SotA Fourm Post Backups


Vaulting is pretty much over. Old ones can be found below and newer ones can be found here:

Shroud Unlimited Vault






Video 2 Man Troll Boss Kill – DOWNLOAD

This thread was moderated after Thermo Lock went off the rails on fellow Community members. F word and all.

Discussion here:

POLL: Please Portalarium put a hard cap on sales of Player Owned Towns V2 – DOWNLOAD

This thread was moderated, posts being killed as we speak. Spoon started a decent discussion, but as soon as it starts to make Portalarium look bad it gets locked and posts start getting deleted. I see though it is ok for Koldar to lock it and troll the community at the same time with his snide comments though!

Discussion here:

Bolck feedback -) ADD PVP AND LOOT – DOWNLOAD

This thread was moderated. User Katrina Beckers, apparently a woman and not affiliated with Portalarium or anyone on the Dev team personally now or in the past, posted a light hearted joke about… Periods… Yes, periods…

Discussion here:

What old players of UO think about SotA – DOWNLOAD

Another thread about moderation, gets…moderated… Deja vu!

Discussion here:

SotA Kickstart Revisited – DOWNLOAD

Still unsure as to why this entire thread was removed, it was good discussion!

Estimated delivery Oct 2014 – DOWNLOAD

Mod Koldar just doesn’t get it, and grimgryphon gets comment deleted prior to a week long ban.

Game is – DOWNLOAD

Some harsh thoughts on the game, thread locked for Portalarium’s protection.

About the New Pledge Rewards: Bank Slots – DOWNLOAD

Portalarium kills every post that gives them any real concern and this is the fucking proof(as if you needed any more).

(poll) Combat Deck System – DOWNLOAD

Every good PvP thread will come to a screaming halt. There is some good smack talk in here.

Companions – DOWNLOAD

This one is a must read. Ports tries to get away with more sly shit!

Real PVP from a Real PVPr – DOWNLOAD

Another PvP thread toasted by moderators, this version should contain close to 15 deleted posts. Also, looks like moderators have started deleting first and telling us later. Going to make it hard to for me to catch this shit!

“A Bard’s Tale” Competition by Poets’ Circle! – DOWNLOAD

A Competition started by Holt from Poets’ Circle gets the moderator special!

This card system is for the birds – DOWNLOAD

Another unhappy fan of macroing creates an alt forum account and posts.


Another, join/quit/rage/refund thread or Troll. I think the UO fanbois are behind all these.

How do I get a refund – DOWNLOAD

Refund? SotA? LULZ!


This thread was kind of off the rockers a bit, my kind of Insane.


SPO and SP Offline – DOWNLOAD – version 1

Here is the unedited and non-merged version of the SPO and SP Offline thread before Koldar fucked it all up. Good job Koldar.

Too much compromises focus on MMORPG – DOWNLOAD – version 2

So wow. They fucked the pooch here, merging this thread with the SPO and SP Offline thread. Contains two pages of difference between the unedited thread after it was locked and cleaned up and before the merge shit took place. the V1 download of this thread below contains the rest of the thread unedited from its posting time.

Who hates the combat system – DOWNLOAD

True enough, this was a little bit of a bait from the poster. Respectable poster at that! But he should know that SotA no care not for respect and orig. intent. YOU LOCKED!

SOTA needs to decide what it is – DOWNLOAD

Lulz, the poster of this topic thinks that the devs should have goals and roadmaps…WTF! This thread took off and was locked down pretty quickly. Not even sure if it still exists, or even if it is going to for much longer! Here she is.

Too much compromises focus on MMORPG – DOWNLOAD – version 1

Ignore the gramarz. This thread continued for a bit, then was cleaned up when seemingly Captain Jack had a bad day and started to unload! Here is the thread to that point in full boys and girls, same story as usual.

PVP & Death Current Thinking Megapost – DOWNLOAD

Executive Producer and Troll Magnet Starr Long gets another thread locked up. This one went for 174 pages until it devolved into some religious bullshit. Download this massive post here before it was locked and before it was cleaned up!

Consensual pvp Stay a While and Listen Why this is no fun  DOWNLOAD

Moar PvP smack talk yay! Cleaned up, but not locked down so I’ll continue to record but here is the orig.

Do we get compensated for writing – DOWNLOAD

In true form, MGT470 guild member Isaiah proceeds to shut down the fan fiction and lore submission initiative. Good work twat.

Now Seeking members of the Council of Scribes – DOWNLOAD

Suppose to be a fan fiction initiative for and driven by the community, however skeptical I am of that, it has been shut down due to players demanding to get paid for submissions. So now instead of having the knowledge and pride in having your work accepted and written into Shroud of the Avatar you get; fuck all. Greedy little cock heads.

Poll: Adult rated towns/basements in SotA? – DOWNLOAD

Prince Guini posted this one stemming from conversation in Relationships and sex in SotA thread. It too was moderated, here is the information from the thread before moderation as usual!

Relationships and sex in SotA – DOWNLOAD

Lord_Darkmoon started some shit. This was moderated pretty quickly, but of course the posts before they have been cleaned up are here! Of course the older white conservative republicans on the scene, Owain and Bowen, start to “Slut Shame” as soon as they can.

Chris’ Release 8 Ramblings! – DOWNLOAD

Yet again, lack of moderation allowed another Dev’s post to get hijacked by SotA’s biggest Troll, Owain. LV had to clean this up which is unfortunate as there were some funny comments! No worries, read them all here!

Darkstarr’s Release 7 Impressions (+ Revised R8) – DOWNLOAD

Total and utter lack of moderation allowed another of Darkstarr’s threads to be hijacked, forcing the community manager to take action. It is all here, right down to eating babies.

Forum Activity Tracker – DOWNLOAD

Bubonic created this thread, it is a logical concern but of course it was locked down. SotA: Suppression of the Avatars

Why all the Moderating – DOWNLOAD

Truly only a matter of time before this thread gets locked down. Bubonic upset FireLotus, FireLotus then browsed everything Bubonic posted over the short term and targeted posts and threads Bubonic contributed to, including at least one in this thread. By the way, this specific aggression of Moderators aimed towards people and then continuing them over a period of time was of course a concern by many in this thread. Well, it is here, read it as it should have been read!

Expectations vs Reality PvP Edition – DOWNLOAD

This was a great thread. I was unable to record the first two pages before Portalarium moderators struck!

petition and poll to keep enderandrew with us – DOWNLOAD

CaptainJackSparrow created a poll and thread of support for Enderandrew. Portalarium killed two birds with one stone by merging Jack’s thread into Enderandrew’s goodbye post, thus deleting the poll, and then promptly locking it at the same time! Sorry Jack, I didn’t get the final tally, but it was something like 36 yes to 6 no!

Goodbye – DOWNLOAD

Enderandrew was chased out of the Shroud of the Avatar forum by Portalarium moderators with a personal issue with him. It couldn’t be resolved and this is his goodbye.

Lord British needs to remove Starlong – DOWNLOAD

Self explanatory.

sham of the avatar – DOWNLOAD

An opinion, of a kind, which was deleted.

developers lying about pvp – DOWNLOAD

It is important to see everything, no matter what it is!

The PvE’ers conspiracy – DOWNLOAD

This topic was not only locked up and cleaned out, it has been renamed lulz. Here is the clean orig.

Want more funding Add real PvP – DOWNLOAD

This is repetitive, it was locked and posts were removed, but here is the backup.


Stretch Goal Confusion – DOWNLOAD

More posting about the Stretch Goal issues, topic was created after locking of the other Megapost. Same boat, it was locked and posts removed so here is what I could get from it.


New Pledge Rewards, New Pledge Tiers, Player Owned Towns & Stretch Goal Store Megapost – DOWNLOAD

Things get a little heated for Portalarium after this post. So much so, nearly 200 posts were removed from this topic before it was unlocked for comment again. All of those posts are in this backup.





18 thoughts on “SotA Fourm Post Backups

    […] SotA Fourm Post Backups […]

    […] SotA Fourm Post Backups […]

    […] SotA Fourm Post Backups […]

    […] SotA Fourm Post Backups […]

    […] SotA Fourm Post Backups […]

    Jesus said:
    September 10, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    You’re one strange fuck Mr. Membrane. Thanks for keeping these threads. I’m not sure why you feel it is necessary though. Do you want to get Portalarium back for banning you? Are you cranky about something? Why this project? Why not grumble about world or warcraft or something?

      insanemembrain responded:
      September 10, 2014 at 3:29 pm

      Why thank you Baby Jesus! I feel it is necessary to ensure that everyone can have access to public information as it happens organically. Especially without some fucker like Junior Moderator Mystic and others running interference via post suppression/deletion due to personal attacks.

      I’ve always been cranky about the lack of professionalism in the Community Management from Portalarium’s side mostly due to the selective enforcement of the rules based on individual Moderator beliefs and not impartiality. The InsaneMembrane account and personality was born from that schism.

      I’m not upset they banned me at all(either time lol), in fact I give them a lot of credit(especially Darkstarr) for even letting me back in. But I when I asked what the team was going to do about the leaking of Dev+ information into the forum seemingly unchecked, they came down on me like a ton of bricks.

      Simple this project is here to restore the voices of those which have had them removed. To point out hypocrisy when I see it in large quantities. And believe it or not, to help change things.

      I wouldn’t touch World of Warcraft with someone else’s computer even 😛 I’m a long time Ultima and Richard Garriott fan, I want SotA to succeed, but I’m not going to sit quietly while a small group of people turn the forum into Lord of the Flies.

      Thanks for commenting Baby Jesus 🙂

    Jesus said:
    September 10, 2014 at 3:29 pm

    After reading more of your website I think you are more right than wrong about the sota moderation. You are right about a lot of gripes. Sure you take liberties with people like owain, but all the stuff you reported on from firelotus and the junior moderators are correct. You are funny, but accurate in regard to the bs and lies of that company. They did change some kickstarter promises. I didn’t know that until I saw it on your site and verified it. I also didn’t know about how they started the poet group for writing books, and how it failed and was blamed on the community. That may have been their plan. You are right about the community projects being started by port hand selecting people. This whole thing is a joke. Also some of these big time posters are jokes. Isaia and ristra are, are always saying stupid stuff. I can’t remember the others, but you have some good points all around.

      insanemembrain responded:
      September 10, 2014 at 3:39 pm

      Thanks. Yes there is a lot that I’m unhappy about.

      I wouldn’t mind so much at all if Portalarium wanted to change Kickstarter stuff / designs of the game, but there is a RIGHT way to do it. That would be with the interaction and disclosure to the people who supported it, which they have not done. Changing stuff behind our backs, is just not cool.

      The community projects really shit me though. I donated so I could become involved. If I was allowed to even apply for this stuff then I would be happy! But I can’t, instead we only hear about it until it is already done and dusted.

      As for the foos on the forum like Owain, O’Sullivan, Isiah, Ristra, and others all I can do is keep calling them out here simply by showing what their interactions with others on the forum results in. The majority of the time, it isn’t anything good.

    Jesus said:
    September 10, 2014 at 3:37 pm

    Hey I came across this site on Google too. Funny thing is if you google Mystic firelotus and koldar your site pops up all over the place.

      insanemembrain responded:
      September 10, 2014 at 3:40 pm

      LOL, yes I know it. There are at least two or three members in Shroud of the Avatar now who have come across it from this place first!

    […] SotA Fourm Post Backups […]

    […] SotA Fourm Post Backups […]

    […] SotA Fourm Post Backups […]

    […] SotA Fourm Post Backups […]

    […] SotA Fourm Post Backups […]

    Raka said:
    June 17, 2015 at 11:37 am

    To be honest, Alot of the deleted threads looks like it’s either slander based on past grievances or grudges, or threads becoming too heated.

      insanemembrain responded:
      June 17, 2015 at 12:45 pm

      You aren’t wrong. There are a lot of other reasons that get these deleted though. Like just because there are too many replies and the moderators don’t want to scan through it all.

      I haven’t done too good at catching them recently or explaining why in the past. Some yes, others no.

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