InsaneMembrane Needs Makeover – Taking Suggestions

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InsaneMembrane needs a makeover. Someone got bored and decided to bitch about the image I use; I did a google search for Lich a while back while looking for an image to represent InsaneMembrane. The following came up in the big page of image results on google images:


I used gimp to change it slightly to the one which you have seen recently, that I have now replaced, as yes I did not ask to use the image which I found in google images, with a modified Ultima 7 Character Portrait I used originally.

aram-dolOrig Aram-Dol portrait from U7P2.

I was thinking because I like Ultima so much and there is even a chance Denis Loubet may have even done the character portrait above, I should have Denis do an original InsaneMembrane for me. That might then be a good STFU for people looking to hassle me about what avatar I choose to use, and get me something I’ve always wanted; Custom Loubet.

What do you all think? Loubet? Better options? What should I look like?

Discuss HERE.


Portalarium Releases Shroud of the Avatar Cover Art – Even Loubet Confused

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33e13e4370112662e71895e3e89c033757513194bd10e0e63ca850225e26a3bfThe Portalarium Motto

I just saw a funny tweet! I will post it here for you all. It looks like a surprise to everyone(the image, not the miscommunication and or mistake that lead to its posting – we all know that well here).

 SotA Box Art1

SotA Box Art2

Funny. I don’t seem to remember seeing this anywhere in Dev+ yesterday, I wonder if it will be there now if I go look?
— naw, can’t see it.


Assassins Creed anyone?