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SotA Developer “Stand Up” Made Public

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Well this is an interesting one. The Dev Stand Up Corner has been made public. The Dev Stand Up Corner is a pretty simple and lightweight concept; the Devs get together once a day in a scrum and pop out what they are working on. That is all it is, just a line next to a name. Example:  Richard Garriott – Story

So it isn’t overly detailed, yet it was still locked behind a 50$+ pay-wall to get access to it. Unfortunatly it doesn’t really give anyone any detail on how much time is spent on each item or any idea at all about the cost of the item in development time. It kind of leaves us to believe that in the example above Richard spent the entire eight hour working day on the Story, but see if this were the case there would be a lot more going on in the game. Unless it is all true then take a look back and see all of the things drawing the Devs away from the Core game, anything that says “POT” or “Player Town” next to it.

Why did this come to pass? Well you have to read this steam review:


Yeah that is quite correct my friends, someone left a negative review and a Portalarium Staff member got all pissy with them and said they should read the Stand Up Corner notes. The very same notes that cost 20 bucks more than the Steam buy-in. Lawl.

So they are going to unban Caliya now right?




oh yeah


Portalarium Ban Abuse Continues… On STEAM

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Steam. Fucking Steam. I don’t own it, but others do. Portalarium have had a rather sorted affair with Steam already with the Devs asking in the Shroud of the Avatar Forum for backers to post positive reviews to the culling of both negative reviews and forum posts on Steam. Surprise? No. Working? Yes.

Just have a quick look, when I last checked the game overall read as: Mostly Positive out of 509 reviews. 74% are positive.

But when you get right into it, check the All Time reviews for helpfulness. 8 out of 10 of them are negative. Check the most recents(when I did it was this) and you end up with 7 out of 10 negative. The trending is there, and they will need to stay on top of this by a few simple criteria:

1. Did someone say something bad about SotA?


2. Is user a backer, owns Shroud of the Avatar?

No: BAN or Lie about it and then BAN.

Yes: Establish one or more negative comments in either Steam or SotA community, issue a troll label and then BAN.

Easy as that kids, two steps.

Today Kuno, a friend of the blog and poster on the Shroud Unlimited Forums, shed some light on some activity which was observed recently in the Steam community. Portalarium are up to their little tricksies as always. I suppose this counts as my first guest poster! Here it is:

From Kuno:

“We might ban one person a week, if that…” ~Chris Spears


In a Steam discussion thread titled “hearing alot of mixed reviews“, an individual asked if he should buy the game in light of the mixed reviews, and several posters warned the OP not to buy SotA.

One of these posters was Strykerx88, who unsurprisingly, posted many negative things about SotA being a chance for adults to play dress up and that it was little more than a virtual LARP-fest (he also posted a review about it with 17/20 helpfulness rating).

However, his posts were quickly removed and he was apparently banned, but fortunately, some snippets of quotes from him remained in posts made by “Smackaholic” (I assume that’s Smack from the SotA forums). This snippet of quoted text led another individual named DEAGLE EVERY ROUND to post the following:


I see people responding to comments that don’t exist. Are these devs banning people who say negative things about their game too? A lot of this going on lately on Steam.

Hilariously, and with no sense of shame, Chris wrote the following in response:


@deagle, I banned someone who had not purchased the game, came to the forum and made about a dozen completely unconstructive posts. We might ban one person a week, if that and I always verify that they haven’t purchased the game. Sorry, but you have to add something to the conversation and that guy didn’t. He was just dropping poop everywhere and attacking other posters and then moving on to the next forum to troll.

It’s too bad for the LYING LIAR Chris that taking a simple gander at Strykerx88’s Steam profile shows that he DOES, in fact, own the game:


So much for the LIE that he verified if Strykerx88 purchased the game or not.

Also, all the talk about verifying if he owned the game or not implies that they don’t ban people who own the game, but then what about this:


^(This image is from my own ban, not Strykerx88’s, but I wanted to include it as proof that they DO in fact ban people who own the game, not just those who post negative things and don’t own it, as Chris implied)


What’s even more amazing to me, considering the experience of so many of us here, is the claim that they “might ban one person a week.” LOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Holy shiet.

And how about the hubris in statements like “Sorry, but you have to add something to the conversation and that guy didn’t.”

So, Strykerx88 posts a review that garners 17/20 “helpfulness” rating, yet now his posts are deleted and he’s presumably banned because Chris decided Strykerx88 is not adding something to the conversation and then Chris LIES about him not owning the game.

Let’s call a spade a spade… he wasn’t adding something to the conversation that Chris LIKED, so he banned him.

In conclusion, FUCK YOU, Chris.

Alright, back to delivering mah rainbows all around tha werld….