’s egos telling one another that the money they blew into this game was a smart investment.

It is almost there. What are we going to do to prevent this? How do we keep Portalarium on the straight and narrow if nobody is ever allowed to question their motives? Clearly Portalarium is needlessly adding complexity to these issues, it isn’t easy to understand especially if you aren’t in there every day, and it isn’t transparent to the crowd.

We have to exist. You have to exist. If you can’t talk it over on the Shroud of the Avatar forums, then come over to the Shroud Unlimited forum and talk with us there. Nemo did after he was shit on, and this is what he had to say:

smarten up before sota crashes and burns fuckers

“It’s weird to find out that the lunatic outlaw forums full of people who want to chop you up and eat you in game, are more sympathetic than those with whom you might have spent decades sharing a love with, just because you now wonder if that love is still justified.”

smarten up before sota crashes and burns fuckers

-nemolives, Shroud Unlimited Forum

Don’t give up.


One thought on “Et Tu? Community?

    NemoLives said:
    July 22, 2015 at 4:37 am

    I stand by the quote above too. And I would ask one further “toxic” question;

    “How many players do you believe should be forced to take deliberately worse deals than you, in order to fund the game you want to play?”

    If the answer is “None!”, which should be the default position of anyone who puts community first, then why do you support the current funding model? At the time I made my post, it was about the removal of rewards and deliberate restructuring of pledges to create a second class of citizens who still had to pay the same cost, even if they’d previously been honoured as Royal Founders; but since then they’ve also announced future Player Owned Towns are going to be crippled, even though Portalarium knew, and apparently discussed on the Dev+ forum that they were already over-subscribed to the level of implementation they thought they could have honoured, and were going to change the deal… yet they kept the fund raising open all the same, and the old offer was gone within 1 day and 10 sales of admitting you would be getting an Instanced Town instead.

    I would never have purchased such a town; I simply could never afford one, the cost was far too high. But still, how is this fair to those who do? How is this “Virtuous”? I can’t persuade myself that it is any more. The developers have tried to create a wonderful game, but whoever is setting the funding model is throttling it to death with a complete disregard for how the actual players will experience it. Every single PoT that’s only visible on the map because it was purchased before the deal was changed is going to cause resentment. Every single Castle that can never be owned except by those who spent thousands of dollars before the game launched is going to cause resentment when people see how they dominate the city skyline. Every title that you spent the money to get as a Pledge level, but now can’t show because you didn’t buy one hundreds of dollars higher by the demanded time is going to cause outright player hate.

    You want to talk about toxicity? You’re polluting your own waters with this production model. My views are just the natural result of swimming in the sludge for too long. This. Isn’t. RIGHT. And this forum, run by potty mouthed lunatics as it is, who were effectively e-stalking me I discovered and doing a running commentary on my thread, at least understands the point I made in it…

    It’s simply not decent business practice to deliberately devalue some customers in order to pressure the rest into paying even more.

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