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Shroud of the Avatar Release Date – Pushed Again?

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This might be old news by now, but since I am away I missed this until I happened across this video(full video) on Gamers Nexus.
You can skip straight to it with the below frame where the jist of it is:


Alpha: “By Summer”

Beta: “By Fall”

Release: “Struggling to try and make sure we get it in this calender year but we’re close”

– Richard Garriott

Now this video went up on April 3rd so it is about a month old but still begs the question, what the fuck? If you are more diplomatic than I am, like Shroud Unlimited forum member Mordecai is, you may phrase that slightly differently:

Could they really have not known better, what with all their experience?

– Mordecai
That is a pretty accurate question which Mordecai has asked, I think the quick and simple answer to that question should most certainly be YES. That being the case, what caused the year+ delay we’ve already been hit with? As part of the crowd-funding members, I would love to know if they themselves are actually able to identify the problem yet, and then ensure that the game is actually released ~end of the year let alone future release dates of all four remaining Episodes post Episode 1…
Look. This game gets smaller and smaller every time we look at it, like it was hit by Big Russ’ fucking shrinking gun each time. They’ve cut and or walked back a ton of features and content from Shroud of the Avatar already, isn’t that usually done to ensure date’s get met in the first place? Pagan out before Christmas, fine no Lost Vale. SotA out no more than a year and a half past original release date? Fine, no — wait we don’t have anything left to cut from the program before we can no longer call it a game!