No Forum For Leaky Men – SotA Forum Post

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I have posted a new topic over in Gen Discussion on the SotA forum. I’m going to post this early and take a screen shot now because everything I have posted so far on Dev+ users leaking information has been removed and this will probably not be any different!

EDIT: the comment was removed and I was permanently banned for it!


Here is the text:

This should be no forum for leaky men. But it is. Over the past few days to a week there have been several members with mouths that have been a bit verbose on the general forum.

I thought that there was an agreement of sorts not to allow this to take place? If there is, then what are the formal penalties around punishing that behavior? I still see those same people posting, so there has been no “account may be limited as a result” action taken at least. I mean, you don’t want everyone blogging stuff straight out of Dev+ do you? You wouldnt find any on mine for example.

Say what you wish about me mods, as you remove and block my posts protesting against the people who have been conducting this behaviour but I have never leaked information from Dev+ out to the internets. It isn’t fair for Dev+ members like me who are keeping their mouth shut. Not fair for non-Dev_ members who have to deal with the “oh look at what I know” attitudes of the people in question.

So if the kids can’t be quiet, what can be done about these leaks?


And then the pic:



Dev+ Leak – More MGT470 Members Leak Information

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(artist’s interpretation of MGT470 members)


So, most things always seem to come back full circle to the same thing. Or at least in this case the same group of ass hats MGT470 guild. Our good friend Asguard has seen it fit to fuck up by attempting to hint that something someone was trying to do was in some way pause for consideration based on what was going to come out of the Dev+ forums.

Well it was no surprise that he actually fucked up twice! We come to expect this from MGT470. Assguard made his indications blindly, he didn’t even know that the information he was mouthing off about had already been made public a good number of hours before his posts. Way to go ass muncher. As usual here is the proof, click for moar size!




At least Jat isn’t phased by this toddler like BS. But I for one am sick of seeing these little prepubescent twats trying to flop their tiny pricks out and wave it around with Dev+ info written on them. Grow the fuck up you window lickers!

Where is the moderation, where are the bans? If Dev+ info leaked into the main forum is just a slap on the wrist for these douche bags, think I could get away with that too? 😛

Portalarium Caves On Multi-character Accounts and Dev+ Users Leak Information

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double facepalm


So, as most of us would have figured Ports has caved on multi-user Accounts. This would be due to less hardcore PvP players stupidly thinking they might be able to PK with one user on the account and Carebear with the other user on the account. Hopefully, and Darkstarr has indicated, there have been steps taken to mitigate the above issue by linking “karma” or some shit like that at the account level, not the user level.

So I guess if JennaXXX69PkUnUb kills KittenMiner, JennaXXX69PkUnUb’s other account EatPrayLove will also suffer the negative effects of murder. This is a good thing, and hopefully it is an equal penalty on every user account, not some sort of formula based asshattery.

There is one thing I seriously question though and that is the decision to enable multi-user account’s at all. There has been plenty of chat and a couple of unofficial polls on this matter and every one had a large majority of users in favour of One Account One User Policy. Why was this done? Take a look at this quote from Darkstarr:

We also noticed that many of you questioned our decision to only allow one character per account when many of you wanted to explore a variety of play styles and skill builds. We decided that adding second and third account slots to some pledges would satisfy this need to better explore all the character options while also adding value to those pledges.

I can only assume that Ports saw a chance to make a good amount of extra cash by allowing higher tier accounts multiple characters so that lower tier people would buy into them. That is pretty poor guys. Especially considering the majority of your users were excited about the  One Account One User Policy.


Now on with the bullshit. You all remember MGT470 right? From great articles such as sota guild mgt470 verbally attack tracy hickman and mgt470 spam upvotes on shroud of the avatar forum  – I should write about these guys more they are a barrel of monkeys with a lot of content which is just cringe-worthy. This time one of the MGT470 members, and others, were dropping info from the Dev+ forum into the standard forum. Nice guys, really nice even I won’t sink to that level of worthlessness.

Don’t believe it? You should trust me by now, here is the proof. Firstly here, you can see in this dead topic about multiple characters the last post date was April 21st. Then someone, Abydos, resurrects the thread. Click for full size image.


Seems rather obvious folks. He is flanked by UnseenDragon and Isaiah(from MGT470).



NRaas then correctly points out their mistake but makes it even more obvious which wasn’t a great move. Should just have been reported. So I said fuck it and and posted too.


Naturally all of these posts were deleted and this was swept under the rug. Ports people reading this, note I waited till it went public and these screen grabs are not from the Dev+ forum(they never are).


Shroud Of The Avatar Mods Smash Users

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UPDATED – As I thought, a more Senior Moderator on the Forum must have asked Junior Moderator Mystic to roll back his jackass personal attacks on members of the SotA community. Screen shots provided below.


That is correct everyone, mere hours after I was banned we have at least one SotA moderator which has personally attacked a user in the forums.

The forum mod in question yet again, is Junior Moderator Mystic. You can review his previous work HERE(Dick Moderators) and HERE(Chat Woes)


(artist’s rendition of Junior Moderator Mystic)

In some suggestions on this thread about a few things, Mystic had these words of wisdom to say:

“I don’t even know where to start with your example. I mean, it’s so far off the planet that I’m having problems even trying to come up with anything to say …”

lol you twat

“…that has to be the most ridiculous suggestion I’ve ever seen.”

lol you twat

“Your other suggestion; a royal market that sells every item that spawns and has regulated pricing? That’s a royal failure waiting to happen.”

lol you twat

– Mystic

lol you twat

As I have said previously, I believe moderators have a right to their opinion, why not? However, when you are a moderator with a track record of being a giant dick, maybe you should learn to practice what you preach Junior Moderator.

Before I was banned, Junior Mystic had revoked/hidden several of my posts with far less attitude and flame in them than he has there. You’re a douche Junior Mod Mystic.

See for yourself folks, head to the SotA forum thread HERE. If Junior Mystic himself gets moderated, then I’ll post screen shots(click to zoom).


mystic-abuse2 mystic-abuse1

Shroud of the Avatar Devs Give Shoutout to Racist Member

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So, I was wondering about this… The_Hairy_Man has proven to be quite the little racist in the SotA chat channel. If you forget, you can review his racist remarks here: https://insanemembrain.wordpress.com/2013/06/12/more-sota-chat-woes/

I was pretty surprised when in this week’s Pen of the Avatar was presented by Stephen and FireLotus and they gave a shout out to The_Hairy_Man. Stephen is a very talented artist and we should all be so lucky to have his imprint on Shroud of the Avatar. From his personality I can tell that there doesn’t seem to be a mean bone in his body, I almost think him a buddhist monk!

I can assume Stephen has no idea about Hairy Man’s past transgressions, so all is forgiven… But FireLotus! Are you sleeping on the job? I know you’ve read Hairy Man’s racist remarks in chat, and I’m quite surprised because not only has he kept continuing his racist remarks seemingly without intervention, you guys then feature his work in a Dev chat…

A quick search in the SotA chat channel log over the past three days for his handle reveals that easily, and big fucking surprise darkblade has to shove his fist into it as well:

<+The_Hairy_Man> yeah like say there is a coder or something and some guy in china gets his english just as good  and can talk on skype and works for $40 a day

<+The_Hairy_Man> from what i understand right now alot of companys dont use them coz their lack of skill and comunication but that will get better ovre time

<+The_Hairy_Man> will be no IT work in developed countrys 

<+ipkeez> again we go with the internet assumptions….

<+ipkeez> what in the hells make this guy think that IT in developed countries will cease to exist?

<+The_Hairy_Man> coz how low people in china and india will work for

<%Darkblade> depends on the company really

<+ipkeez> nah

<%Darkblade> most of them are not doing themselves any favors

<+ipkeez> this is so not true, depends on the business and what is the level of work

Seems that Hairy man is just as racist as ever and obviously darkblade doesn’t know when to shut his bloody mouth. Not a great showing for SotA as a whole guys, very piss poor!

Oh and Hairy Man, you may wish to change some things up a bit rather than just use assets off http://artbox7.com



More #SotA Chat Woes

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So here is one that I logged via lurking a while back and just remembered as I typed up that Dick Moderators post. So, there was this one time, at SotA Camp… The_Hairy_Man was showing a great performance of his racism. Log paste here:

<+gingerale> I hope the interactive instruments will be done properly

<+The_Hairy_Man> how u think they should be done?

<+gingerale> Imagine having bollywoood style musicals in-game. :B

<+The_Hairy_Man> i would quit

<+The_Hairy_Man> i cant stand indians

<+gingerale> In a way that allows more than one kind of music

+gingerale> Aw come on. It’d be amazing. Just going down the street in a group.

<%cs2501x> The_Hairy_Man: That comment is wildly inappropriate. Perhaps I have misunderstood you?

<+The_Hairy_Man> if they put bollywood inthe game i will only ever play single player

<%cs2501x> The_Hairy_Man: That’s fine, but it’s completely unaccepted to make comments in that fashion in this chat about entire cultures.

<+Saraken> The_Hairy_Man: if we get user created content, then there’s every chance that could happen.

<%cs2501x> unacceptable*

<+gingerale> The_Hairy_Man, I said that players able to play Bollywood style music and dance down the streets of a city

<+gingerale> In the fanciest and sparkliest costumes

<+The_Hairy_Man> would u be having a big cry if i said it would be sick if there was pop music in teh game

<%cs2501x> The_Hairy_Man: Who exactly are you addressing with that question, and why all the hostility?

<+The_Hairy_Man> im not hostile im always happy

I will note here however that the Moderator cs2501x is typically pretty fair and I don’t have an issue with him. Although he did give The_Hairy_Man a lot of movement for such a strong racist view in the main chat channel. Especially since Mystic kicked me for postulating a question about posting R rated video to chat about!

Here is some additional comments from The_Hairy_Man:

<+The_Hairy_Man> look at people like the mongolians, they never even grew their own food
<+The_Hairy_Man> they would just milk their horses and mix it with horse blood
<+The_Hairy_Man> hunt wild rodents and other game
<+The_Hairy_Man> eat wild plants
<+Ryo2810> just one of those things that really isnt sustainable in high populations
<+The_Hairy_Man> and all their clothing was made from the skins of the animals they would catch
<+Ryo2810> hunter gatherer is one of those things that only sustains a very small population
<+The_Hairy_Man> yeah
<+The_Hairy_Man> nuke china and india i say :)))
<+The_Hairy_Man> half the world gone in one go
<+The_Hairy_Man> maybe a virus would be better so people can still use the land there

Dear The_Hairy_Man, you are a fucking tosser.



Dick Moderators In Chat & Abuse of Power

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It has always been a problem. But it never gets any less frustrating, especially since there is no game in which I can PK these nub foos in.

For example check this shit out from last week. It began when some fucking drop kick named imabreakemoffrealbad posted a youtube video in the chat. The video was in pretty bad taste all around, so I don’t need to re-post it. Basically in a nutshell it was a video of a reporter and camera confronting a woman about her daughter who was killed. The woman was obviously distraught, and handled it quite badly, she threw rocks at the reporter and camera man as well as told her dogs to attack them which they did do to a modest degree.

The “commentator” of the video was using quite bad language, often like moi, and one of the mods had the following to say:

%Mystic pokes imabreakemoffrealbad. Please don’t post things like that here. We try to keep this place G rated.

Ignoring the warning the poster immediately came back with a question about what the moderator thought it was rated, and he answered:

<+imabreakemoffrealbad> what would you rate the link mystic?

<%Mystic> Considering how many times he drops the F-Bomb… R 😛

So yeah, that should have probably been it for the topic. However the moderators(Mystic & Darkblade) start talking about the video and the content. Voicing their opinions on things like killing the dogs, being ok to throw the rocks at people and so forth.

I had to protest, I can’t imagine people in 2013 saying its fine to throw rocks at another human being so I said so. I also said that in the United States(I assume it was) a reporter shouldn’t have to consider their life to be in danger when interviewing another citizen, and that she lost a really good chance to plea her case for injustice to a big audience.

Of course right away I was trolled by the video poster about putting on a “political 101” class, of course I don’t let anyone get away with that shit so I responded with blow me and lick me twice of course 😛

In any case, it continued for a bit and I’m a bit put out that the moderators say, no don’t post this! Then start talking about it like it is perfectly fine rejecting my pleas for civility. I offered to post an R rated sex clip since posting and chatting about R rated videos seems fine.

Then I got kicked from the channel, I hate dick Moderators on power trips lawl. So tonight, I’m just lurking away and what comes up by the same two Moderators? Rape.

<%Darkblade> I can not draw the conclusion between rape and the comment he made while playing the game

Yeah, awesome. Rape, and joking about rape, how about you guys keep that shit in a private chat huh?

This concludes tonight’s edition of Dick Moderators In Chat & Abuse of Power.