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Shroud of the Avatar Reviews Now “Mixed”

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Just a year after being greenlit, Shroud of the Avatar’s review status has fallen to mixed. Again. It was seemingly just a matter of time, and I don’t think the community would enjoy a another round of developers asking them to leave positive reviews to stem the leak… Then again this is what, the third or fourth time SotA has fallen to mixed status now?

You probably think that I am happy? I am not. My aim through my silly parody, antics, and reviews on various news and personalities was to bring obvious, to me, things to other people’s attention and perhaps change SotA early enough in its course to oblivion to avoid said oblivion. That, and I, failed. So no, I am not happy at all!

I will hold the RIP for now, something tells me it isn’t going to be Mixed for long. I have been known to be wrong though!



Shroud of the Avatar Goes Steam Early Access

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There has been qutie a bit of resistance, for some reason, in the Shroud of the Avatar forum for taking SotA into Steam. Small minds. If anything is going to grab the cash from gamers at this point, it would be Steam so it is a great decision. Good luck SotA.