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Shroud of the Avatar VIP Member Admits Preferential Treatment

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UPDATE: The thread in question was deleted. You may find it in the Shroud Unlimited Vault.


The figurehead leader of the BMC today exposed in a thread on the SotA forum that he and many others do deserve the preferential treatment they get form the Portalarium and the Shroud of the Avatar developers. He also named names:

“I’m going to add one more thing… And this is directed to those that think the BMC, or Pax, or DoD, or OOV, or Weeping Seven, or @Themo Lock, or @Winfield, or @Lord Andernut, or @NBNN News, @Blake Blackstone, or @Amber Raine, or any other individual or group is given special treatment above the other by the DEVS…

You want to know why the DEVS show that appreciation? Because those names above and many many others, understand the significance of our investments, and understand the responsibility that was taken to ourselves arialone and develop this game. We endorse the idea that I’ve explained in the quote, and even though we have our differences, the main goal should never be lost… The success of the platform that we are helping to build.

I hope everyone that reads this, realizes their importance and their responsibility to what is actually going on here… And that we all line ourselves up into an equal yoke, and with the force of 1000 winds, show the corporate world, that WE, the backers, the investors, the custodians, the benefactors, the players, WILL NOT go quietly into the night. We have a voice, we have a will, we have the means, and we can achieve something that the corporations cant… Our world…”

– Duke Ezekiel Cooper

There are many contradictions in this post, even in individual paragraphs, so, good luck trying to actually figure out what he was trying to say but I think it goes like this:

By the way, to all you plebs out there that we whales push around and are bitching about us having too much influence; WE, the Whales, are the ones who get it, you simply do not. WE Whales put in a shit ton of cash son, and they love us for it, and because they love us for it we will ensure we will get exactly what we want.

So fear not lowly non-whale plebs. 

*waves hand like jedi*

We’re allllll equal. We alllll stand together. The Devs cannnnnnnnn hear you. 


Shroud Of The Avatar – Absent Moderators

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There is a thread. It is an interesting one…

Since I well expect this to be modified once I point it out, I have vaulted a copy of the thread here: VAULT


I would just like to point out what is surprisingly allowed on the SotA forums these days.

“We open the examples with none other than Small Cock Sillyvan himself to kick us off:

I will sell you my daughter for 3 cows and 10000 gold. “


High Baron O`Sullivan

Really hope you don’t have kids, big guy.


Followed by a less than creative example by this guy who just drops a zero, but adds a sick little quib:

“I will sell you @High Baron O`Sullivan’s daughter for 3 cows and 1000 gold.

slightly used. like new. upgraded skillset. been told, twice.”



Slightly used? Like new? Skillset? You’re a fucking pig.


Another jab at woman kind here by this winner:

“She’s got huuuuuuuuuge….. …. … tracts of land” 


Kvothe Kingkiller


And finally, probably the worst one:

“I’ll see his offer, and ill trade you a @margaritte for just one extra cow… and possibly a bucket of fish. “



That is pretty disgusting…


That last one is interesting. Since a user by the name of wrathphoenix just joined the Shroud Unlimited community forums. Maybe you’ll care to come over and have a chat with us at some point?

So yeah, there was at least one voice of reason here so far:

“Stop trading OR joking about woman being traded as livestock and/or for livestock… “



I couldn’t agree more. This was also liked by Kara Brae at the time of the backup copy was taken.

People have literally been banned for far less than these comments. Posts and entire threads fucking wiped out, yet here you have this one with a bunch of dudes going on and on about women in this manner. A post about feminism was quickly wiped off the forum, but this stands.

I am not even going to try and guess what failings of Portalarium and unprofessional bias bullshit goes through moderators minds in an effort to explain how this shit gets left up so long. I don’t generally like to tell people to stay away from something and try to encourage people to get all the information around facts and decide for themselves… The constant influx in that SotA forum run by Portalarium of mindless prejudice really does make me think twice about that!

So think about the comments above when you engage that community, what kind of people they really are.




Portalarium Bans PvP Player for PvPing in an Open PvP Zone

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The title says it all. Thanks to a user on the Shround Unlimited forum for catching and pointing this out for me. I didn’t catch the topic before it was deleted from view, but here is some of the information and I think the basic outline is as follows:
1 Some fuckers held a pvp event in an open pvp zone.
2 A user wanted to take part in the event.
3 Some maze building cock holster said the user could not participate, in the event, in the open pvp zone.
4 The user, in an open pvp zone, started to pvp.
5 The user got banned.
Here is a supporting image from the user who was banned which shows the information from Portalarium, click for full size.
I don’t know what the actual fuck is happening here, it isn’t getting any better though is it. Richard Garriott’s brand new sandbox mmo looks more like a litter box that hasn’t been cleaned out for a year.
If you have more info then feel free to comment, otherwise go a head and vote on this because it is a mother fucking trash bag move any way you look at this.


Disgruntled SotA Players Take Fight Into Underworld Ascendant

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 single player anyone? bueller? bueller? bueller?

Just a quick one for you this late morning, and boy is it a special one. It seems that Shroud of the Avatar player Lord_Darkmoon has seen it necessary to bring up Shroud of the Avatar’s Single Player issues in none other than… drum-roll… The Underwold Ascendant forum. Then, additional SotA users jump in to tag and dispute both, it is a little bit embarrassing. No, it is a lot embarrassing!
Even I wouldn’t take my issues with Shroud of the Avatar into a different publisher’s forum like that, and that is saying something folks. Go check this out, if the UWA guys have any sense then the thread may be deleted in which case I’ll then print it out. Go read for yourself, it is a real blast 😛

“Many of those who pledged because of the single player mode fear that in the end SotA will play like a MMORPG in single player mode which is not what a single player game should play like.
The devs don’t seem to be aware of those concerns and have not yet answered questions regarding this.”

– Lord_Darkmoon

fawkin nubs shhhhhhh!

“Edit: You don’t “save” a game by spreading disparaging lies that in turn scare off backers and hurt their funding.”

– enderandrew

Was MGT470 Guild Trolled Hard?

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wasn’t me

Do bad things happen to good people? Most of the time, no, they don’t. Bad things happen usually to those of us who put ourselves in a situation or environment where the path to Virtue is clouded at best and disregarded at worst.
Not long ago the guild of MGT470 felt it necessary to issue a public apology, it seems that one of their members was engaged in relentlessly trolling and attacking other players via “racist language” – The apology came from enderandrew who felt it necessary to alleviate the guild’s responsibility somewhat by indicating it was a new player that did this and not reflective of the Guild’s overall beliefs.
You can find the apology here:
I do know for a fact, this stuff has been taking place for a bit now and it isn’t the first time it happened. As do others, as shown here by the first comment in the thread by Golem Dragon:

“not the first time someone in MGT has done this…. at least this time there is a public apology aimed at whoever was affected…”

– Golem Dragon


Unfortunatly it seems that MGT470 are unable to prevent this activity from occuring, they either seem to have their members grief others or get grief from others directly. This isn’t a terrible surprise, because management of the Guild isn’t exactly stellar. This can be reflected in a post going back to Jan 26th by their GM DavenRock about banning people and controls for housing of all things.
You can clearly see that DavenRock thinks that I am behind this, and just generally very paranoid:

“I will not name names, you may or may not know who i’m talking about. He has a whole website devoted to smashing big names in the community and praises himself on it. ANYWAY, this person will most definitely be harrassing us and trolling our members in-game, and I often wonder if he’s got a dummy account that he’s parading around with. For all we know he could be in our guild this very moment, parading around with the MGT logo, trolling good natured folks and pissing everyone off, while maintaining his harassing approach.”

– DavenRock

This is pretty funny. MGT470 seem to still be gun shy from an incident where I infiltrated their guild and meetings from so long ago, see that here. This is very funny, because I had help from an internal MGT470 member to gain that access and information and that leads right back to where we started with the question of do bad things happen to good people? Why would someone inside MGT470 give me information, why would they be so frustrated with their own guild, why would unsavoury people be joining their guild? Maybe because they are a bunch of ass clowns and invite it? Nawwww can’t be them, so it must be me. Oh, even if it isn’t me, it is, see this quote:
Let us address some of their members as Daven was so kind to print out a list for us.
Kvow – Rift’s End Leader
Recently equated PvP players to members of ISIS.
mgt makez me lulz
Isaiah – PvP Leader
General all around twat, thinks he is in law school or economics as every other comment is about bringing legal action to someone or some thing.
mgt makez me lulz
EnderAndrew – PvE Leader
Massive fan boy, but has it’s advantages because he is one of the few who just shut the fuck up put his head down and did something to benefit everyone.
mgt makez me lulz
Bt Tor – RP Leader
mgt makez me lulz
Lollie – Crafting Leader
I haven’t yet taken a good look into this one. Fake gamer girl for sure, so fake she even has no shirt in her forum avatar lulz.
mgt makez me lulz
DavenRock – GM
mgt makez me lulz
DavenRock, cut jizz stains like Izzy the Legal loose. You’ll have a lot fewer issues. Just review his posts man for the past two weeks alone, constant arguing between him and your former member Asguard, dickhead comments, legal speak, many other things. I’d suggest the same for Kvow but I know he bought our- er…I mean… your Player Owned Town, so you really can’t at this point.
In a place which is devoid of mostly good Virtue, you will find only the opposite of Spirituality and Humility. To answer the question do bad things happen to good people I started with, I would say that the right things happen to exactly the right people. I am available for a guest sermon, Priestess.