Starr Long Confirms Player Owned Town Delays Shroud of the Avatar

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delaySimple illustration on effects of delays to a project.

Let me just say one thing, because I don’t think enough people know this. I want Shroud of the Avatar to succeed.  You read that correctly, I do. What I really wanted from Shroud of the Avatar was an awesome single player game from the days of old. That ship has sailed however and we will not get that. The MMO driver was too great, too attractive for Portalarium to ignore as a business. Do I still want something good to play from them? Yes.

More delays though. This release has included a new batch of 133 Player Owned Towns. That is correct, one hundred and thirty-three. 100+33. That is a large number of Player Towns, and certainly a lot of work went into them, right? According to a lot of the people on the Shroud of the Avatar forums, no!

“Again, it’s complete speculation on your part that PoT design and development has been at the expense of the majority of players.”

duchess pls giv me ur drugs gurl

“My point remains – PoT implementation is NOT the*main* *single* or *major* culprit when it comes to a delay of game release. End. Of. Story.”

duchess pls giv me ur drugs gurl

Duchess Wyldemane, Multiple Player Town Owner.

duchess pls giv me ur drugs gurl

Duchess there seems pretty certain about all this, I wonder if she is defending Player Towns because she owns a couple of them? Her first quotable was a bit different, where she said that PoT implementation is not the culprit at all when it comes to game release. “End. Of. Story.” Clearly she saw the error of her ways and edited the post..

Forget about the community members defending their investments, what do the actual Developers and Project Managers of Shroud of the Avatar have to say about the matter though? We have a pretty good indication now thanks to this recent write up byRed Thomas, CEO of Texas company RedKnight marketing. Red here is no stranger to Shroud of the Avatar:

“During my recent trip to Austin, Starr Long and I had a chance to have one of those bigger picture conversations about the state of Shroud of the Avatar.”

lulz pots are fucked – end of story duchess wyldfart!

“Up to this point, developers have been working with town owners to customize each instance, and that’s taking up a lot more time than anyone really expected or desired.”

lulz pots are fucked – end of story duchess wyldfart!

– Red Thomas, CEO RedKnight marketing

lulz pots are fucked – end of story duchess wyldfart!

Right, Starr has disclosed what most of the critical thinking minds already knew and wished everyone would just accept and understand: Player Towns are sucking down Development resources. Not only have they been working with the owners to customize their instances, we have to assume around 100 of them now, in conjunction with that they created and deployed the Player Town tools on top of that work. This came out of Starr’s mouth, in person no misunderstanding to an interviewer(maybe?) who visited him on premise.  The SotA Forum-norm may now accept it, acknowledge it, and live it.

One final thought here, and I’m not sure this ever clicked with me before I suppose because I could give a flying frack about housing. It appears that the reason we have this small and ill-conceived dual scale map system with the Overland map was simply to cater for house lot investment by high level backers.

“Probably the biggest lesson learned from Ultima Online was that people want to have their own housing. The second biggest lesson was that players would rapidly turn intended wilderness into trans-Britannia suburbia in rapid order…”

lulz pots are fucked – end of story duchess wyldfart!

“They solved the issue by creating instanced communities, with some of them being NPC controlled and central to game plots.”

lulz pots are fucked – end of story duchess wyldfart!

– Red Thomas, CEO RedKnight marketing

lulz pots are fucked – end of story duchess wyldfart!

Damn. Our gorgeous monoscale map was killed by housing. /sadface



2 thoughts on “Starr Long Confirms Player Owned Town Delays Shroud of the Avatar

    Hexus said:
    July 30, 2015 at 5:26 pm

    Well, I personally hope they take their time with the POT’s, being that I have one. I just hope the developers aren’t burnt out by the time they get to me. The only think I have a hard time with in this game is the PvP card deck system.. In my opinion, if UO taught us one thing, it was to have a structured skill system with open custom character build. There is some similarity here, but random cards in a deck to cast a spell I want to cast.. That isn’t going to cut it for true competitive PvP’rs. I did read they are switching up the deck system slightly in R20 though on that note..
    “Focus Skills Removed: The focus skills for deck size, draw speed, number of locked glyphs, consumables in deck, and duration have been removed. These are now at the max values!
    Locked Deck Mode Removed: And instead, players can now lock any number of glyphs and locked glyphs can be mixed freely with dynamic glyphs.
    Skill Combos Weaving: Mixing two cards to create a new effect will now be referred to as Spell/Skill Weaving!
    Skill Weaving with Locked Glyphs: Locked glyphs can be combined with dealt glyphs, but not vice versa.
    No More Penalties on Locked Glyphs: The penalties on locked glyphs have been removed.
    Locked glyph cooldown: The cooldown time on locked glyphs was split from dynamic glyphs and reduced to be more useful.”
    Read for yourself here:

      insanemembrain responded:
      July 31, 2015 at 12:53 am

      POTs are in. Useless to fight it now, might as well go with the flow.

      I’ve read the R20 release, don’t worry about that. Sounds like you might enjoy chatting with us on:

      Come say hi.

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