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Shroud of the Avatar Moderator: “that particular player is a known troll”

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Do you guys remember that putz darkblade? if you dont, then visit here:  – well darkblade brings down his iron fist yet again and strikes back in this latest edition! There wasn’t a lot of context for his comment, it seemed to crop right up in the middle of a late conversation on the microtransaction subject.

So, right into it with the first of the quotes:

<+rune_74> yeah…not because it wasn’t true but because it got troll like in the thread.

<+rune_74> Astron: I can’t find where they said it originally…but it was said.

<%Darkblade> that particular player is a known troll

<%Darkblade> pretty sure anything they touch is going to end up locked

<+Astron> Which player?

<+Umbrae> yeah but they are harder to search for. 🙂 They do a good job though

<+Matheryn> is that IM??

<+rune_74> Darkblade: who?

<+Astron> InsaneMembrane?

<+Matheryn> insanemembrane

<%Darkblade> yes @ Matheryn

Ok, so you can come away with two things from this quick glimpse into darkblade’s bias. One, when someone mentions the term troll, they immediately think of me lawl. Two, as a moderator darkblade’s bias is too obvious, it shouldn’t and probably won’t serve him well.

It seems that some think I am, and some think I am not a troll as shown by the following transcripts taken just after that. Not only that, but user rune_74 calls out the fact that people shouldn’t be labelling others as trolls, but darkblade isn’t alone and his minion Astron both calls me a toll and rune_74 a half troll lawl.

<+rune_74> I don;t think insane is a troll.

<+Astron> He kind of is. 😛

<+Umbrae> lol.. Insane isn’t a troll. He just plays one on TV

<%Darkblade> he had other posts that were deleted from the dev area before the permissions wer fixed

<+Astron> At the very least he is silly to the point of being counter productive.

<+rune_74> Not sure anyone should be labeled a troll by you guys.

<+tekkaS_> well he does like inciting arguments which is certainly counterproductive

<+Astron> He’s not the only one.

<+Matheryn> considering darkblade is a moderator im sure they can lablel trolls

<+rune_74> tekkaS_: does inciting arguements include not agreeing with group mind.

<+Astron> It depends on how you go about it Rune.

<%Darkblade> I would love to not have to, unfortunately sometimes my hand is forced.

<+tekkaS_> depends on how disagreeable you are

<+rune_74> Darkblade: I have been called a troll on the forums here many times, never by a mod mind you…

<+rune_74> Insane calls owain out all the time….

<+Matheryn> it was darkblade that said he was a troll not the rest of us

* %Darkblade raises hand

<+Matheryn> i just called him a pesamist

<+Astron> Well you are kind of argumentive rune… I wouldn’t say your are a troll as such but the term is largely missued to refer to anyone who ups the ante so to speak. Which most passionate people do.

<+tekkaS_> owain isn’t a troll, he just doesn’t contribute

<+rune_74> There are a lot worse…that get ignored.

In the next few moments the totally unbiased moderator darkblade feels the need to whip his wang out and disclose his highly qualified background to justify his opinion of me. User rune_74 obviously felt a bit uneasy with darkblade tossing out these labels on other players as you can see. User rune_74 and I are diametrically opposed to one another when it comes to play style, but that isn’t going to keep me from saying “very good point” or call him a Troll because he might be supporting ideas or gameplay other than my own of course. After all, I’m not darkblade’s iron fist!

<%Darkblade> I have experience dealing with poisonous people in projects, (be it a programmer or a community member) and can recognize trolls

<%Darkblade> actively provoking conflict is a different matter

<+rune_74> so….people who agree aren’t trolls?

<%Darkblade> no no, rune. there are agreeable people who are “poisonous”

<%Darkblade> those are even worse than trolls

<+rune_74> Darkblade: you don’t think I’m a troll do you?

<%Darkblade> I have not seen you provoke non-constructive arguments myself

<%Darkblade> even if you did, people do have bad days

<%Darkblade> thats part of being a mod, (or support in general). people have bad days. Nothing can be done to negate that, but we can be flexible when supporting our players

<+rune_74> Astron: I speak my mind…doesn’t make me the bad guy;)

<%Darkblade> and up till now, I have only seen troll posts by the player in question. Keep in mind, they have every possibility to change their wording to still be “upset” but offer constructive criticism

<%Darkblade> they are not banned from the forums or anything

Whoops, I forgot to turn my troll off. It seems that fist giver darkblade couldn’t find a single post on the forum where I wasn’t trying to bait some nubs. He apparently would like to see me get banned for it!

Last but not least, user rune_74 states the obvious, which darkblade also agrees with but then actually states he is flexible!  LAWL!

<+rune_74> You get labeled pretty fast here…like I’m an anti pvp guys I guess….when I have only ever fought non consenual pvp.

<%Darkblade> true @ rune, people to label very fast. Im flexible though

Hey darkblade! Bend over bro, and flex this!



Shroud of the Avatar Moderator: “…general forums could be ignored…”

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More information on what the Shroud of the Avatar Moderator team thinks about members of the community who have not pledged to the SotA campaign has surfaced. Concern already exists about the sentiment that both the SotA mod team and community feel on the subject of segregation of information between pledging and non-pledging members…  Now it is all in plain English.

If you are not familiar with the sentiment and concerns, you may review the following two blogs:  SotA Civil Rights and Lone Wolves Act of 2013Shroud of the Avatar Subscribers Attempt to Monopolize Development.

You may remember our SotA moderator buddy darkblade from the blog Dick Moderators In Chat & Abuse of Power. darkblade continues to re-enforce his narrow views in this most recent rant on the SotA general forum. To those of you who do not quite know, the Shroud of the Avatar project was successfully kickstarted and has entered into development phase. During this phase a special forum has been created for the people who donated money at a certain level and above. This is called the Dev+ forum, while the old forum is still open it is oft referred to as the “general” forum or “slums.”

So onward with the show; during a casual chat about this and that we have some gold that gets laid down. I will now post the chat transcript here. Disclaimer, I have edited out non-relevant white noise chatter to keep it on topic.

<%Darkblade> technically i think some of the threads in the general forums “could be ignored” to some extent.

<%Darkblade> seems like a few are trying to provoke a discussion from the development, but the players posting there are not part of the development forums
<%Darkblade> I can understand how that might be seen as harsh
<%Darkblade> what makes it more complex at the moment is a lot of what we as the community post is speculation
<+Matheryn> i think dark its a matter of people feel proud to be a backer\kickstarter\community member and they feel obligated to defend sota if anyone tries to tarnish it hence why they dont get ignored
<+rune_74> some of the people I see that are posting in the Dev area or the last people I want giving ideas.
<+rune_74> spending money does not make you smart.
<+rune_74> some of the dev+ people seem a bit unaware of what has already been anounced;)
<%Darkblade> I agree with that @ rune
<%Darkblade> I was really frustrated at that last MarkeeDragon hangout
<%Darkblade> I had just gotten home and it was late, but they were discussing things that had already been explained
<%Darkblade> I typed a bit to them in chat, but I had to go to bed

<+rune_74> I have made it clear I don’t like the split forums and community idea.

<+rune_74> I keep being pushed away then I come back for a bit myself.

So there you have it, it is quite clear where the direction and attitude of the entire community is headed. This is supported and re-enforced by moderator darkblade directly in this chat. At least user rune_74 seems to have the right idea, some of the people in the dev+ area are certainly not putting forth the best ideas! Also he makes a great point and I have also witnessed this, many in Dev+ have no idea about what is going on and are way out of date when it comes to information! Which is something that apparently EVERYONE(including darkblade as above) agrees on, so come of it foos, don’t act like us Dev+ guys are the be all and end all to everything SotA.

Dick Moderators In Chat & Abuse of Power

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It has always been a problem. But it never gets any less frustrating, especially since there is no game in which I can PK these nub foos in.

For example check this shit out from last week. It began when some fucking drop kick named imabreakemoffrealbad posted a youtube video in the chat. The video was in pretty bad taste all around, so I don’t need to re-post it. Basically in a nutshell it was a video of a reporter and camera confronting a woman about her daughter who was killed. The woman was obviously distraught, and handled it quite badly, she threw rocks at the reporter and camera man as well as told her dogs to attack them which they did do to a modest degree.

The “commentator” of the video was using quite bad language, often like moi, and one of the mods had the following to say:

%Mystic pokes imabreakemoffrealbad. Please don’t post things like that here. We try to keep this place G rated.

Ignoring the warning the poster immediately came back with a question about what the moderator thought it was rated, and he answered:

<+imabreakemoffrealbad> what would you rate the link mystic?

<%Mystic> Considering how many times he drops the F-Bomb… R 😛

So yeah, that should have probably been it for the topic. However the moderators(Mystic & Darkblade) start talking about the video and the content. Voicing their opinions on things like killing the dogs, being ok to throw the rocks at people and so forth.

I had to protest, I can’t imagine people in 2013 saying its fine to throw rocks at another human being so I said so. I also said that in the United States(I assume it was) a reporter shouldn’t have to consider their life to be in danger when interviewing another citizen, and that she lost a really good chance to plea her case for injustice to a big audience.

Of course right away I was trolled by the video poster about putting on a “political 101” class, of course I don’t let anyone get away with that shit so I responded with blow me and lick me twice of course 😛

In any case, it continued for a bit and I’m a bit put out that the moderators say, no don’t post this! Then start talking about it like it is perfectly fine rejecting my pleas for civility. I offered to post an R rated sex clip since posting and chatting about R rated videos seems fine.

Then I got kicked from the channel, I hate dick Moderators on power trips lawl. So tonight, I’m just lurking away and what comes up by the same two Moderators? Rape.

<%Darkblade> I can not draw the conclusion between rape and the comment he made while playing the game

Yeah, awesome. Rape, and joking about rape, how about you guys keep that shit in a private chat huh?

This concludes tonight’s edition of Dick Moderators In Chat & Abuse of Power.