Shroud of the Avatar Community Solidifies Their Den Of Terror

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A hand tool with one side of its head forged and sharpened to a cutting edge, used for felling trees, splitting timber, etc See also hatchet.

We all know that an axe can cut deep because it is primarily a cutting and slicing tool. Well, if you are a new guy and you think you are entittled to an opinion over on the Shroud of the Avatar Forum… The sycophants there cut and slice deeper than any axe my friends.

We were all new once. We all made our first post on every single forum we started on, not one of us started with a reputation or history on any forum. However, that doesn’t matter to the fat fucks who already have axed out their place of infamy on the Shroud of the Avatar forum, apparently if you’re new, you’re just a maggot not worthy of their time.

Since he’s only got 9 posts I figured what the hell.. maybe there’s some clue as to what’s in his head..

– Bowen Bloodgood

Yup Blowen there makes a great point with his post. That point is that Blowen is a fucking idiot, good job. Then, is anyone totally and utterly over the entire form sikophant carebear army coming up with this as a reply to every single concern every person ever has?

“the criticism seems a little nonconstructive for a game in pre-alpha state. If you’re leaving, I urge you to check it out again during release and at least give it a shot in it’s polished state.”

– Soulicide

Get a clue SotA forum. Learn how to make a point and not to pass the buck over onto the Devs for it being in Alpha. What are you going to do when it is in Beta and it still isn’t a game? When Episode 1 is released and it still doesn’t have all the nice features like Stealing & Poisoning? What are you going to do when the Devs tell you that they need more Kickstarter juice for Episodes 2, 3, 4, and 5 after some of you have already paid for them, and they undercut your rares and rewards from the first Kickstarter?

Are you all going to fucking wait until Episode 5 comes out, at this rate 2026, and then judge it as a whole? FFS you are ruining the game you nubs, you don’t just sit there and let a piece of shit smell on your carpet and think to yourself “oh its alright, it will decay in time, it is just pre-alpha shit?” No, you get a fucking towel and clean the shit up. So to everyone out there, when you see something wrong, FUCKING SAY IT.  Don’t let the Den of Terror chase you away.

Adios Muchachos.


Happy Christmas From Bowen – Axes To The Tree; On Every Christmas Day

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I don’t have a spare 20 pounds hanging around to just hand over to these thieves, but you get the idea…