Den Of Terror Community Spotlight: Violation The Exploiter

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violationcandid photo capturing Violation in natural habitat

There has been a few interesting things to write about recently so I haven’t gotten around to this post as of yet, but at the moment I’ve got nothing better to do than scratch ma bawlz so here we are with an insiders look to Violation. We had a small introduction to some information on Violation way back when R12 went live, he was briefly named on some shameful activities documented in there. So what kinda guy is Violation, does he follow Lord British’s Virtues and set an honourable example for all to follow? LAWL, naw. He’s a self centred little twat chasing gold and money while trying to jizz his name all over everything and every one.
Don’t believe me? Well, who creates a birthday party event..just for themselves?
Violation Does:

“What: Yes, that’s right, Violation’s turning 30 years old on REDACTED and wants to give YOU presents to celebrate with him Vengeance style.”

birthdate has been redacted for privacy
Who complains when when an AFK macroer is better than him?
Violation Does:

“…if I take on two fighters I get interrupted too frequently to be effective and I have to kyte them around like a sissy (as in, don’t hit me at all or I’ll die… omg please don’t hit me NPC). This guy can sit afk for over 5 minutes and he has over 90% hp?”

Who is always talking about money, money, money, and a fan of cutting everyone out of the Dev process if they haven’t been verified to have spent the money, claiming that they are just Forum alternate accounts?
Violation Does:

“I hope more games do this in the future for others to experience but I do expect them to cut down their access so only backers can get access to the forums. I think it’s sad how many people have created accounts and made hateful posts as their first posts… people I’ve never seen in the game. I’m 99% sure those are alt accounts…”

The above three examples are simply appetisers my Shroudie friends. Just a few quick examples I captured when I read over the first page of his posts at the time. The forum is full of this shit. The article I linked above SotA Executive Producer Authorises Gold To High Level Backers – Pleb Chaos Ensues details the comical set of events which took place after people started wildly exploiting the Player Start Gold, it created a pretty interesting thread in the Dev+ forum. Where, of course it was also discovered that Violation was one of the bigger Exploiters of the start gold system and involved in the widespread distribution of such knowledge, possibly causing the crash of the Dev+ test. To boot, Volation was then the reciepieant of $500,000 of in-game gold on top of all that!
Let us start with a screen cap of what Violation had to say, and then we’ll break some of those quotes down. You can click all these for a bigger image by the way.

“I’m really happy to see this conversation!” – Violation

No, no you’re fucking not you cock holster. It is just clearly time for you to come in and for you to make an ass hat out of yourself by trying to defend an indefensible position.

“I was just talking with them about the fear that the community wouldn’t accept the change of not getting hand outs soon…” – Violation

What? Who are you to speak for the entire community. I didn’t appoint your silly ass to talk for me, nor did anyone else for that matter. If you’ve got to come to the table and say shit like this, you had better provide names and examples, times and places. You don’t speak for the Shroud of the Avatar community. No idea how they let you talk to them like you do either, I certainly wouldn’t deal with your fanaticism if I were them.

“that said I happily asked for and recieved some gold to purchase my lot and I think it is absolutely NOT going to effect anyone in the community negatively.”

 – Violation

Bhahahahaha, mother of god you’re funny. I am sure you happily asked for a fucking handout because you are a lazy privileged dick, but just one question Violation. Would you have had to come in and post anything defending this matter at all if you weren’t called out, and it didn’t affect the community? Nope, so disproved straight away, if affected us and some people who have donated more money to the game than you were offended by it also. Yes, you don’t own that spot Violation, others contributed a lot more than you have.

“I also gave out gold to players who have earned 3x what I gave them over the last couple of months. Is this a kickstart? Yes. Would they have had it already if the pledge rewards were in? Yes. Do I feel at all like it was in poor taste? No.”

 – Violation

Well. Thanks for coming right out of the closet and showing us that you are a douche bag. Shit you said it for me with that line, I don’t really have to say much more do I. Well I will just tell you all, if he uses that flawed logic in order to blatantly and repeatedly exploit Shroud of the Avatar once, he is going to do it again. It isn’t even a question of if, only when, and I’d like to have thought at least with exploits the Devs wouldn’t have kept stroking the cocks of these mother fuckers like Violation through the structure of favouritism already established between higher pledge level players and themselves.. Wrong, they do.

“Without these lots and the ability to start decorating the sandbox/player side of the game would feel empty and undeveloped with the incoming steam players. They just increased the number of lots to help solve the overcrowding issues. Hopefully everyone realizes this is still a pre-alpha and this all will likely get wiped again fairly soon.”

 – Violation

Here we go again, speaking for the entire community without a basis on reality. Blah blah fucking blah, more excuses to keep exploiting.

“Please remember that we’re all here for the same thing: a great experience and to have fun.”

 – Violation

For that to happen, self righteous privileged dick munchers like you will need to quiet down a fair bit. Some new players, you know the ones you are sooo worried about might be a bit taken back when they log in the first time and see you handing out gold from exploitation of the game and/or from begging Devs for gold. Doesn’t send a great message.


 – Violation

Fuck you.
The fucking BALLS on this guy. There were a lot of good and decent and virtuous people posting in the same thread telling Violation he was not right on this point, since it was Dev+ I am not going to release a print of the entire thing, as the subject here is Violation the comments were kept strictly focused on that. But rest assured, I was very proud of a few members in our community for standing up to his clearly and very wrong stance on this.
I could go on for some time about this, but you know how I feel about it now so there isn’t much point. I will post the rest of his comments below and you can read for yourself. In the end, many people were upset at both what took place between Violation and the Devs, Violation’s exploitation, and Violation’s attempts at defending himself, the thread itself in Dev+ actually had to be locked. Job well done eh?
Well, it is time for desert! I have something special for you all, gots a video of this also just to re-enforce what a tragic camel toe Violation is.
The example I have here is a raw and pure example of how privileged Violation thinks he actually is, the fucking hubris here is astounding. I have to thank Lord British for not just trying to smooth shit over by going along with it, and for continuing on as he had intended to do!
Video: Shroud of the Avatar Cyber Monday 12-Hour Telethon of the Avatar
Video Direct Link: 
Video Quote: “There are a couple of dukes, I’m assuming you are referring to me?” – Violation
Take a look really on any community hangout and you’ll find examples just like that. If not that, then you’ll always and I mean always find him moving around on his camera, laughing about, taking focus away from the Devs, LB himself, anyone who is talking. Have some respect for others Violation, they deserve it.

And The Award Goes To… enderandrew!

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SNBDOT-256I am awarding enderandrew the “Dogs Bollocks” and inducting him into the Society of the New Britannia Den Of Terror.
enderandrew is the third Shroud of the Avatar community member that has gone unrewarded by the SotA Devs, Community Management, and a lot of the community for some excellent work.
  1. Unofficial FAQ.
    1. enderandrew has managed quite a good store of information in his Unofficial FAQ thread which I reference and give out frequently. It can be found here:
  2. Writing
    1. The Scribes of Novia seemed to fail. The Writers Round Table is silent for the most part. The Poets Circle contest had to be extended due to troubles. Writing for this game from the community looks like a lost cause. However, enderandrew took it upon himself to submit some NPC Dialogue. Which is now in game! He wasn’t going to wait around, and he has also started posting individual works in his own writing threads.
      1. His Player Owned Town Writing Service:
      2. His Book submissions:
      3. His NPC Dialogue: sorry, can’t locate, might be in Dev+ which I have not had a search for just yet. If it is outside dev+ and someone knows, post a reply and I’ll edit.
Congratulations enderandrew! For not only your return to the community after being chased out, but to have the will to come back and just start kicking ass and taking names.

Announcing New Award – Society of the New Britannia Den of Terror

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The Shroud of the Avatar community is currently suffering from a great deal of inbreeding or cronyism if not both. Here I will present awards to those amongst the community for their deeds which have gone unrecognised due to their inability to put cock to mouth for the Portalarium executive team and/or prominent members of the community who can hook them up through their inner networks. Feel free to blow the whistle if you think there is a member of the community getting shafted, and if I agree I’ll post an award here! Something better than nothing 😛
The first awards have been handed out already, they go to Bubonic and Joviex for work on the in-game radio object which they built together. Without that the Avatars Radio, who’s owner and group have received more than one award(one ONBE to Amber and a Royal Warrant to the Avatars Radio team) now, would have no sound in the game at all yet! This is kind of a good example where the community(Amber/Radio) can do good and perhaps through no fault of their own be cast in an inglorious light from the mishandling of the Portalarium team. Congratulations to you both for the great work you’ve done but need me to award you for…
What is the world coming to I ask!?
You may find the individual rewards on my menu item of Infamy under the Society of the New Britannia Den of Terror.