Player Town Discussion Trolled To A Halt

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Today, a topic has been locked. The topic was created by Shroud of the Avatar pledger Spoon on the Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Original SotA Forum Topic: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/petition-poll-please-portalarium-put-a-hard-cap-on-sales-of-player-owned-towns.33853/

Backup of the Topic before posts were deleted: http://shroudunlimited.boards.net/thread/309/put-hard-sales-pots-moderated

Now I don’t usually write a page on threads that get deleted, but due to the recent topics here on this blog and in my forum, Player Towns are at the top of the list. Not only that, but this is also another black mark against Shroud of the Avatar’s moderators and Portalarium for letting the topic get so out of hand that it needed to be locked down in the first place.

Where to start… Firstly I will present to you a map of exactly what this trolling looks like in the thread(click the image for full size):POT Troll Map

I will break down that map for you a little. The source is obvious and no surprise. People in red have been marked as having over the top comments against others, mostly Caliya. Blue = dudes. Purple = dudettes. Connecting lines show various levels of support in which these trolls showed one another in this specific thread. The bigger the line, the more support between the connected trolls.

Aside from the initial Troll, Baron Drocis Fondorlatos, one name stands out; Koldar. Not only did Koldar, and all the other moderators, not engage with users to keep them in line in this thread… Koldar deemed it necessary to make a snide trolling comment of his own as he locked up the thread:

“This thread seems to have taken a turn for the worse. I can’t say I’m surprised. :/”


– Koldar

Do you know why Koldar wasn’t surprised? Because he and the other mods read through this topic as it played out, and did absolutely nothing positive to it in order to keep discussion civil. They have used this tactic in the past and it allows them to lock up topics and delete posts which don’t adhere to Portalarium’s wishes, that is, posts with critical thought in them about how Portalarium are doing things.

Moving on. Here is the event which kicked off Baron Drocis Fondorlatos’s initial troll and created the basis for this thread to be killed, in a quote to another forum user he insinuated that the person was either ignorant or foolish and recomended a book to read in form of a snide trolling comment:

“I have a book recommendation for you. Marketing and Sales 101, by people that understand marketing and sales.


I love that we have a forum where people can voice their opinions. But I dislike it when people state opinions as fact. (i.e. everything quoted above) The idea that somehow not having limited housing or POTs is some kind of “magic formula” that would ensure the success of this game is either ignorant or foolish, in MY opinion.”


– Baron Drocis Fondorlatos

So that was a top notch reply, violating several forum rules at once. If I was to have posted this as InsaneMembrane they could have justifiably used it to ban me on the spot for breaking more than three forum rules. But they didn’t ban, or even seemingly warn/moderate Baron Drocis Fondorlatos. Why? Not only did they not moderate that comment, they didn’t moderate the following comments either:

“@Spoon ……. really isn’t worth the time responding.”

– Envy


‘People disagree with you because you are argumentative, self contradicting and quite often wrong and not because you are the martyred champion of the people. Also that load of tripe really wasn’t worth clicking “show ignored content”. “

– Thermo Lock


“I often disagree with you, and it is not because it is you saying it. It is because I often believe you are wrong.”

– Womby


“^ lol”

– Thermo Lock


“Sorry but you’ve twisted the logic wrong.”

– cartodude


“this is all water under the bridge and non constructive as its already implemented.”

– Ravicus Domdred


“there is no list, she is just fear mongering. Message me if you want more information.”

– Ravicus Domdred


Oh please…lol. What I don’t like is personal opinions based on speculation masquerading as fact.

– Duchess Wyldemane


“Yeah I already pointed that out pages ago, but to no avail. 😀 Which is why I think that beating a dead horse is pointless.”

– Duchess Wyldemane

Wow. That is a lot of trolling done. Wait, that isn’t all. In addition to all of the comments above, including a few of his own there, further comments made by Ravicus Domdred are far beyond obvious trolling and border the toxicity levels of myself. Ravicus you see, seems to be a big fan of popping out lines of text into threads asking basically “why hasn’t this thread been locked yet?” I was banned a couple of times, for quoting the rules to someone… So the conclusion is that the Shroud of the Avatar Moderators don’t enforce the rules, unless you quote someone breaking the rules and then they punish you for that? What bizzaro world are we in over there on that forum?

Ravicus Domdred not once… not twice…but three times in that same thread did the above:

pot-lock-3 pot-lock-2 pot-lock-1

So there you have it. The Shroud of the Avatar “Forum Norm” and Portalarium wins again, by trolling. A thread with very few critical thinking individuals have been trolled, belittled, and has resulted in exactly what most of them wanted; to lock and delete elements of the thread which do not agree with their views and investments in Shroud of the Avatar.

Really takes me back to how I got started doing this, thanks for the memories Mods.




oh yeah


Shroud of the Avatar Devs Troll Us – Award Incompetent Unprofessional Moderators

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Who’s the More Troll, the Troll, or the Troll Who Follows Him?

Just finished, reviewing – I don’t know if that is the right word, the Shroud of the Avatar R19 post mortem dev chat video. Aside from Chris calling the Forum just a bunch of “angry posters…” Which by the way it isn’t any longer – Portalarium have been able to remove 9 out of 10 contrary opinions from their forum at this point by charging for access and banning players. We had a special segment just for us.

SotA Forum Moderators have gotten a Royal Warrant! LULZ, to do what, fail more?? Yes in what I can only assume is a troll aimed at us from total boredom, RG has issued a Warrant award to the moderators. Apparently they are all professional cool headed even handed and none of them have knee jerk reactions…. BHAHAHAHAHAHA. Good work guys.

RG can’t even claim ignorance to this, thanks to the letter which I have written him about Junior Moderator Mystic’s failures as community member let along a motherfuckin moderator. So yeah, they be trollin.

Shroud of the Avatar Forum No Longer Serves Purpose As Forum!

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If I ask you what a forum is, you will probably come back and tell me that it is a place where you can go, create an account, and have a disucssion about the subject at hand. You would for the most part be correct for the most part:



Why and how then after all this time, numerous complaints and outcries from the community, do Portalarium still not understand this simple concept? It isn’t a new word added to the English language in the past five years or anything but that clearly doesn’t have much of an impact on the novice moderation staff over there on the Shroud of the Avatar Forum Place of Positive Feedback.

Have a look at this here thread which was just locked by Koldar the Shitstorm:



This was another topic started about the overland map. It is to be expected players don’t exactly expect to see this, ahem feature, in games today. As one might expect, conversations usually branch out from the central topic. They have to, fucking context and background is everything. Unless you’re a fucking idiot moderator on the SotA “forum” because they see the branching of a topic and multiple discussion points as great opportunities to lock the thread down.


“Seeing as how there are many other threads that provide feedback on the overland map, I am closing this one. If you want to leave feedback on the current state of the overland map, I would recommend R17 Overland Map Feedback [Merged Thread].”

– Koldar

Of course they are untrained morons for it, and it is clear they have alternate reasons for locking this shit down. I could almost, ALMOST, understand it if they had either A) Sticky a main discussion post on the overland map so that users could easily see it or even B) have an overland map sub-forum – but no, what does he do instead? Link in ten, TEN, other mothafuckin threads about the overland map instead! Lulz, wtf!

You guys are so blooming unprofessional over there, it is really a bad thing to have the interface to your community so poorly and unprofessionally managed. What more can I say on the subject really? Go suck my John Thomas ye twats.