Lum’s Glasses

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Well, we’re all sick of Hats right? Let us come up with some new items:

Father Lum Quotes A Comment Of Mine – Video Link

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My Fatha from anotha Trolla has quoted me in the video above, I’ve had better quotes, but most of them aren’t really PG-13 now are they 😛


“The Shroud of the Avatar forum is a den of terror and the most poorly moderated community I have ever been in. See my blog.”


Pretty funny video, surprised that I had the first mention there, thanks for that Daddy Lum 😛  Also glad to see you guys have a sense of humor! I mean you must have a pretty good sense of humor right, because you keep letting those ass clown mods of yours delete every post in sight!

My opinion, I think the one Stephen read about a “child’s first drawing” was hilarious lol.