Shroud of the Avatar – Too Rich For My Blood

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LB Meme


Hello, I’m SotA-Shield-light-exsm2 AvatarAcid. SotA-Shield-light-exsm2   I’m the InsaneMembrane. The above image was created by myself and tweeted out on March 8th 2013. I had been following Richard Garriott’s UltimateRPG countdown and the information around it for some time with great anticipation. You see I am quite a large fan of the Ultima Series, and always will be, and all through my childhood I could rely on the Ultima Series to provide me with new challenges and adventures. Ultima provided a chance to bond with family and friends, enjoy a great story, and challenge my younger self to think about some of the moral issues the game presented me with through Richard’s wily ways. Then in March 2013 Ultima was coming back. One UltimateRPG to rule them all!

Back then the concept of Shroud of the Avatar was still pretty much a Single Player game with very limited Multi Player options and an allowance for dynamic content, like having the same housing and crafted items across all instances of the game. The game instances were also to be hosted on individual PCs spread across as many geographical locations as there were groups of 12-50 players, which would have greatly benefited me where I am living today due to infrastructure limitations on the internet. Having a unique and rare experience that I could enjoy myself and happily share with others also, a decent way to tackle lag due to living in the internet pits of the world, and it was a brand new Ultima successor – Couldn’t be happier! So happy that I jumped in with a Citizen pledge early on which was around ten times more than I had ever spent on any game in my life of buying games for myself. Later I upgraded to Knight and now fifteen times more than I’d ever paid, and while I know that is a big thing to me it is just a drop in the sea when compared to those of you who have spent tens of thousands.

It was good for a while, but I started to notice a few pretty boisterous personalities starting to push for things early on. Ultima Online things, MultiPlayer, and MMO things. On top of that, some of the users were putting forward further processes which outlined goals to segregate community so some could rise above others based on the price point in which they themselves elected to pay for the game. At the same time several really unsavoury personalities started to arise also both in IRC and on the Forum which carried with them more than a hint of racism as well as harassment. Some even openly so! At first these things were properly reported by myself and others. Yet nothing was done and in fact some of the people whom pushed back were on the opposite side from the SotA moderators, since yes, more than one of the Moderators were persons of interest when it came to some of the issues above like racism and harassment.

The big cratering came for me came in an incident where Owain had told moderator UltimaCodex(WtF Dragon) that he can’t have an opinion. I would bet good money nobody out there, not even some of the people involved in creating the Ultima Series, know as much about Ultima as WtF Dragon and the Ultima Codex site contributors do. I had always followed Ultima Aiera then the UC and appreciated all the work they put in to keep the Ultima Series legacy alive and well. WtF Dragon has the right to his opinion and it matters not what his status in the community is and that goes for everyone else in the community as well, yet that sentiment was not seemingly accepted or encouraged. I chimed in and told Owain he could “GTFO” if he didn’t like that someone else had an opinion.


WtF being a moderator correctly informed me that speaking like that is probably going a bit too far which told me all I needed to know, and that is that the most powerful and in your face voices had already gained a beachhead in the community. This problem wasn’t going to be solved without help, but what could I do about it? Should I speak out as AvatarAcid and have my ass handed to me with my account hanging over my head if they decided to ban me? Mind you nothing quite like that had just yet happened to my knowledge but I could still envision it taking place due to how everything was starting to shape up there, the writing was on the wall. Why should I risk my account which was now linked to a thousand dollar donation in order to deal with things that already shouldn’t have been allowed to establish prominence there?



It soon became more. The game development was going astray, forum personalities including moderators were insulting and driving out the typically quiet and more non-aggressive people like me(usually!) to the point where even Developers fear posting, telling them they are useless and stupid, and then there is the question I still ask myself now; What is Shroud of the Avatar actually trying to be and how do I get my feedback out in an environment as confrontational and unguided as that which exists on the Shroud of the Avatar forum? Well I did exactly the same thing Richard Garriott did with the Avatar and created a schism in my personality, my own little personal Guardian!  Meet the InsaneMembrane.



I decided to fight fire with fire and parody myself in the situation with positions which would otherwise be mutually exclusive with AvatarAcid’s. People wanted to argue from a point of privilege? PKs want to turn SotA away from an epic single player tale and into a giant MMO UO2 where they camp gathering sites? Moderators not calling nor taking care of obvious rotten apples? That is a job for the InsaneMembrane! Carving up pledges into Founder and Royal Founders, water lot restrictions, Player Owned Towns, unlimited instanced POTs, death of the Dev+ forum and all promises that come with, failing at combat and dumping it, Devs lowering themselves to InsaneMembrane’s level and abusing people on steam…after they ask for positive reviews to be instituted. Madness! There is much more, the one that hit home the most for me was ending the croudsource efforts before I could even get into it. I wanted to do more than just pay for this game, I wanted to HELP it succeed. I was told I could, so what happened to that sentiment and why could I now not? Well InsaneMembrane jumped in and tried to tackle these hard issues and I would like to think he, or I, or we did so not just with the self in mind, but with the rest of the community in mind also. Only InsaneMembrane could do this because InsaneMembrane was unknown and had no leg in the game, nothing to lose to try and get to the source of all these problems and perhaps get some answers. What I didn’t ever expect to happen though was that as time went on and more and more things came out of the woodwork, something else came into the spotlight… Portalarium itself.

I learned through Richard Garriott and Ultima both, you need to challenge yourself, challenge others, to push the envelope! And so I did. That said, I always try to keep to comments related to stuff taking place on the forum and other social media sites directly linked to SotA. I haven’t ever gone after anyone’s personal life or sought out information other than that unless was related to Ultima/SotA community in some way.

At first the warnings and bans to the InsaneMembrane account were cute. But it became clear at some point, probably right around the InsaneMembrane account getting perma-banned for the second time(lul) for pointing out leaks in the Dev+ forum, that I could no longer just blame the community personalities and moderators themselves. Why weren’t the mods moderating the forum properly? Who is looking after the moderators themselves? What policy does that person have and where did they even get it from? My comedy and opinion then turned towards Portalarium and the Devs. Most of whom on a personal level I think are great by the way so I was conflicted about even having to go down this path! But a spade is a spade and business is business, if InsaneMembrane was going to continue on the logical path of finding all Insanity and calling it out, he would need to address the core of these issues. If you aren’t upsetting some people, you aren’t really being brave. If everyone likes you, then you have never said anything true, anytime you speak the truth someone’s going to hate you.

This continued for some time and for the longest time I felt pretty alone in doing this. Statistics sure told me that people were reading here, but I didn’t know who they were a lot of the time or what they thought. Eventually comments started to come in though and I was certainly not alone. The Shroud Unlimited Forum was created by suggestion of a commenter to facilitate even more conversation with the Orphans of Shroud. More and more information was then exchanged and noticed by the many more eyes that were now on the SotA forum personalities and Developer team. Some of them, really, really, didn’t like it this.

Some of them really didn’t like it to the point of committing serious crimes to get at me, going above and beyond the call of duty. To the best of my knowledge on or around August 22nd 2015 someone paid to gather information about me and my family and began sending it to people that InsaneMembrane has “insulted.” I know of at least three people who have seen this information now and one of them indicated it was being “put out there to certain folks” and with the amount of people InsaneMembrane has parodied, you can bet there is more! This included everything from my name, my spouse’s name, our kids names, addresses, work places, phone numbers, passport numbers. I was away for the weekend and at first I pulled back to think, then after about a month of reflection I came to the conclusion that I would sell my Shroud of the Avatar account for whatever I could get for it.

Just to point one very simple thing out here now; some people say that I have been the most toxic asshole to have ever graced SotA’s sphere of influence, yet I have never and would never do anything like that to someone. But one of you in the Shroud of the Avatar community would and did, so ponder that one for a moment everyone and be warned when dealing with what is left of the Shroud of the Avatar “community” under Portalarium’s “guidance,” especially if you are posting on social media with your personal accounts. They came for me, they will come for you too.

Why did I wait until someone started to conduct personal harassment against my family to sell? Why did I put as much money in to community related projects by community members as I did into SotA itself? My love for Ultima and for those who love Ultima, and what Shroud of the Avatar could have become got the best of me. So much so that I felt the need to create the InsaneMembrane to defend the Honour of Ultima in only a way that InsaneMembrane could. But it had become very costly and too costly for many reasons; Too costly personally, through threats to my family. Too costly to play, everything you can think of is being added to the add-on store and I think a grand should have been enough to buy me some nice frigging clothes right? Too costly not to play, the game has been two years+ now and still being derailed by projects never intended to be included in the MMO it has now become, there really is no game(not that I know what kind of game it is or will be any more anyway). This… Is not the UltimateRPG that I dreamt of and it is too rich for my blood on every front. I could have spent thousands on this game also, but apparently I spotted things that others didn’t early on and it saved me a lot of money. I fold.

Not all the way out though, for like many, many, others I was silly enough to try and connect Steam to SotA and now I’m stuck with the $45 Adventurer Pledge. So it looks like I will still be able to jump in and test things out from time to time if I ever break a leg and get holed up for a month or something. Dumping the RF account is a big load off and I thank the community member who purchased it for almost what I paid for it. I still do hope Shroud of the Avatar will succeed but I really can’t understand or see how it possibly could live up to the UltimateRPG I dreamed Richard Garriott was going to produce. At this point I am not even sure if Richard Garriott is even going to like the end product, it is so far from what he described initially!

InsaneMembrane isn’t going anywhere for the moment. My blog will still be up, I will keep posting updates. Shroud Unlimited Forum will still be up and I will be there to provide a place for EVERYONE to come and talk candidly about Shroud of the Avatar and anything else on your mind while you’re there.




Den Of Terror Community Spotlight: Violation The Exploiter

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violationcandid photo capturing Violation in natural habitat

There has been a few interesting things to write about recently so I haven’t gotten around to this post as of yet, but at the moment I’ve got nothing better to do than scratch ma bawlz so here we are with an insiders look to Violation. We had a small introduction to some information on Violation way back when R12 went live, he was briefly named on some shameful activities documented in there. So what kinda guy is Violation, does he follow Lord British’s Virtues and set an honourable example for all to follow? LAWL, naw. He’s a self centred little twat chasing gold and money while trying to jizz his name all over everything and every one.
Don’t believe me? Well, who creates a birthday party event..just for themselves?
Violation Does:

“What: Yes, that’s right, Violation’s turning 30 years old on REDACTED and wants to give YOU presents to celebrate with him Vengeance style.”

birthdate has been redacted for privacy
Who complains when when an AFK macroer is better than him?
Violation Does:

“…if I take on two fighters I get interrupted too frequently to be effective and I have to kyte them around like a sissy (as in, don’t hit me at all or I’ll die… omg please don’t hit me NPC). This guy can sit afk for over 5 minutes and he has over 90% hp?”

Who is always talking about money, money, money, and a fan of cutting everyone out of the Dev process if they haven’t been verified to have spent the money, claiming that they are just Forum alternate accounts?
Violation Does:

“I hope more games do this in the future for others to experience but I do expect them to cut down their access so only backers can get access to the forums. I think it’s sad how many people have created accounts and made hateful posts as their first posts… people I’ve never seen in the game. I’m 99% sure those are alt accounts…”

The above three examples are simply appetisers my Shroudie friends. Just a few quick examples I captured when I read over the first page of his posts at the time. The forum is full of this shit. The article I linked above SotA Executive Producer Authorises Gold To High Level Backers – Pleb Chaos Ensues details the comical set of events which took place after people started wildly exploiting the Player Start Gold, it created a pretty interesting thread in the Dev+ forum. Where, of course it was also discovered that Violation was one of the bigger Exploiters of the start gold system and involved in the widespread distribution of such knowledge, possibly causing the crash of the Dev+ test. To boot, Volation was then the reciepieant of $500,000 of in-game gold on top of all that!
Let us start with a screen cap of what Violation had to say, and then we’ll break some of those quotes down. You can click all these for a bigger image by the way.

“I’m really happy to see this conversation!” – Violation

No, no you’re fucking not you cock holster. It is just clearly time for you to come in and for you to make an ass hat out of yourself by trying to defend an indefensible position.

“I was just talking with them about the fear that the community wouldn’t accept the change of not getting hand outs soon…” – Violation

What? Who are you to speak for the entire community. I didn’t appoint your silly ass to talk for me, nor did anyone else for that matter. If you’ve got to come to the table and say shit like this, you had better provide names and examples, times and places. You don’t speak for the Shroud of the Avatar community. No idea how they let you talk to them like you do either, I certainly wouldn’t deal with your fanaticism if I were them.

“that said I happily asked for and recieved some gold to purchase my lot and I think it is absolutely NOT going to effect anyone in the community negatively.”

 – Violation

Bhahahahaha, mother of god you’re funny. I am sure you happily asked for a fucking handout because you are a lazy privileged dick, but just one question Violation. Would you have had to come in and post anything defending this matter at all if you weren’t called out, and it didn’t affect the community? Nope, so disproved straight away, if affected us and some people who have donated more money to the game than you were offended by it also. Yes, you don’t own that spot Violation, others contributed a lot more than you have.

“I also gave out gold to players who have earned 3x what I gave them over the last couple of months. Is this a kickstart? Yes. Would they have had it already if the pledge rewards were in? Yes. Do I feel at all like it was in poor taste? No.”

 – Violation

Well. Thanks for coming right out of the closet and showing us that you are a douche bag. Shit you said it for me with that line, I don’t really have to say much more do I. Well I will just tell you all, if he uses that flawed logic in order to blatantly and repeatedly exploit Shroud of the Avatar once, he is going to do it again. It isn’t even a question of if, only when, and I’d like to have thought at least with exploits the Devs wouldn’t have kept stroking the cocks of these mother fuckers like Violation through the structure of favouritism already established between higher pledge level players and themselves.. Wrong, they do.

“Without these lots and the ability to start decorating the sandbox/player side of the game would feel empty and undeveloped with the incoming steam players. They just increased the number of lots to help solve the overcrowding issues. Hopefully everyone realizes this is still a pre-alpha and this all will likely get wiped again fairly soon.”

 – Violation

Here we go again, speaking for the entire community without a basis on reality. Blah blah fucking blah, more excuses to keep exploiting.

“Please remember that we’re all here for the same thing: a great experience and to have fun.”

 – Violation

For that to happen, self righteous privileged dick munchers like you will need to quiet down a fair bit. Some new players, you know the ones you are sooo worried about might be a bit taken back when they log in the first time and see you handing out gold from exploitation of the game and/or from begging Devs for gold. Doesn’t send a great message.


 – Violation

Fuck you.
The fucking BALLS on this guy. There were a lot of good and decent and virtuous people posting in the same thread telling Violation he was not right on this point, since it was Dev+ I am not going to release a print of the entire thing, as the subject here is Violation the comments were kept strictly focused on that. But rest assured, I was very proud of a few members in our community for standing up to his clearly and very wrong stance on this.
I could go on for some time about this, but you know how I feel about it now so there isn’t much point. I will post the rest of his comments below and you can read for yourself. In the end, many people were upset at both what took place between Violation and the Devs, Violation’s exploitation, and Violation’s attempts at defending himself, the thread itself in Dev+ actually had to be locked. Job well done eh?
Well, it is time for desert! I have something special for you all, gots a video of this also just to re-enforce what a tragic camel toe Violation is.
The example I have here is a raw and pure example of how privileged Violation thinks he actually is, the fucking hubris here is astounding. I have to thank Lord British for not just trying to smooth shit over by going along with it, and for continuing on as he had intended to do!
Video: Shroud of the Avatar Cyber Monday 12-Hour Telethon of the Avatar
Video Direct Link: 
Video Quote: “There are a couple of dukes, I’m assuming you are referring to me?” – Violation
Take a look really on any community hangout and you’ll find examples just like that. If not that, then you’ll always and I mean always find him moving around on his camera, laughing about, taking focus away from the Devs, LB himself, anyone who is talking. Have some respect for others Violation, they deserve it.

Starr Long Climbs Bullshit Mountain – Bans User For Fact Checking

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 The Maze – Nobody Remembers The Maze…
I tell you folks. It’s harder than it looks. It’s a long way to the top, if you wanna be king of Bullshit Mountain. Gamasutra popped a video from the GDC Vault where Starr Long was speaking about crowdfunding. Yes, it is tricky business Starr and that is why I already gave you this:
darkstarr-cupYeah, put that right back on cos you goin for a ride on a broken road baby. I’m not going to get too personal and attack everything Starr has said, though it might be possible right at the start. Example, Ultima Online isn’t the first MMOG. Does anyone remember The Maze? Sure, maybe it was the first MMORPG because Lord British happened to create the term as UO was released, but yeah sure not the first MMOG. You need ARPANET for that bro and I can lawyer you on that.
Starr got to talking about an Ecosystem in which a self sustaining entity would rise from contributions between Developers and Contributes. That is important, this is one of the large reasons I put money on the Kickstarter for Shroud of the Avatar was this promise of a relationship where things would be exposed to and driven by the community. Nothing would have made me happier than to take place and be a large part in some way of building the next Ultima. It just isn’t happening and I’m not the only one who knows this not to mention not being alone in letting others know about it for a while now too.
05:55 in the video Starr begins to talk points about this Ecosystem in crowdfunding. Right off the start on this topic I can quote him directly as saying:

05:55 “So the first one that we believe pretty strongly that’s key to any of these kinds of projects and if your attempting to build a loop is transparency, and you know a lot of people are using the term now open development. That starts with some pretty simple things like having a public and private forum, having an IRC that people can talk about the game, but we also do things like on our project we post our daily stand-up notes to our forums.”

That is sounding great. Transparency, I love it. Getting access to what the Devs are doing on a daily basis and understanding the process is even better! As Starr says, those are some pretty simple things. But the only thing they have managed to actually accomplish, after months of waiting even at the beginning of the project, is simply to have a public and private forum. So if so simple, why then is Portalarium not meeting these items in their crowdfunding Ecosystem? When it comes to Portalarium four words can sum up their entire effort: Concept Good. Delivery Bad.
Starr then continues along those lines of the scrums with some even greater faux pas, and listen it isn’t like I can sit in his chair and do any better and I hate splitting hairs like this. I’m not saying I can or ever could, but what I can see with my own eyes and report from my own experience on this project is simply that what he is saying has not actually happened yet. Well they split hairs, so I think then I can do a little bit of that as well.

06:43 “…each person goes around the room, says what they are working on. What they worked on yesterday, what they are working on today, and if they’re blocked. We post those notes directly to our forums so each day the people who’re backing the project can look on the forums, they can see where every dollar is going, every person on the team, what they are working on.”

No. Just no. Not once have I or anyone else in the Dev+ private forum actually seen where a single dollar has been spent and or allocated to the game. In fact, there are many many questions we all have on how money is actually being spent in Shroud of the Avatar. We can’t get answers though because when we quietly ask them they are ignored. When we verbosely ask them, our posts are removed. When we yell for them, we are banned. Fuck the Transparency Starr mentions in his Ecosystem, it doesn’t exist and the community might as well be talking in a vacuum for all the information we get out of Portalarium. Hold on, we’re not done yet.

07:38 “We also have a weekly Q&A with our backers so they’re able to submit questions to the forums, they’re collated, we pick a Top 5, we answer those five questions, those get posted to the forums as well. Sometimes if that information impacts something we didn’t document before we’ll in turn update the FAQ to reflect the answering of some of those questions. “

I had to roll my eyes at this too, we’ve been here before time and time again. There is no longer any Q&A with the Shroud of the Avatar Developers, it was put on the back burner a while back. I believe the main reason that this was done, believe it or not, is because it came from the community and wasn’t something they really wanted to get behind. Every week questions were posted into the forum thread, for that week, which were then collated by Mitch and basically spoon fed to the Developers. Folks, they couldn’t even manage to address them! Then when a heated discussion about the Q&A/FAQ came up, they leapt at their chance to can the entire thing. That seemed perfect for Starr’s ecosystem, the community did a weeks worth of posting and discussion on the biggest questions we had and like I said the top questions were then spoon fed to the Devs. It didn’t work though, the writing was on the wall that it wasn’t going to, and as the link above shows they shut it down as ineloquently as everything else they have where the community is involved.
About that FAQ that Starr mentioned? Documentation he sad? Where’s that? Oh in the FAQ? You mean the one that enderandrew wrote for you(google Shroud of the Avatar FAQ and open the first two links kids, one in the same)? Yes, the FAQ has been produced by ‘the community’ too though a great deal of trials and tribulation with one member, enderandrew who like many others was run out of the forum by the unprofessional moderator staff on the Shroud of the Avatar forum.  Wow, there is a lot of back-history here where I have to link stuff huh? Check the post dates, as said, nothing new.

09:05 “There is a pledge tier called Developer, and that’s at the $450 pledge level. Anyone at that level or above, cos we have people who give us more money than that, I’m humbled always, but at that level we provide you assets. We try to provide a regular delivery of that somewhere in the 30 to 60 day range, you get game assets we’re using in the game, so that can be a dungeon set, that can be decorative items, that can be flora that can be fauna, it can be creatures it can be wear-ables, weapons, basically anything and everything that we’ve built for the game we provide to the people who backed us at that level.”

There it is. The flag has been firmly planted atop bullshit mountain! These assets are posted on Dev+ forum, that is what it means: Developer pledge level Plus higher pledge level forum. They are not posted every 30 days, not every 60 days. not even every 120 days, and I am not even going to waste another 30 mins of my time tracking down when the last fucking asset release was because it isn’t worth it. I’ve already spent hours on this post and I’m 9mins through an hour long fucking video!
Look. Watch the video. It is interesting all be it at the point it was recorded, before it was recorded, and to this date it is really bullshit so take every single word with a grain of salt. Their Ecosystem is broken, we might as well all be choking on carbon monoxide right now in a runaway greenhouse effect. I want to believe something like this can work, I want to believe that it will still work for Shroud of the Avatar and that this project just doesn’t turn into a hole in the ground with a bunch of RP house decorating guys pretending to be girls douche bags marrying each other.
One last quote from Starr which comes from the SotA forum this time. The post in question was created by Myrcello, and I have to hand it both to Myrcello and Smack for trolling all this news up from the internet, placing it in a burning paper bag and dropping it into the SotA forum. Thanks to a most virtuous Whistle Blower, I have some of the history in this thread to post because what is left over there now there certainly does not reflect how the community feels about the majority of the comments. When in doubt, lock the thread, clean it up, and post:

“I just want to let everyone know that we are fully aware that we can do better at this and we are trying to (even when it may look like we are not). Some things (like the weekly Q&A) have fallen by the wayside since I first gave this talk many months ago while others have lain fallow even longer than that. I understand also how the omission of that information can be frustrating to many of you who are passionate about crowd sourcing. It was never my intention in this talk to mislead anyone about our state but I did choose to focus on the positives of the experience versus the challenges.

With that said I think when I give this talk again I will give more time to places where we can do better and where it has not worked as we had hoped.”

– Starr Long

Starr, that seems and actually feels even to me like a legitimate statement. What sours that is when you suppress those frfrustratedoices, delete their posts, correct the attitude with your comments, and then finish by banning the user(s) who posted the concerns. Come on man. You are far from unreasonable, shit you let me back in the forum after a wrongful termination once even though it led to a second and equally wrongful termination, but what gives? Where is the bloody Transparency in this Ecosystem you have been speaking about? If you want to really improve things, simply stop trying to cover up and apologize for these laggy processes, stop banning users for asking questions and speaking the truth. Start telling us what steps you are taking to correct the process, show us results and I think you’ll find that real Transparency will actually be healthy to your Ecosystem.
Speaking of the Ban Hammer… It seems that the Shroud of the Avatar user Joviex, who has created code and cooperated with another member directly submitting those assets to Shroud of the Avatar has just been banned for speaking his mind on this matter in that post, read his words for yourself:
Make sure to keep your friends on this Blog updated as to your status Joviex! I think this is pretty unfair of course!

Lord British – Renewed Interest In His Community?

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Lord British has posted in a few good topics over the past 24hrs with a few decent replies. Example HERE on the status and concern about the game’s single player experience.
I hope his renewed interest is not short lived, fear not the trolls my King, they cannot touch you… 😉

Shroud Of The Avatar Mods – Leading By Hypocrisy

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(artist’s rendition of Junior Moderator Mystic)
Another fine example in what is troubling so many in the Shroud of the Avatar community, brought to you by the one and only Junior Moderator we all love and wished would get cornholed in a back alley, Mystic.
One would think by now Portalarium would have at least had a chat with this guy to try and get him to tone it down a bit. I guess not, otherwise he wouldn’t be this fucking stupid. Unless he got wasted and was drunk while beating off looking at all the posts he’s moderated again. I’ll bet that happens a lot.


<Mystic> Okay, I require creative assistance
<Mystic> I owe my neighbour, who happens to be a complete troll, $146. I need to find a creative way to give it to him that won’t anger my bank cause we use the same one.
<Mystic> I thought about giving him all dollar coins but I think that would make the bank tellers really mad. 😛
<Mystic> Hmm, maybe I could write him a check and send it certified (he lives next door and works during the day)
<GamerQuest> $146 $1 money orders
<Mystic> He’s have to go to the post office to sign for it
<Mystic> Or I could just send it through paypal and make him wait another week to get it. 😛
<Mystic> Nah, this is going towards his medical bills so I can’t be TOO mean
<Joviex_w> or, just a thought, you just pay him.
<Mystic> No fun in that
<Mystic> Lemme put it this way
<Joviex_w> guess its ok we do stuff like that on the forums then eh?
<Mystic> Actually, lemme show you what his dad did to him this past christmas
<Mystic> Can’t find the one from last Christmas… here is the one from previous Christmas
<Mystic> Last Christmas his dad gave him money towards a new computer. $1 bills taped end to end. Like $150 of them. Plus a couple $50s and $20s also taped in.
<Mystic> Bank almost wouldn’t accept it cause they all had tape on the ends when he finally cut them
<GamerQuest> This would take alittle work but if you have any rubber bands around the office you could do the following. Write him a check and start putting rubber bands around it till you have a rubber band ball. Hand him the ball and say here is the money i owe ya!
<Mystic> Ooooo interesting idea. Might have to put the check inside a little plastic tube to keep it from being mangled.
<Mystic> Or better yet, don’t put the check in and just hand him the ball
<GamerQuest> ya, fold the check haha
<Mystic> Then when he gets it all done, I’ll give him the check after
<Mystic> “You can have it back when I get all my rubber bands back” 😉
<Bubonic> how did u come to owe him money in the first place
<Mystic> He gave me M:TG cards to sell at the shop in the city since I was selling some there as well
<Bubonic> personally, since he gave u an item to sell for him in good faith, i would just give him the cash, troll or not 😉 
Congratulations Mystic, you’re an asshole. Kudos to Joviex and Bubonic for having the virtue to call his bullshit.

Lord British Replies – Dispatches Notice To InsaneMembrane!

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“I will look into it.”

– Lord British

After taking the time to appeal directly to the King, he has punctually written back with the assurance that he will look into the matter. I suppose this is the best case scenario at least the King has read the letter 🙂




A Letter To Our KING – Lord British

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I have decided to write a letter to the King, Lord British, sovereign over all Britannia. A couple of things recently have influenced me enough to try to appeal directly to Lord British himself. Those things are the plight of his people, everyone who supports Shroud of the Avatar and contributes to the Shroud of the Avatar forum, and a comment left on my site today in regards to my BAN, whom is one of those community contributors.

“Inciting and slandering”? If SotA’s disciplinary actions were made publically available, such unfounded censorship would not be tolerated by the community. By trimming their forums of awareness of Dev+ leaking, our community is deafened to the consequences of it. Unfortunately, Portalarium is brushing these issues under the rug, at the expense of all Dev+ backers, just to save face with a few high-tier leaking backers.


Junior Moderator Mystic has been taking advantage of the fact that as a junior moderator he has the ability to remove posts. He has clearly and wrongfully been removing legitimate posts of multiple users under that purview. He has been antagonising, attacking, and interfering with multiple community driven efforts and individual thoughts on a regular basis. Things are sour now, and seemingly continue to ripen. I only hope it is not too late for Portalarium to remove this individual and his efforts in interfering with the community, for I fear that Portalarium may have shown a bias towards him and are now actually unable and unwilling to remove this person from his position due to that. This was illustrated when MGT470 Guild posts where removed, by Mystic, when the MGT470 member reported illegal software activity(which I have now reported to Adobe) . Not only that, but Mystic continued his personal vendetta against this user long after the incident he reported, links for and using pirated software by some other community members, by removing his posts, no matter the subject.

In any case, here is the text of my letter which I am about to send to Lord British!


To King British, first of his name, Lord of New Britannia, Master of Virtue, and Destroyer of Evil.


I most humbly prostrate before the feet of your most excellent majesty, you’re grace’s reputation of Virtue and Honour are not in question to your must humble, faithful subject, who has so critically committed crime against your most gracious highness, I appeal directly to your grace, fearing that by any other means, my humble submission may fall on deaf ears, or worse never presented to your great office.


First, I acknowledge myself to have most unfavourably acted in the court of your excellent highness, in that I have not submitted myself, wholly, to your most Virtuous laws; for my offence therein, which I must confess was to me more than a hundredfold more grievous, to my own person, than it could have been to any other living creature.


Secondly, to open my concerns to your grace, in these things which I have before refused to harmonise with, I do not and would never beseech your grace to have pity and Compassion on my lost soul, but to appeal to your heavenly Love and divine Truth, I seek only Justice, for your entire realm, and to have the people know your highness as I truly do.


Thirdly, as I, as many know your excellent knowledge, Virtue, intelligence and wisdom, put wholeheartedly our faith in your authority, divine beyond reproach in all the land, and beg your grace to review, in only a way your most exulted rule can, the digressions in your court of your privy council, especially the name of Mystic, who subverts your Virtuous and most exalted rule, without regard for your realm of most humble and submissive subjects, and whom dares to upon his own authority, take extraordinary and dastardly measures to supress the will, no, the love of your people, of you, through their voice.


Your grace, I leave you with these final words, in which I have sought comfort and identified with for many years, in hopes that with all your teachings, you may find it of some value. Your most humble servant.


― InsaneMembrane


“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

― Carl Sagan