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And The Award Goes To… enderandrew!

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SNBDOT-256I am awarding enderandrew the “Dogs Bollocks” and inducting him into the Society of the New Britannia Den Of Terror.
enderandrew is the third Shroud of the Avatar community member that has gone unrewarded by the SotA Devs, Community Management, and a lot of the community for some excellent work.
  1. Unofficial FAQ.
    1. enderandrew has managed quite a good store of information in his Unofficial FAQ thread which I reference and give out frequently. It can be found here:
  2. Writing
    1. The Scribes of Novia seemed to fail. The Writers Round Table is silent for the most part. The Poets Circle contest had to be extended due to troubles. Writing for this game from the community looks like a lost cause. However, enderandrew took it upon himself to submit some NPC Dialogue. Which is now in game! He wasn’t going to wait around, and he has also started posting individual works in his own writing threads.
      1. His Player Owned Town Writing Service:
      2. His Book submissions:
      3. His NPC Dialogue: sorry, can’t locate, might be in Dev+ which I have not had a search for just yet. If it is outside dev+ and someone knows, post a reply and I’ll edit.
Congratulations enderandrew! For not only your return to the community after being chased out, but to have the will to come back and just start kicking ass and taking names.

Announcing New Award – Society of the New Britannia Den of Terror

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The Shroud of the Avatar community is currently suffering from a great deal of inbreeding or cronyism if not both. Here I will present awards to those amongst the community for their deeds which have gone unrecognised due to their inability to put cock to mouth for the Portalarium executive team and/or prominent members of the community who can hook them up through their inner networks. Feel free to blow the whistle if you think there is a member of the community getting shafted, and if I agree I’ll post an award here! Something better than nothing 😛
The first awards have been handed out already, they go to Bubonic and Joviex for work on the in-game radio object which they built together. Without that the Avatars Radio, who’s owner and group have received more than one award(one ONBE to Amber and a Royal Warrant to the Avatars Radio team) now, would have no sound in the game at all yet! This is kind of a good example where the community(Amber/Radio) can do good and perhaps through no fault of their own be cast in an inglorious light from the mishandling of the Portalarium team. Congratulations to you both for the great work you’ve done but need me to award you for…
What is the world coming to I ask!?
You may find the individual rewards on my menu item of Infamy under the Society of the New Britannia Den of Terror.