High Level Backers & Friends Edge Out Community In SotA Croudsourcing

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High Level Backers have now created enough inroads where they have been able to join forces between themselves and their selected friends with lower pledge accounts. Now they are interacting with the Developers of Shroud of the Avatar to a high degree, cutting the rest of us out of the loop all together.

This has been going on for some time, longer than anyone but the most vocal and highest backers know of, and I imagine this is just the tip of the iceberg at that. History goes back a long way, but here is a bullet point list of all the things that are happening between vocal & high level backers with the Devs which the general player base who wishes to contribute may not know about.

  • Lore for Shroud of the Avatar
  • Writing for Shroud of the Avatar
  • NPC Dialogue for Shroud of the Avatar
  • Housing & Town Placement & Functions for Shroud of the Avatar
  • Special Asset Kit Access for Shroud of the Avatar
  • Scene creation for Shroud of the Avatar
  • Combat Testing for Shroud of the Avatar
  • Skills Testing for Shroud of the Avatar

These are all of things that have been promised to the community for crowdsourcing participation. Did you know they were taking place in secret behind your backs? That someone from the community is working on all of these right now? Not even Dev+ know all of this, and I assume this is the point. The Devs don’t have the structure in place to allow that many people to participate, all at the same time being very vocal to everyone they talk to about how inclusive they are of our community.

Why was there no qualification to this? Who was selected and why? Even if we weren’t asked, consulted with, or given a chance to enter our individual knowledge on these subjects, should we not even be told who and why these special people were cherry picked out of the community, over us, to assist the Developers in our community’s crowdsource model?


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