SotA KS Pledge Reward “Create your NPC” Walked Back – Enderandrew Writes All NPC Dialogue

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Remember that one time, at SotA camp, Portalarium got caught changing the text of their Kickstarter pledge tiers after the fact to help them walk back certain things? You can read about that HERE if you do not. That event was what turned me from calling out people in the community for being less than reputable to expanding my horizons and looking at everything including the company and Devs. If you walk through a pile of dog crap, there is sure to be dog around there somewhere who put it there.

I went on to declare NPC Companions “dead” on November 9th, 2014. Now that you are all caught up, you are aware that even if you have pledged as Developer tier or above, you know that Portalarium have no intention of giving you access to information, tools, or opportunities required to fulfil this kick start promise. In fact, even if you took it upon yourself to create your NPC and sent it to them, it would imply fall onto deaf ears.

Unless. Unless your name is enderandrew.

So, have you ever been to Ardoris? Ever talk to an NPC there? If you have, then you’ve actually been reading enderandrew’s work. Astonishingly the Portalarium Devs, for the most part Lum, have ignored everyone else’s pleas for action on this matter while at the same time accepting and implementing a very large body of work from enderandrew. 95,000 words just for Ardoris NPCs alone by enderandrew’s own admissions.

How did enderandrew leverage his work to be put into the game? There was no announcement on this, there was no community competition or interview process for this. How did Portalarium take that body of work, review it, edit it, and input it into Shroud of the Avatar? Is enderandrew’s writing flawless and perfectly formatted always? No. The answers are, it doesn’t matter! It was done, it is in the game, and purely from a crazy place in my head I can simply come to one conclusion: enderandrew did it, that means I can too. But wait… Can I? Because Lum is not accepting writing from anyone else, and nobody really knows why.

There are other writers out there. No, not me. Go have a look at the Writer Round Table. There is more than one person there, they have some convincingly skilled people doing certain tasks, and the work is good. So again, why only enderandrew? As usual the answers from Portalarium here have been non-existent, transparency is not something Portalarium have been very good at in the past and it just continues to get worse. Their only course of action seems to be to ignore problems and when poked hard enough the answer is? Yes: “We’re too busy.”

The phrase Situation Normal needs to be changed to Situation Portalarium.


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