Goodbye SotA – Hello Land Of Free

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Over the past few months we’ve seen some big names sell out from their SotA investments, today another decently high level backer in Shroud of the Avatar is leaving; Ravicus Domdred. Ravicus has a RF Duke, F Baron 3, and a Metro POT with overland map access “with all the building bonus’s.”


While not even close(just a puny $20,000 Ravi has in SotA) to someone like Blake Blackstone’s massive $60,000 investment in which he chose to close down, it is still some serious cash Ravicus had invested. I wonder what lead him to this decision? Well, I don’t really, just read this forum. Lack of direction and management have to be at the top of the list. On top of all that, this announcement from Ravicus comes hours after a thread he posted requesting help was deleted by Portalarium on their forum:

Shroud Unlimited Vault: report onbe recipients


Again it seems that the heavy handed deletion of user feedback is a serious problem, in this case the fact that someone had a problem with a community member posted for help, got trolled, then had their thread deleted and probably warned due to it, was probably the straw that broke the Lich’s back.

Once more though, it doesn’t really seem to matter to Portalarium. They don’t change their practices. They don’t need to, they already have Ravi’s money so they don’t really give two shits about his problems or him selling out because that money stays with them. Ravi can only do his best to try and recover as much of his investment as possible. It will however probably end up hurting the PvP community a bit, as there are only a few PvP players out there, and there goes another.

We haven’t always seen eye to eye Ravi, but good luck with it and I hope that you don’t end up losing too much of that hard earned $$$ you gladly gave Portalarium in hopes of an epic game we’ll never see.