Shroud of the Avatar VIP Member Admits Preferential Treatment

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UPDATE: The thread in question was deleted. You may find it in the Shroud Unlimited Vault.


The figurehead leader of the BMC today exposed in a thread on the SotA forum that he and many others do deserve the preferential treatment they get form the Portalarium and the Shroud of the Avatar developers. He also named names:

“I’m going to add one more thing… And this is directed to those that think the BMC, or Pax, or DoD, or OOV, or Weeping Seven, or @Themo Lock, or @Winfield, or @Lord Andernut, or @NBNN News, @Blake Blackstone, or @Amber Raine, or any other individual or group is given special treatment above the other by the DEVS…

You want to know why the DEVS show that appreciation? Because those names above and many many others, understand the significance of our investments, and understand the responsibility that was taken to ourselves arialone and develop this game. We endorse the idea that I’ve explained in the quote, and even though we have our differences, the main goal should never be lost… The success of the platform that we are helping to build.

I hope everyone that reads this, realizes their importance and their responsibility to what is actually going on here… And that we all line ourselves up into an equal yoke, and with the force of 1000 winds, show the corporate world, that WE, the backers, the investors, the custodians, the benefactors, the players, WILL NOT go quietly into the night. We have a voice, we have a will, we have the means, and we can achieve something that the corporations cant… Our world…”

– Duke Ezekiel Cooper

There are many contradictions in this post, even in individual paragraphs, so, good luck trying to actually figure out what he was trying to say but I think it goes like this:

By the way, to all you plebs out there that we whales push around and are bitching about us having too much influence; WE, the Whales, are the ones who get it, you simply do not. WE Whales put in a shit ton of cash son, and they love us for it, and because they love us for it we will ensure we will get exactly what we want.

So fear not lowly non-whale plebs. 

*waves hand like jedi*

We’re allllll equal. We alllll stand together. The Devs cannnnnnnnn hear you.